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  • Apple: Something Extraordinary Is Certain [View article]
    Seriously, this is an article that should not be published. It's all foolishness and rumors. There is no critical analysis of products, strategy or finance. More noise than anything else. Long:AAPL, CSCO, MSFT, INTC and others
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  • A 3% Dividend Yield Could Make Apple The Perfect Stock [View article]
    According to dividend junkies! (like me). Regards
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  • A 3% Dividend Yield Could Make Apple The Perfect Stock [View article]
    desicon, yes, Beats is incorporated in Ireland and Apple can use its Euro's to by the company.
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  • Apple Has Regained Its Mojo [View article]
    Boom, yes it could be boring. Just like banks want you to use online bill pay so you become entrenched and don't want to move your account. If Apple can get existing and new customers entrenched into the Apple platform through a home control system, they tend to stay with the company and its products. This could be an excellent marketing strategy. Google is looking at the same strategy.

    I have no problem with a steady as she goes, profit making company. Everything doesn't have to be "exciting" to produce cash flow and profits for the investor. Long: AAPL, CSCO, INTC
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  • Apple: I Absolutely, Positively, Disagree With Ugly Duckling, I Think, Maybe [View article]
    pete, XOM does have to reinvent itself each year with new replacement reserves to make up for what they have sold. The value of the company is not based on last quarters or last years earnings. XOM is now paying a dividend and buying back stock to make up for the shortfall in new replacement reserves (according to the company). Apple has as much chance of coming up with a new or improved product s XOM does of finding new oil and gas. Long all stocks mentioned. Regards
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  • When To Sell Your Apple Shares [View article]
    Ugly, you can keep repeating your mantra but, as a long term investor, I don't buy it. Dividends are sharing some of the profits from cash flow after taxes, etc. and a clear sign from most dividend paying companies that they believe their operations and business model are sustainable and growing. The dividend also attracts a broader base of investors and provides some stability to the stock.

    Other companies have only bought back the stock and the market price of the stock continued to fluctuate up and down. History also shows many companies buy back their stock when it is very expensive by P/E standards and other metrics. Some companies do both and are successful (Apple) while others buy back lots of stock and stagnate (Cisco). Microsoft does both and is trying to figure out their sustainable business model and may again grow. I would suggest that your stated mantra is not proven. Long: APPL, MSFT, CSCO, INTC Regards
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  • Apple: The Case Against A Dividend Increase [View article]
    sellHigher, your referenced article is full of misleading logic. The article talks about 105% taxation until the end when the writer casually acknowledges that he is talking about upper tax bracket short term traders who theoretically pay the highest ordinary federal income tax and the highest state tax. Yes, I acknowledge that there is double taxation between the corporation and the individual as the dividend is taxed twice. However, many tech companies, such as Apple, pay a very low federal tax rate due to the manipulation of various tax schemes in Europe, thereby limiting their U.S. based earnings.

    On the individual basis, many longer term holders of Apple stock are not in the highest brackets and fall within the 15% tax bracket for Qualified Dividends. I would venture that I pay 21% between federal and state taxes before any Schedule B deductions and not counting the low corporate tax. The most obvious point that the article does not address is that this net Apple dividend is paid to me as a stockholder as a return on my investment and such payment is not hindering the ability of Apple to carry out its business plan. You can argue about corporate taxation as a stand alone issue, but perhaps some form of taxation is the price we pay for living in the U.S. Regards
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  • Apple's Dividend Will Hit $20 Within 5 Years [View article]
    Tim, the comments here reflect such a multitude of opinions, as is usually the case with Apple. I understand why some investors view any company in the technology sphere as risky, especially one with high profit margins. However, I would point out that many companies in varying industries have solid margins at the high price point of their market segment. I own Apple shares and their products because of the overall quality of their platform. Products synch relatively seamlessly. Management is strong and innovative.
    Of course, margins will slip as competitors nip at their heels and Apple could blow a new product roll-out like "New Coke". Did KO disappear and fall? I believe it is a reasonable expectation that Apple will consistently raise their dividend over the next five years due to recurring cash flow. By some readers comments, Microsoft should have failed by now but they still have enormous cash flow to support their dividend, do nor pull any rabbits out of any hats and might even find some mojo with a new CEO. Apple is far superior to Microsoft and competes well with Google, Amazon and Samsung. Long: APPL, MSFT
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  • Apple's Loser Strategy [View article]
    The few Apple stores I have been in recently are packed with people of all ages and are buying stuff. I am talking about New York, Atlanta and San Francisco. Time will tell.
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  • Apple's Loser Strategy [View article]
    I believed as you do until saw inner city kids all wearing Air Jordan "sneakers" at $150 a pair a number of years ago. Now, its whomever is the most popular sports hero. I have no idea how they can afford these items. BMW and Mercedes came out with smaller, "less expensive" starter cars that cost $30,000 to $40,000. Starters? Yes, and they are selling well! Pick your marketing niche and have at it. I agree this is a problem in emerging markets, but we have yet to see what subsidies are given to sell these new phones. I believe the jury is still out. Full disclosure: I migrated to Apple products three years ago because of their integrated platform and I'm not going anywhere near Android or Mr. Softee products. Regards
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  • 5 Reasons Apple Is A Bad Bet [View article]
    I own AAPL based on the technicals (P/E, cash flow, leverage) and assume they will lose market share going forward. It's part of their business plan as they know others will copy them in phones and pads and their margins will decline from a very high level. However, they are increasing market share and have a few years to go before the pad market is saturated worldwide. Apple continues to be innovative and sells for a very reasonable price. When the price gets high, i.e. $675-700, I will consider selling some or all of my position as I have done in the past.
    Jan 6 04:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Reasons Apple Is A Bad Bet [View article]
    A very strange article that assumes you can spout some statistics and you are therefore right. At a 12 P/E, Apple is not overvalued with EPS projections of $50 this year and $60 next year. Apple continues to innovate and has great marketing. The comment that a tech company is paying a dividend only because it can't find anything else to do with its cash is typical growth stock analytical garbage. Apple is so successful that it has decided to return some cash to shareholders like Intel and Microsoft. Good for them. You might also realize this opens up the value investor pool and mutual funds who require a dividend to buy the stock. The only drawback I see is its sheer size and its effect on the NASDAQ. Long: AAPL, INTC, MSFT, ORCL, CSCO, A
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  • Apple: 2 Steps To Boost Share Price [View article]
    A combination of buybacks and a dividend would send the right signal and broaden the market for buyers, especially value/dividend players. Right now, the growth buyers are relatively saturated. Long: CSCO, ORCL, AAPL, MSFT, INTC
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  • Is Apple A $17,000 Stock? [View article]
    If Apple were to do a 5:1 stock split and initiate a 2% dividend, I could see the stock selling for 14 times earnings or $600 on a rational basis. Granted, earnings may grow with gains in worldwide market share, but competition isn't going away anytime soon. Long: AAPL, MSFT, ORCL, CSCO and INTC from list above.
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  • It's Official: Mr. Market Believes Apple's Growth Story Is Over [View article]
    How many companies can survive the creative destruction process that is inherent in the technology field? Microsoft defends its Office suite while trying to be innovative on the margins. HP is a disaster with a dysfunctional board. Cisco is always trying to reinvent itself and then tripping over its endless stock buybacks and stagnant stock price. RIM can't get its operations focused sufficiently to keep its market share.

    I like Apple because it has a fully integrated platform that allows it to have a distinct edge over its competition and an attitude that each product has a relatively short shelf life. Risky, yes. However, a "bet" I'm willing to take as an investor. I switched over the Apple products (iMac and iphone 4) about 15 months ago from a Dell laptop and a Samsung phone. I am totally satisfied as a consumer.
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