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  • Betting On The Loonie Via Bank Of Montreal  [View article]
    Nope - they are still oil sands with many of the big players fairing better than the rest of the oil industry. Oil has always been very cyclical as an investment (nothing new with that). IMO Those that got in when prices were high and are holding solid players just need to average down and wait the cycle out. They will do OK.
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  • Alberta's royalty reviews keeps rates on existing wells, oil sands  [View news story]
    When something like 80% of what you make goes to taxes, your freedom and ability to choose becomes severely curtailed. You have little choice but to go along with the system and what it chooses. After Greece, Portugal and Spain, I do not think socialism is as appealing to many in Europe as it once was. Freedom and standard of living are relative terms and I do not think they are as good in Norway as many would like one to believe.
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  • Alberta's royalty reviews keeps rates on existing wells, oil sands  [View news story]
    Norway has a lot of issues - just scratch below the surface. Everybody talks about the big oil fund but they also have a debit almost as big as the fund. The big problems are just around the corner when oil starts to run out as they have become overly dependent on it. The people have also become used to being overly dependent on government and government programs as well. Not all is well in Norway although on the surface things look good.
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  • Alberta's royalty reviews keeps rates on existing wells, oil sands  [View news story]
    Nothing against the country - just pointing out that as far as collecting royalties from oil goes, Alberta is up their with the biggest collectors. As for Norway's pile of money, the debit is almost as big and they are also running into other problems related to the people getting used to and dependent on government programs. Not as good as it looks.
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  • Alberta's royalty reviews keeps rates on existing wells, oil sands  [View news story]
    No what was irresponsible was the previous government that blew all the money collected when oil prices were high. Alberta collects the 2nd highest royalties in the world (Socialist Norway is 1st) and yet their Heritage fund (which is where some of the oil money is supposed to go) has peanuts in it compared to what it should have.
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  • Why I'm Increasing My Position In Turquoise Hill Resources  [View article]
    Lots of institutional holders have large positions in TRQ and they know what its worth.
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  • Why I'm Increasing My Position In Turquoise Hill Resources  [View article]
    AVOIDED LIKE THE PLAGUE!. - That is true for many investments in Mongolia but I will have to say that TRQ is the exception here. TRQ will be responsible for 30% of Mongolian GDP when the underground is operating, has the backing of a supper strong major in Rio Tinto and their deal with the GOM is iron clad and enforceable in world courts. Quite simply Mongolia can not afford to screw this up. Any other money thinking of heading for Mongolia is currently sitting on the side lines watching to see how Rio Tinto makes out. A failure here will most likely mean that Mongolia becomes a failed state.
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  • Betting On The Loonie Via Bank Of Montreal  [View article]
    Tar sands??? they are still called oil sands by everyone but the greens. ;-)
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  • Apple Has Serious Problems  [View article]
    I expect that if nothing changes with Apple, the profitability will come down as volumes drop and prices are in turn adjusted lower. That is what I meant by multiples coming down.
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  • Apple Has Serious Problems  [View article]
    Apple does have a serious problem. - nothing that could be called a great game changer in the products pipeline! The I-phone and to a lesser extent I-Pad were leading edge hi tech game changers when they were first introduced. They have now become electronics commodities with lots of competition in markets that are maturing and do not have the grow potential they once had,
    The next great Apple home run product is non existent and without one, Apple becomes just another electronics consumer products company with lots of competition and Apples trading multiples will come down to reflect this.
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  • Boeing beats by $0.34, beats on revenue  [View news story]
    With a strong US dollar and most of their competition in weaker currencies, why is this any surprise???
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  • New Canada pipeline rules to include upstream emissions impact, PM says  [View news story]
    The right balance with Coderre has more to do with Money than anything else.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: China Plunges As Market Rout Continues  [View article]
    The key to Electric Vehicles is the battery. Cost, storage capacity, life of battery and range of vehicle. Until we see sizable improvements in these metrics, the EV is going no where fast.
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  • ArcelorMittal to idle Spanish steel plant indefinitely  [View news story]
    China will be cutting steel capacity going forward. I suspect that anti dumping tariffs and to a lessor extent the need to cut back pollution is the driving force here.
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  • Samsung open to M&A for home appliances business  [View news story]
    How about they try building a quality product and provide a decent warranty - something sadly missing in the industry.
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