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  • oneotherfool
    $SN 3 Insider buys were reported AH today. Was wondering when do they start!....
    21 hours ago
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    • nclsamy: My cost basis on $SN is $7.25. Too bad I got stopped out of $SLCA at $23.6 from $24.5. Stops work both ways I guess.
      29 minutes ago
    • nclsamy: $CBI $ARII and $GBX are on my buy list for the next days. Also watching $ERX (3x Leveraged $XLE) for a day trade.
      27 minutes ago
      • oneotherfool
        So I guess the $0.80 SP in $VRNG wasn't pricing in an En Banc rejection yet.
        Mon, 1:02 PM
          • oneotherfool
            Here's my $NAVB comment yesterday. Have spent so much time observing how it trades, that I saw it coming :)
            Fri, 1:34 PM
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            • oneotherfool: Good point. $CRK was too bouncy and closed weak. I'm eyeing it for an add when I make some more cash available. Yield at 9.5% here.
              Fri, 4:53 PM
            • oneotherfool: Yes for $CBI, if you're looking longer term. I believe $SN would rebound a lot faster than CBI if oil EVER bounces; but riskier, obviously.
              Fri, 4:54 PM
              • oneotherfool
                Was wondering why $CRK snapped back up today. It turns out there was another insider purchase. This time it's 10K shares at $5.71. ($57K)
                Thu, 7:09 PM
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                • oneotherfool: Looks like today's buy though, did cause it to temporarily rebound. We will see how we go from here.
                  Thu, 10:50 PM
                • det9: Thanks for info OOF.. More bargains seem to be coming
                  Fri, 5:40 AM
                  • oneotherfool
                    It looks like $NAVB is getting ready 4 a move after consolidating in the $1.2s. Today was about 6x the ave volume out of no where.
                    Thu, 12:47 AM
                      • oneotherfool
                        $SN update, in case you didn't see it.
                        Dec 10, 9:14 AM
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                        • oneotherfool: "The Company has planned for and is poised to rapidly adapt to a changing commodity price environment"
                          Dec 10, 9:24 AM
                        • Xvansan: If oil keeps falling, updates by mgmt won't hold the share price, unfortunately.
                          Dec 10, 9:49 AM
                          • oneotherfool
                            So.... Did OPEC not cut production again? ($WTI)
                            Dec 8, 3:30 PM
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                            • oneotherfool: $SN is down over 80%. O_O
                              Dec 8, 6:35 PM
                            • wheelz23: i'm still waiting to buy oil stocks, but my TSL and CBI are both down a bit...i was once up on them too, sucks
                              Dec 8, 6:48 PM
                              • oneotherfool
                                Took some profit on $IDRA up 32% from the June buy. Still got some from $2.5. It may continue to test 52-wh.
                                Dec 5, 10:00 AM
                                  • oneotherfool
                                    $SN is 340% away from the 52-week high :)....Yes I just added. Today smells like capitulation to me....
                                    Dec 4, 3:37 PM
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                                    • Investor RockieK: BTW yes, I'm long $TNK
                                      Dec 5, 9:57 AM
                                    • wheelz23:
                                      Dec 5, 2:44 PM
                                      • oneotherfool
                                        Started a small position in $CRK. My order missed the lows in the $6.80s by pennies. You can go back to green now $CRK. Thanks!
                                        Dec 4, 1:24 PM
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                                        • oneotherfool: FYI, a double down from a Director today worth $285K.
                                          Dec 8, 8:56 PM
                                        • Xvansan: Good find. Still holding my double down bullet. $5.50 came much sooner than expected. Trying to get CB below $7
                                          Dec 8, 9:01 PM
                                          • oneotherfool
                                            $SSH getting interesting here close to the Aug lows. Filled the gap from Aug 12. It also has a catalyst coming up; they'er waiting on FDA
                                            Dec 3, 10:02 PM
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                                            • oneotherfool: No, as Robert (see the new comments on his last article), it's up to the FDA now. If we don't hear back in the next week or 2, it'll be
                                              Dec 4, 11:37 AM
                                            • oneotherfool: early next year most likely.
                                              Dec 4, 11:37 AM
                                              • oneotherfool
                                                Go $IDRA goooo! I did say it wasn't messing around when it was at $3 last week. And I'm rarely right :)
                                                Dec 2, 12:49 PM
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                                                • oneotherfool: What a remarkable move and strong volume. It flushed the profit takers in the morning as it touched $3.98. Now just crossed $4 to $4.10.
                                                  Dec 3, 2:13 PM
                                                • oneotherfool: It was pointed out that $4 was the offering. So a break/close above that should be good.
                                                  Dec 3, 2:14 PM
                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                    Three insider buys reported today in $WYY. Not a huge amount of shares, but hey, it's not selling.
                                                    Dec 1, 7:20 PM
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                                                    • oneotherfool: No idea, no reason that I know off. Probably just lack of news and the weaker than expected projected revenue from last CC....
                                                      Dec 9, 4:46 PM
                                                    • oneotherfool: A waiting game on this one until things play out, as Mongoose points out.
                                                      Dec 9, 4:47 PM
                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                        $IDRA appoints new CEO more "businessy" and frees up the current one for head of research. Like it.
                                                        Dec 1, 5:57 PM
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                                                        • oneotherfool: New CEO was CEO of ViroPharma from 2008 till Jan 2014 when it was bought out by Shire for $4.2B.
                                                          Dec 1, 5:59 PM
                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                            $TNXP has been trading sideways over the past two weeks, pretty close to flat with almost no volatility. Pretty unusual for Tonix.
                                                            Nov 28, 7:26 PM
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                                                            • oneotherfool: CEO sounded pretty optimistic regarding the consideration of "responder analysis" as a secondary end point. They plan on starting Phase 3
                                                              Dec 3, 1:27 AM
                                                            • oneotherfool: As soon as they hear back. The 12 weeks Phase 2 PTST trial will"start any day now". Looks like things will be a Lot clearer by end of Q1.
                                                              Dec 3, 1:30 AM
                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                $MNKD, flash crash? It just dipped to $5.6 and bounced 10%.
                                                                Nov 28, 12:51 PM
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                                                                • Perkins Cove: Not to worry....only a flesh wound....grin
                                                                  Nov 28, 1:12 PM
                                                                • oneotherfool: haha sorry!
                                                                  Nov 28, 1:16 PM
                                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                                    Apparently you can't type the characters "<--" in a private message. The message will get screwed up & SA will chew everything that follows.
                                                                    Nov 27, 11:53 PM
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                                                                    • oneotherfool: Do you really have to use "<--"?...just seems odd and unnecessarily buggy.
                                                                      Nov 27, 11:56 PM
                                                                    • Perkins Cove: "Everybody knows that".....hehe
                                                                      Nov 28, 5:53 AM
                                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                                        $IDRA is not kidding around with 1.5 times the volume in the first 20 min. It's up over 20% since yest afternoon. And yes, w/ no news.
                                                                        Nov 26, 9:56 AM
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                                                                        • oneotherfool: It's up >50% since the Oct lows, at which point, insiders jumped in and bought a bunch.
                                                                          Nov 26, 9:58 AM
                                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                                            It looks like $SN took a dive on somebody buying 1500ish $17 Dec20 Puts. An OPEC hedge or just a plain bearish outlook?
                                                                            Nov 25, 11:56 AM
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                                                                            • wheelz23: USO down 3 cents, but related stocks are getting hit...i'm guessing because of SDRL
                                                                              Nov 26, 1:55 PM
                                                                            • oneotherfool: jcllier3, I don't monitor them. Someone happened to mentioned it, so i just logged in to my broker's account and verified it.
                                                                              Nov 27, 11:45 AM
                                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                                Out of $LF at $5.31. That's 19% in two weeks.
                                                                                Nov 19, 12:34 PM
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                                                                                • oneotherfool: Thanks guys! looks like I was out too soon! What a strength, going beyond filling the gap...I'm okay though, didn't want to risk the gains
                                                                                  Nov 20, 6:59 PM
                                                                                • oneotherfool: especially with the fed meeting yesterday....
                                                                                  Nov 20, 7:00 PM