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  • Darden Restaurants: Time To Exit [View article]
    If you now have a sell recommendation, you are very late to the party. DRI started trading down last fall and has basically flattened out. You are correct that the company has experienced problems and is now trying to fix them. If you believe management can fix them, then DRI is a good buy in the $45 to $47 range. I believe they will turn it around and purchased shares over the last month in the low $46 range.
    Mar 7, 2013. 11:35 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Reasons Why Darden Is A Better Buy Than McDonald's [View article]
    Well run companies will adjust to Obamacare or any other government program or regulation. This isn't about the politics, it's how businesses manage through issues. The economy might slow, but we are on a slow, but steady upward trend and both of these companies will successfully manage. Long: MCD, DRI
    Mar 7, 2013. 11:26 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Protected Principal Retirement Strategy: Updating Our Energy Positions [View article]
    Thanks for the article. I own many MLP's plus CHKR and PER. I too have a paper loss on the royalty trusts and am hoping some of the contingent issues with sponsors will be cleared up (Chesapeake and Sandridge). As you note, most of the required drilling of wells is on target. Regards
    Mar 5, 2013. 04:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Targa Resources Partners LP: The Power Of A Balanced Portfolio [View article]
    Thanks, Elloitt for a very thorough article. Long: NGLS and other MLP's
    Mar 5, 2013. 01:27 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Linn Energy LLC Blows Up The Short Sellers [View article]
    Good article. For those readers focusing on EBITDA and Net Income, the only focus for MLP's should be on distributable cash flow after the cost of capital expenditures and the cost of hedging (as a cash expense). Then look at the coverage of the distributions. GAAP accounting may call for the amortization of hedges (and carpeting in real estate) but this is not relevant to the investor as MLP's cannot be properly analyzed using GAAP. Regards
    Feb 27, 2013. 02:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sleep Well At Night With This Dividend Aristocrat You Can Buy Right Now [View article]
    Brad, most financial newsletter, brokerage websites, etc. are programmed to take the last quarterly dividend and multiply by 4. This results in incorrect dividend yields for companies that don't pay according to a fixed four quarter schedule. This is especially true for many foreign companies that pay once or twice a year. I believe you will see more companies going to a variable fourth quarter dividend so they can make small adjustments without suffering the public scolding of decreasing their annual dividend.
    Feb 26, 2013. 12:01 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sleep Well At Night With This Dividend Aristocrat You Can Buy Right Now [View article]
    Brad, I noticed an error in your chart for investment grade REIT's and dividend yields. Equity Residential (EQR) is listed with a 2.36% yield. The 2012 dividend was $1.78 and against a recent price of $57 would yield 3.12% and place it in the middle of your chart. EQR pays a quarterly dividend of $0.3375, but adjusts the fourth quarter to bring the total annual dividend to approximately 65% payout of FFO. 2012 dividend payments were $0.3375, $0.3375, $0.3375 and $0.7675. Long: EQR Regards
    Feb 25, 2013. 11:46 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Inflation Could Happen In The U.S. [View article]
    Marketwatcher23, have you ever tried living on the minimum wage as an adult in any medium size city in the U.S.? I know individuals who work a 40 hour week, are maximizing their limited skills and can barely make it. I know it's more easy to just make fun of the less fortunate. Yeah, they hit the "jackpot".
    Feb 24, 2013. 06:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Avoiding Tunnel Vision In Your Dividend Growth Investing [View article]
    Ouch! I'm betting on your wife. Regards
    Feb 24, 2013. 05:17 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • My Q4 Portfolio Review - 2012 Wrap Up [View article]
    Chowder, quit pulling back the curtain on the Wizards of Wall Street! Are you trying to put these hard working people out of business? (Ha) I can't believe all the financial newsletters that continually advise precise stop loss amounts for their readers. In theory, it works great and ensures a sale around a certain number. Perhaps its an acceptable idea for a speculative stock that has risen 25% and you want to protect your paper gains against a sudden drop initiated by the marker makers and/or high frequency traders. Otherwise, it's an ensured loss, as you so aptly describe. Outside of a few flyers, I don't use stops anymore because most of the trading is manipulated in the short term. I'll stick with my DG stocks and ride the wave around the 200 moving average. Regards
    Feb 21, 2013. 11:48 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • My Q4 Portfolio Review - 2012 Wrap Up [View article]
    ccwuellner: welcome to SA and the Dividend Growth stock community here. I didn't see an answer to your post, so I'll offer one. I believe Bob bought LINCO in a tax deferred account because it is a corporate entity and not a Master Limited Partnership (MLP), thus avoiding any UBIT (unrelated business income tax) issues. There are a number of MLP's that have corresponding stocks for 401k's and IRA's such as KMP (KMR and KMI). Regards
    Feb 21, 2013. 11:37 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • My Q4 Portfolio Review - 2012 Wrap Up [View article]
    PendragonY, I completely understand your comments. I do longer sell covered call options. In theory and practice, you receive extra income if the stock is not called away at the option strike price. As most of my stock holdings are dividend growth stocks, I only sell when the price has appreciated significantly (50-100%) so I can "capture" or monetize capital gain and redeploy the resulting cash into another dividend grower. I was fortunate enough to buy a number of oversold stocks in 2009-10 that increased by these percentages and I sold some. Otherwise, I don't want to engage in trading within a narrow band of a few dollars on call options and ultimately churn my portfolio for a few bucks made on the options.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with your strategy, It simply doesn't fit my investing objectives and would make me focus more on the daily trading aspects. I find, like most research notes, that the less trading I do, the better my overall returns. Regards
    Feb 21, 2013. 11:15 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Are REITS Ready For Future Interest Rate Hikes ? [View article]
    It appears you have a significant error in your charts regarding Equity Residential (EQR). EQR's dividend for 2012 was $1.78 per share, resulting in a current yield of approximately 3.12% on a price of $57. The company states that it pays a fixed quarterly dividend of $0.3375 and adjusts the fourth quarter dividend based on earnings so that the total dividend approximates 65% payout. (Most analysts simply take the last quarterly dividend and multiply by 4 to obtain an annual number.)

    Yes, these companies are leveraged but a 50% or less ratio is normal for commercial REIT's and doesn't impose any greater risk.
    Most public REIT's are investment grade and access public debt markets for their financing versus "loans" as you state. Shorter term maturities theoretically put companies at some risk, but most are sophisticated enough to successfully manage this issue today. The most important issue for REIT's and private real estate companies is a rising capitalization rate that might affect their ability to exit certain properties in the future.
    Feb 19, 2013. 01:37 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cisco: Wait For A Pullback [View article]
    I agree with the author regarding valuation. I see Cisco as a good buy at $19 and under. I hope the stock rises to the high $20's, but the company has made numerous acquisitions over the years that have marginal value and done little to the stock price. As such, I need a greater margin of safety to own this stock. Long: CSCO, MSFT, AAPL, INTC
    Feb 19, 2013. 12:32 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Cash Hoards On The Sidelines And The Great Rotation: Old Myths Meet A New Reality [View article]
    Actually understanding this article helps a great deal in understanding the financial markets and not following the herd mentality from brokers and CNBC. It is both a common and profound misunderstanding for most investors. Regards
    Feb 17, 2013. 07:48 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment