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  • Commodities Today: Copper And Natural Gas Names On The Move [View article]
    Before spending billions, Rio needs to ensure that they have a silk purse rather than a sows ear. The key here is the Government of Mongolia and whether they show that they are willing to work with Rio and honor their contracts. If the government plays fair ball, then this will be a very profitable project for all involved. If they decide to keep wanting more and changing things on a dime as they have in the past, then it will be headaches for all involved but especially for Mongolia as foriegn investment continues to dry up and the currency continues to depreciate. This project will be responsible for 30% of Mongolian GDP and so as TRQ goes, Mongolia goes. Things should become a lot clearer in the next month or two as the government seems to now be showing signs of "seeing the light". Time will tell. Rio does have time on its side. JMO
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  • Commodities Today: Copper And Natural Gas Names On The Move [View article]
    What you have with TRQ is a company that is still trading much closer to the lows than the highs, is debt free, Owns a big chuck of one of the largest world class copper/ gold deposits in the world and is getting closer to coming to agreement with the Mongolian government on the underground expansion that will unlock 80% of the deposits riches. As well, when the time is right, it only makes sense for Rio Tinto to take out the minority holders. Seems like a pretty good bet if you want to be in a base copper/ gold play. JMO
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  • A Comparison Of North America's Biggest Banks [View article]
    Some of the Canadian banks have sizable exposure to the U.S. market and should benefit as real estate and business in general in the U.S. improve. I believe that Bank of Montreal, Toronto Dominion and Royal Bank all have sizable U.S. divisions. Bank of Montreal's U.S. division is the largest (% based on its size) . I am long BMO.
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  • Appeals court strikes down net neutrality rules [View news story]
    The solution here is for your provider to honor what he promised you. If your neighbor is down loading, I am sure that his down load speed is not exceeding the max that he is paying for. In other words - your service provider is ripping you off, not your neighbor. The solution really lies in technology - the current system on the internet is comparable to the old "party line" system for phones (for those old enough to remember these) you had shared lines. Eventually technology improved to the point that it was no longer an issue and everyone could talk as much as they wanted at the same time. Blame the big communication companies - They Are The Problem!!
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  • Obama energy infrastructure review could affect Keystone pipeline [View news story]
    More punting by Obama!! A couple of more years and he will be history and then maybe we will get someone who can actually move something forward. JMO
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  • Ivanhoe Mines: Multi-Bagging... Again? [View article]
    My understanding is that Polymet is an open pit operation while Duluth is an under ground operation. Open pit operations tend to be lower cost to operate but have bigger environmental issues. Also my understanding is that Duluth has a much bigger ore body. Polymet seems to be paving the way buy going first and I do not see an insurmountable hurdle environmentally as far as Deluth is concerned. JMO
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  • Harper says Obama punting won’t stop Keystone XL piepline [View news story]
    Anyone that knows anything at all about this knows that Harper and Most of Canada is for both projects. And as well they should know that nothing less is being asked of Keystone than what is expected for northern gateway - providing economic benefits and built to the highest standards. Funny how reporters tend to twist stories depending on which way they are leaning!
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  • How The Ultimate Decision Of Raising Debt Ceiling Is Intricately Tied With Keystone's Fate [View article]
    Correct cymbalta. Thanks
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  • Ivanhoe Mines: Multi-Bagging... Again? [View article]
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  • Ivanhoe Mines: Multi-Bagging... Again? [View article]
    If interested in something closer to home with a lot less political risk, one may want to look at Deluth Metals. It is a very large copper, nickel, pm deposit in northern Minnesota. At something over 1% copper equivalent grade, it is a lower grade deposit than Ivanhoe's deposit but carries way less political risk. I own shares in Deluth Metals and also in TRQ which was Robert Freidland's big Mongolian project. JMO
    Dec 31 09:35 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Vale Is A Bargain Today [View article]
    The mini mills that use scrap tend to produce construction type goods - beams, bar, angle iron, rod, pipe up to a certain diameter. The integrated mills producing steel from blast furnaces are better suited for flat rolled coil steels. It is all a matter of quality where the mini mills have problems matching the quality of an integrated plant in the wider flat rolled steels. Nucor has been making inroads though and is the leader in mini mill innovation. They are developing processes that allow for better quality in the mini mill flat rolled product. The other big thing for mini mills is the price of scrap as well as energy (electricity and natural gas is what most mini mills use while integrated plants are more flexible and can utilize coal injection, coke and natural gas injection. Nucor is building Direct reduction plants that let them utilize coal for fuel which should give them more flexibility. - Just my 2 cents.
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  • How The Ultimate Decision Of Raising Debt Ceiling Is Intricately Tied With Keystone's Fate [View article]
    How can it not have anything to do with energy independence?? Oil form a friendly source like Canada is far more secure than getting it from Venezuela. As far as lower prices are concerned - economics 101 states that the more sources you have for a product the lower the price will be. Also the cheaper it can be delivered should also impact the bottom line. As such, Keystone should have an impact on lowering costs.
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  • Cold Winter Could Lead To Massive Natural Gas Futures Price Spike [View article]
    LMAO - He will also some how link it to global warming!;-)
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  • How The Ultimate Decision Of Raising Debt Ceiling Is Intricately Tied With Keystone's Fate [View article]
    Obama is just trying to appease the extreme left in his party and keep those cashing in on his policy happy. This does not say much for Obama does it. The Republicans at least have turned the corner and started to take on the extreme right that has been a menses to their party. They need to figure out that "Joe average" American is getting tired of the extreme right as well as the extreme right. Both do not do anyone any good and get in the way of moving forward - be it keystone or dealing with the deficit! JMO
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  • Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline approved [View news story]
    No matter how many conditions you have, the greens and some first nations will never be happy. So the question really comes down to do you let a small vocal minority dictate to the majority of Canadians? I say not! Yes we have to listen to the concerns and ensure a safe project is built but then we have to get on with it and build it!
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