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    LNCO and MPW
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    • Energysystems: Bought a nice chunk of LNCO for my IRA yesterday. Can't beat that yield and corporate structure. Will be DRIP'ing it.
    • X Oil-Field: $ATLS $ARP Receive Notices Regarding NYSE Continued Listing Standards. Others Soon To Follow $BBEP $REN $HK $LNCO $PQ $CRK $UGAZ $TRCH'ed.
      Jan 18, 5:42 AM
    • X Oil-Field: Moody's downgrades http://bit.ly/1JPkhSU Southcross Partners $SXE to Caa1; Southcross Holdings to Caa3. $UGAZ
      Jan 18, 5:43 AM
    • X Oil-Field: Nasdaq: $LNCO 52WeekHigh $14.52¢ / 52WeekLow $0.61¢ http://bit.ly/1KoNvTw http://bit.ly/1StCaJL http://bit.ly/1StCjgq James and Eric atSA
      Jan 20, 12:10 PM
    • X Oil-Field: What's Behind the Global Selloff in Equities? This Is one of the best $OIL interviews I've seen in some time. Axel Merk 'nailed it'.
      Jan 21, 7:26 AM
    • X Oil-Field: ''Just need ACTUAL [BKs] bankrupts.'' $AXAS $BBEP $LNCO $REN $SXE http://bloom.bg/1nzUAMi http://bit.ly/20guwUl Bloomberg Chris Lau SA
      Jan 21, 7:27 AM
    • X Oil-Field: Many analysts have slashed 2016 oil price forecasts, with $MS saying http://bbc.in/1UlzE6h oil in the $20s is possibly [revisited]. BBC
      Jan 25, 4:07 AM
    • X Oil-Field: LinnCo LLC $LNCO (Today) 52Wk Low 0.33¢ -66% http://bit.ly/1QKH3uS http://bit.ly/1nRZOmZ WSJ SA
      Feb 5, 1:10 PM