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  • Afrezza Could Be Sanofi And MannKind's Goose That Laid The Golden Egg  [View article]
    I would think any lung cancer in relation to the use of Afrezza will open up a very nasty problem for Sanofi/Mannkind. If Afrezza becomes a super successful drug then the number of diabetics using it will multiply exponentially. You may talk of patients accepting "that trade off' of a small population getting lung cancer but the numbers may not be insignificant. The individuals commenting here may be a combination of investors and sincere diabetics looking for a miracle drug but there is a third very interested group that will looking for a very substantial pay day, lawyers.
    Mar 31, 2015. 12:02 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I Decided To Invest In Dara Biosciences  [View article]
    I am greatly appreciative of your input and the information provided. THE BOTTOM LINE IS: DOES THIS COMPANY HAVE A VIABLE PRODUCT THAT HAS SIGNIFICANT POTENTIAL? The past may be prologue or possibly just a historical blip. There are issues I take into consideration such as no partnership has developed over the years as it would be quite inexpensive to cut a deal under the present circumstances.
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  • Early Adopters Embrace Afrezza, As New Inhaled Insulin Enters Market  [View article]
    I am in agreement a large scale test would be preferable but it would take time to set up protocols and establish the methodology. Until the large scale test can be set up the small test should establish if a good number of participants are getting the results reported above. In the above article very few individuals are reporting their outstanding benefits that occur virtually instantaneously. The ability to suppress spikes using a very simple procedure could save untold lives and protect diabetics from the ravishes of the disease. This would not only save, possibly, trillions in medical costs in the long run. It would also make Mannkind a powerhouse drug as diabetics would be pumping the powder into their bodies a considerable number of times per day and night. Do we know the safety parameters regarding how much afrezza can be inhaled per day? There are other inhalation type drugs
    now in trials which reportedly work better then Afrezza, so it is very possible in a relatively short time this discussion we are having may switch to a different and improved drug.
    Mar 25, 2015. 12:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Early Adopters Embrace Afrezza, As New Inhaled Insulin Enters Market  [View article]
    Thank you for this information. I, as a long time investor, have seen way too many PR games being played on the public to jack up stock prices. I am in no way saying the information being provided is a stock pump con game but these claims can be easily verified and tested. Simply get a number of verified Type 2 insulin taking individuals (30 or even 50), who have these continuous glucose monitors, to partake in a short trial. At this point there would be no issues as the drug is now on the market and this testing would simply be a monitoring of the immediate after effects that can be medically certified. Any legitimate medical organization can undertake this project.
    I am very interested in diabetic drugs as diabetes is and has been exceptionally prevalent on the maternal side of my family. I am 65 years old and have had low level controlled diabetes for a number of years. I have no doubt that Afrezza is a legitimate drug but if a few sprays can immediately lower blood sugar levels substantially this would be a real game changer. I can probably wait for an analysis after a couple of years as I am still concerned of the lung cancer issues regarding the interaction of the spray powder and the lungs.
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  • Early Adopters Embrace Afrezza, As New Inhaled Insulin Enters Market  [View article]
    These numbers are quite impressive but we have been conned before. If in fact this drug has this innate quality to drop blood sugar levels as quickly as claimed why did this not show up during trials? These claims can be easily verified by doing some very simple controlled testing. Mannkind is probably testing these claim as I write this and if they are actually true they will not be shy to let the world know.
    Mar 23, 2015. 01:53 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind And Afrezza's NDA Evaluation: What Is The Real Justification For The Advisory Committee?  [View article]
    Thank you for your reply to me. I understand that we are past phase III where Afreeza should have proved itself as a viable drug. My comment was based on the authors writeup and I may have not understood that he was simply expressing a norm versus a problem. I personally am rooting for an effective oral drug for diabetics but the FDA seems to have had a historical issue with this medication. Today another author discussed the briefing document and expressed a number of concerns which could derail approval. I personally would not use Afrezza if approved until a number of years have passed and this drug proves itself over time in the general population. I would also like to see biopies of users after a year or two to evaluate how this powder effects lung tissue.
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  • MannKind And Afrezza's NDA Evaluation: What Is The Real Justification For The Advisory Committee?  [View article]
    "I think they know how it works" Not according to the write up we are discussing.
    Mar 27, 2014. 11:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind And Afrezza's NDA Evaluation: What Is The Real Justification For The Advisory Committee?  [View article]
    If what you claim is a minor shortcoming, that at present it is not known how effective the actual dosing will be until the drug is approved and futrther studies take place AFTER it comes to market, then how in hell can this drug be approved? How much powder will actually be required to be inhaled for the proper dosing of each patient based on a number of variables? Your write up clearly states that this medication will replace a number of required injections per day of insulin which means we are dealing with people who have a very significant diabetic issue. You seem to be implying that the FDA will allow playing with peoples health as Mankind figures out dosing. Am I misunderstanding your statement?
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  • A Fresh Dose Of Reality From InVivo  [View article]
    I too would like to see the link to the call in June to exit this stock. Possibly on Twitter? I failed to see a write up on SA.
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  • A Fresh Dose Of Reality From InVivo  [View article]
    "A bit of a disappointment"? This is like Hitler's Generals telling him as the Russians and American Armies were banging on his bunker that things will be looking up very soon. What I find interesting is that a new CEO comes in and the next day is able to announce that the time line for a possible viable product has been extended more then three years. Evidently this information was known by many in the company but was kept secret for quite a while while the stock was run up and manipulated. There should be a criminal investigation by the SEC and stock sales investigated for insider trading.
    Aug 28, 2013. 01:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Galena Biopharma (GALE) slips 14% in the post-session after saying it intends to offer common stock and warrants for an unspecified amount. The company intends to use the net proceeds to conduct ongoing clinical trials for NeuVax and its Folate Binding Protein-E39. Piper Jaffray is acting as the sole book-running manager for the offering.  [View news story]
    I have been watching this stock for a while and the recent news and analysts write ups have been almost too good to be true. I believe this is a solid company with excelleent potential and I have been perplexed by the drop in the stocks value by about one third in the last 10 days or so. It is now evident that this common stock offering that will water down the value of the stock had been leaked and many individuals have been dumping the stock in anticipation of todays news. This stock will be offered a severe discount to its' recent price and it may be a very good opportunity to purchase it at the lower levels. Personally I think there should be two investigations, one to look at the people who dumped this stock over the last two weeks and the second to see if this stock was manipulated to make it run up to about $2.40 a share .
    Dec 17, 2012. 05:17 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Neuralstem (CUR +7.2%) spikes, possibly related to a Crain's article reporting "amazing results" in a patient who received 500K stem cells derived by CUR.  [View news story]
    Here we go again. "Amazing results" mysteriously finding it's way into the press. True? I would say 99% not, but insiders will and speculaters will do very well unloading. If investers were buying into this strory then the move would be 70% and not 7%.
    Dec 3, 2012. 06:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Geron (GERN) has resumed trading after announcing it's discontinuing development of its GRN1005 brain cancer drug. Shares -12.2% AH to $1.30.  [View news story]
    I sold of my Gern not long after they got out of the Stem Cell business. I mad a few dollars (but got hit when the stock price dived) but the reason for the purchase was buying into a leader in stem cell development. The company seemed to be going downhill and after holing on for some time it was time to hang it up. I am sorry that a company with what appeared to have cutting edge technology (which may yet be developed by Bio Time) has deteriorated to a point where it may cease to exist. I am considering Bio Time as an investment as I still believe that Geron's stem cell technology is very viable and has investment potential.
    Dec 3, 2012. 05:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Pluristem Vs. Geron: An Insider's View Of The Stem Cell Story  [View article]
    Sorry that you misunderstood my original comment as I clearly stated in the opening statement the the information was "biased and should be considered a solication." My poorly worded followup was simply stating that the author was upfront regarding his position in the company and he was not acting as an impartial analyst.
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  • Pluristem Vs. Geron: An Insider's View Of The Stem Cell Story  [View article]
    A clarification, when I said "no intent to decieve" this only refers to the position of the person who wrote the article, NOT THE SPEFICIC STATEMENTS CONCERNING THE VIABILITY OF THE COMPANY OR ITS' PRODUCT. The claims made in the article should be viewed critically
    Dec 19, 2011. 02:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment