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    Most Realtors take most stuff from the NAR with a grain of salt because they represent the major brokerages not the Realtors on the ground. Realtors did not cause the BUBBLE they just sell homes and do not act as financial advisers or accountants. Getting appropriate information is important and good Realtors try to get their clients as much information as possible. I had no choice personally except to assist know it all clients in the process because clients just go on to the next guy if you do not accommodate them and assist them. Two times I told my clients that the situation was out of hand and they bought anyway with someone else. LOL It was just what was going on in the media and every where and what were Realtors supposed to do? Do you Realtors knew what was going to happen when economists did not? It is funny in that you think they are so powerful.
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  • Zillow: The Next Apple [View article]
    Zillow has lost credibility and none of my clients or friends even consider them a decent source of info any longer. It is obvious you do not like agents from your response about "comparing your self to a doctor" being a stretch. Seems to me that one should not be emotional when evaluating a stock . Me I only am responding because "my man on the street polling comes up with an entire different set of values for Zillow.
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  • Zillow: The Next Apple [View article]
    As a Realtor Zillow is not a threat and I live in an area that is a Sellers Market. The 6% is split between the Buyers brokerage and the Sellers Brokerage with 1 and 1/2 % usually going to the agent who does the work for you. Your first error was that an average commission is 6% which is not correct. On lower priced homes( foreclosures and short sales)it has to be a about 6% in order to compensate the Buyers Agent's who often have to write countless offers in order to secure a property for their buyer.The Generally speaking not that many agents collect a full 6% on regular sales. There is so much that goes into pricing a home that is hard to factor in or in assisting your buyer in determining a rational price to offer on a home they want to buy that it just simply cannot be done by a computer program . The 6% may seem high and even 5% may but you must factor in: the time to place and cost of advertising, the tenacity to follow up with ads and inquiries and a lot more and that you will probably be paying 3-4% anyway to a Buyers Agent who brings the Buyer.You should try being a "Realtor for a week " and then you will have the right to call it "babysitting".
    Overall you have given an inadequate summation of the process and that is not fair to your readers and should be factored into your recommendation.
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