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  • My 2 Concerns About General Electric's Synchrony Spin-Off [View article]
    Yes we GE shareholders already own Synchronytoo- now a portion will be spun off tomorrow. what would be more equitable is that current GE shareholders get to buy more Synchrony at a discount- say $10 sh//I would be in on that..but a share swap next year- the Synchrony stock will be worth more so probably will get less than 1 sh per GE share.

    When GE spun off Genworth, we got nothing..GE doesn't treat its shareholders very well..and wonder why they didn't scoop up a billion shares or so when the stock dropped to $5.88 /sh in 2009?

    Just wondering...aloud.
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  • Forget General Electric, Invest In Synchrony Financial Instead [View article]
    no you will not get the SYF shares automatically. in late 2015, you will be able to exchange some or all of your GE shares for the SYF shares. sadly, GE shareholders will not get any "free" shares.

    however, i do think that exchanging some GE shares to SYF will be a smart move. Look at Mastercard stock, AX and other credit card stocks.. they are impressive. So I think SYF -over long term, will be a good buy and will probably pay a nice dividend down the road..cause people are gonna buy on credit and pay interest. of that you can be sure.. and so the company will makie money- lots of money..GE will reduce exposure to retail credit so their stock will move up and reduce their excessive float count to well under 10 billion shares..this will make GE stock move up into the high 30's lows 40's by 2016.
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  • General Electric: Who Said That The Growth Story Was Dead? [View article]
    GE seems to be making some strategic moves. Sadly Wall Street has a long memory. I believe a new CEO will help the company tremendously- not that Immelt has been a total failure. He has not. But sometimes the headwinds just don't ever let up- then a new CEO walks in and boom- the stock price doubles..not that the new guy did anything, just the market opened its heart again.

    GE should be $40/sh in 2 yrs or less with a $1.25/sh dividend.
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  • Is GE As Solid As Its 100 Year History? [View article]
    Immelt still needs to trim out the dead wood. personnel costs are always the biggest liabilities for any company. GE has alot of old timers hanging on doiung little. run the off.
    hire young eager professionals. they are the future.
    GE can be really great- better than it was 20 yrs ago- but someone needs to light a blow torch under Immmelt- in fact- maybe he should step down and get a smart young MBA to make GE an $100 sh company again ( as it was in 2000 before 3:1 split). !
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  • General Electric: 19.2% Return On Investment [View article]
    how did GE get over 10 billion shares outstanding? in 1998 2:1 split- in 2000 3:1 split.

    too bad GE did not buy up a boatload of shares when the stock was plumbing the $6 level.

    most of the "execs" cash in their options immediately upon being paid.

    I suspect you could run off 1/5 of GE employees making over $250k annually and never miss them... and most of the 'exec team'.
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  • General Electric Wins The Battle For Alstom [View article]
    I agree- sometimes not losing is good enough- they got some great stuff for $10 billion- they have $87 bil offshore- france is gonna lose interest in the running of this deal and in the long run GE is gonna drive the boat they way they way they w ant to..and in the bargain kept the assets ( considerable) away from Siemens.

    now this should move the stock close to 40-50$ /sh in a few yrs ( along with the spin off of the retail finance) raise the dividend well over $1/sh and stock should be around $60-80 /sh in 10 yrs..
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  • General Electric Wins The Battle For Alstom [View article]
    well I am sure GE would hae wanted better terms- they paid only $10 billion and keep the assets away from Siemens- which going forward will make them western Europe which Alstom pretty much has all the business wrapped up- now GE does. ( except in germany of course).

    and in the long haul, if it does not work out, they can sell the whole thing back to the french in 20 yrs for $25 billion and keep the nice stuff.

    kinda like buying a real cool used car but having to take another couple of cars that have some rats and raccoons in the trunk..they make alot of noise but if it gets too messy just burn them up.
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  • General Electric: Alstom Still A Terrible Idea [View article]
    GE was about $38 sh in Aug 2007 and then started downward to a low of around $6 in late 2008 or 2009 and has since climbed back in to the upper 20's - dividend cut from $1.30 sh to about .40 ( annual) sh in div has climbed back to.88 sh ...

    GE split in '98 2:1 and again in '00 3:1- which put the massive 10 billion plus shares of common stock on the market ( thanks to jack welcjh and his BoD)-

    the aquisition of alstom ( by GE) will probably happen- it is a bargain but GE can always walk away if the terms get too the same time it is bidding the price up and Siemens isn't too eager to pay alot either..basically neither GE nor Siemens wants the other to get the Alstom assets..which are worth a bit of a battle.
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  • General Electric: Alstom Is Slipping Away [View article]
    lets watch- what is happening behind the scenes is not being reported. and lets face it- GE has very deep pockets, Siemens does not have the ball sack to do the deal alone- and bringing in a joint venture partner is always a mistake..I reckon the japs have already got a belly full of the lazy french and their hand wringing.
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  • General Electric: Alstom Is Slipping Away [View article]
    I beleive this will close by the end of the month- if not GE can wait patiently for the meantime, Alstom workers are not doing much- just waiting to know who they will work for. Germans or Amricans.

    GE can pay a bit more- if they raise the bid to $20 bil they still win..the meddling frenchman should be dealth with later.
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  • General Electric: Strap Yourselves In And Prepare For Liftoff [View article]
    lots of valid comments here:

    I own over 15K shares- I did buy some when the stock touched a low of $5.88 but did not 'load up' because I was scared the company might go BK. the mgmt did nothing to re assure.

    and I do agree Immelt has been a dud. Welch picked the wrong guy as his successor..the guy who went to Honeywell would have GE at over $60 sh right now.

    time will tell- anyone can manage when the economy is charging, great managers do well when the economy is dicey.. as for Apple- they make a nice PC and gadgets and a phone- no reason the stock should be so high..GE makes some real great stuff like jet engines, water purification and so on..when you need a drink of cold clear water, try getting that out of an I can get it out of a GE Frdge/thru a GE water softener and thru GE purification equipment.
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  • General Electric: Strap Yourselves In And Prepare For Liftoff [View article]
    GE des have great employees.. it is such a big company tho, that it would run much more efficiently if broken into 4-5 smaller companies:

    . Energy ( Oil and Gas and Wind etc)



    Inustrial Manufacturing sales and service, and Nuclear

    Consumer- washers fridge units, light bulbs, etc and services.

    Each company would be more nimble and ready to adapt to changes where as the large lumbering company cannot service the divisions efficiently. no way. and way too many mid to mid senior management. this is where the company is losing moeny.

    each shareholder in big GE would get new shares of the smaller companies and a $100000 worth of (GE) stock would be worth $300000 in a couple of years.
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  • General Electric: The Battle For Alstom Heats Up [View article]
    the $17b offer is fine- it is fair. I think GE will win out- because they ahve some other leverage in France..but if I were GE $20 bil would be final and if they get whipsawed any more, then sue and tell france they long term joint venture could fail as well.. France is just like a bark ing chiuahua real power to do much except blabber..just like they did when the ger,mans goose stepped thru their vineyards in the early 1940's cornholing everything in their path. then the US came in saved them...short memory huh ?
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  • General Electric: Will The Alstom Deal Go Through? [View article]
    GE I believe has a somewhat binding agreement. should the aquisition fail, GE can also liquidate their jet engine joint venture in France..this blustering by France is just that- France is a mess- they have been invaded by arabs who want to collect French welfare..and the gov does not want to bail out this Alstom again..they are a one legged man in an ass kicking contest..and just took a shot in the ball sack.
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  • Dividend Buy Of The Month: General Electric Company [View article]
    60 shares !!! - should have bought some at $5.88 in 2009.

    I agree with alot of your comments..I can assure you GE will pop well over $30 if they run off jeff immelt and most of the BoD and "executive team" of do nothings.

    GE has great potential- like a great NFL team with a terrible coachand GM.
    Mar 11 11:57 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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