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  • Wells Fargo: What Does FCF Analysis Reveal?  [View article]
    I agree. Wells is great. I do $2m a year in business and personal banking with them. They're well run at a consumer level. The refinancing they are doing here in California is conservative and is heavy on buyers who have equity and are looking for a lower rate. I don't think they're taking on much risk.
    Nov 28, 2012. 01:18 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Doesn't Care About Its Competition  [View article]
    Much agreed. Apple will have increasing competition but these new tablets from Amazon/Google are not it. When friends tell me they are deeply studying the specs to compare Samsung phones to Apple or the Google Nexus to the iPad, I know they'll buy the Android product because they are thinking like tech analysts. Consumers need a product that just works.
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  • Questions following Apple's (AAPL) FQ3: 1) Is Samsung's Galaxy S III having a big impact on international iPhone sales?  2) How much is the iPhone shortfall the result of iPhone 4 users, who have begun to see their contracts end, viewing the 4S as an incremental upgrade, and (unlike 3GS users) preferring to wait? 3) Do the results further motivate Apple to reach iPhone deals with China Mobile, NTT DoCoMo, and other missing carriers? Nasdaq futures -0.9% overnight. (more) (transcript)   [View news story]
    I think it's possible that both camps are right. Android is gaining; the market is maturing.
    On the Apple side, I meet lots of people here in the Bay Area, Apple's home turf, who have been waiting months for the iPhone 5 and will continue to wait. Some of them, being Geeks, already have a Samsung phone that they plan to ditch when the iPhone 5 arrives.
    Overall, a lot of Androids are used by people who text, call, and map--iPhones and iPads are used for a lot more "work" and other applications. Apple's overall experience is still better and will continue to be. Even when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy a Mac was easier to use than a Windows PC. But I think the screen size on the phones is a big deal that Apple needs to get right. I just see in talking to people that they swoon over the Samsung screen size. Emotionally, it makes it hard to choose a smaller screen phone when doing a head-to-head comparison.
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  • Facebook / Netflix Chasm: Leverage Change To Create Value  [View article]
    Facebook's ongoing effort to control your entire life is already running out of steam with part of the market. I'd bet that average time per FB user is headed down as the service gets bigger, indicating light loyalty among part of the base.
    However, FB only needs 100 million dedicated users to have an enormous business, with a billion more who use the service a minute or two per day.
    Sep 27, 2011. 10:14 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Chrome Web Store Passes 30 Million Users, But How Bright Is The Future?  [View article]
    The big problem is "Free." The Android market in particular is poisoned by users who believe everything should be free after they buy their hardware.
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  • Should Apple Adopt Amazon's Lower-Priced Alternative Approach?  [View article]
    It's very clear to me that these companies come from three entirely different business models. The foundation of Apple is manufacturing hardware--they're a supply chain. Amazon is a retailer--an aggregator of stuff other people make. Google is an ad broker and search broker--they're a network. In other words, Apple is more like GE; Amazon is more like Wal-mart. Google is more like Microsoft crossed with AT&T. For these reasons, question like "should Apple be more like Amazon?" are off base.They compete in the cloud, sure, but their primary sources of revenue are their core business models. Apple's barrier to other competitors is its peerless customer experience. Amazon's is its warehouse efficiency. Google's is the stickiness of its search engine and the increasing integration of its offerings.
    Apr 24, 2011. 12:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Senator Durbin to Propose New Internet Sales Tax  [View article]
    Regardless of how one feels about sales tax, it's deeply unfair that mom and pops have to compete with Amazon on sales tax. In my industry, music stores, the internet is killing the ability of local stores to sell expensive instruments, due to the internet sales tax differential.
    I'm all for taxing internet sales and I buy a lot of stuff online. I need parks and cops and schools and clean water and restaurant inspections and I assume citizens in other states need them too.
    Apr 24, 2011. 12:09 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Where Are Best Buy's Buyers?  [View article]
    I agree with those who say the stores suck. I read about their great service and knowledgeable salespeople but all I've ever experienced is "No, we don't have that in stock." I buy from Apple or Fry's as a result and it has nothing to do with price.
    Apr 12, 2011. 07:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • My Next Phone Will Be on Verizon  [View article]
    Don't leave Mac. I spent ten of the last twenty years on Windows and I still use it from time to time but wouldn't submit myself to it voluntarily. Snow Leopard is great--lighten up and embrace the new. I've got Google, Mac Address book, Mac mail and corporate gmail synced to iphone (hint, don't use itunes for integration) with no problems. AT&T's network is faster and will only get moreso in coming years as they've invested in a better technology bet than Verizon.
    Jan 18, 2010. 10:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment