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  • oneotherfool
    Out $XIV at $24.85 for 15% gain in 2 days.
    Thu, 3:18 PM
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    • TradeIt Mike: Nice trade! I have been waiting to use..."I pity the fool"...but that is clearly not the case. : )
      Thu, 3:34 PM
    • oneotherfool: haha.. Oh trust me, I can give you many trades that would allow you to do that! LOL
      Thu, 4:14 PM
      • oneotherfool
        What's scary about $VRNG is that everybody everywhere is super bullish right now, yet there hasn't been a decent run up going into what
        Tue, 12:01 AM
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        • sheldond: Hmmm hard to say now...I already traded for a double I might let 20% of my profits ride but I do not own any now
          Tue, 9:01 AM
        • oneotherfool: Nice gains, D!
          Tue, 9:08 AM
          • oneotherfool
            Sold my $ADMP add from 2 days ago for 13% profit.
            Aug 27, 4:02 PM
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            • oneotherfool: If I were to look at the chart and guess, we seem to have a double bottom forming. It needs to break low $4s. If it does, target is $4.7s.
              Aug 27, 10:14 PM
            • oneotherfool: But it's tough to get anything right with this low volume. So I may pick up again if we go back into the $3.2s.
              Aug 27, 10:15 PM
              • oneotherfool
                Just exited my $UWTI from at $0.98 from $1.06 (posted somewhere below). There was support here before, so $42 might be resistance now...
                Aug 27, 2:40 PM
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                • oneotherfool: stadelaware, hey at least it was a "+" :)
                  Aug 27, 3:53 PM
                • oneotherfool: The oil bounce has legs...not even consolidation here....resistance wasn't much of one.
                  Aug 28, 10:28 AM
                  • oneotherfool
                    Just bought a small starter position in $MNK at $81.1. Huge insider buys reported yesterday.
                    Aug 25, 1:52 PM
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                    • oneotherfool: Another buy of $50k reported this morning.
                      Aug 27, 9:41 AM
                    • oneotherfool: Should have Lupus results published in September.
                      Aug 28, 7:18 PM
                      • oneotherfool
                        I'm added one more time to $ADMP at $3.27. This went down form $3.6s late yesterday on a few thousands shares. It didn't get the bounce memo
                        Aug 25, 9:47 AM
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                        • oneotherfool: It's disappointing that, with all this volatility, the volume is still too low, and the spread is too wide. You can't easily buy and sell.
                          Aug 25, 6:26 PM
                        • oneotherfool: Sold this chunk for 13% profit.
                          Aug 27, 4:01 PM
                          • oneotherfool
                            Question to the more knowledgeable investors on SA: Why would a small cap company would go for "dual listing" on a foreign exchange? $NAVB
                            Aug 24, 8:02 PM
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                            • DWD Investing: Or waht4ever US stock are called on the TASE. If so, that's interesting, and incredible that the European Markets don't have that capability
                              Thu, 1:42 PM
                            • DWD Investing: to buy amongst each other.
                              Thu, 1:42 PM
                              • oneotherfool
                                Holly crap $HACK was down 30%. I just noticed. That should have been an automatic buy! Cybersecurity spending will not decrease bc of China.
                                Aug 24, 2:45 PM
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                                • remix20: wheelz, CHKP and QLYS are both components of $HACK etf. I prefer FEYE and FTNT to those picks, but with HACK, you get a chunk of all of them
                                  Aug 24, 11:48 PM
                                • D-struction: interesting bid/ask on $CHKP this morning.
                                  Aug 25, 8:22 AM
                                  • oneotherfool
                                    $TNXP $SSH thanks Fidelity for not taking my orders this AM..Oh also, damn u Mon. morning meetings. Oh well, at least I fit in a $XIV trade.
                                    Aug 24, 11:36 AM
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                                    • oneotherfool: I don't trade many, I do hold about 10 on average. Sometimes I go weeks without a single trade. It's days like this where I get itchy to but
                                      Aug 25, 12:42 AM
                                    • tromur: We must just be in a lot of the same stocks.
                                      Aug 25, 9:30 AM
                                      • oneotherfool
                                        Catching bottom is tricky...some small cap bios are already bouncing from over-sold conditions before I could catch them. $IDRA.
                                        Aug 21, 11:59 AM
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                                        • oneotherfool: Ok, so seeing how it held up today (Monday-also known as panic day), I really feel good abt adding to IDRA. I just need to pull the trigger!
                                          Aug 24, 10:18 PM
                                          • oneotherfool
                                            $MNK is interesting here. Solid $11B market cap company. Retraced 33% from the highs and 27% since earnings Aug 4. Sell off is over done.
                                            Aug 20, 9:46 PM
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                                            • oneotherfool: wheelz, I was just checking $MNK. Insiders bought tons on Friday at the high $80s. CEO bought $176K worth another $210K worth.
                                              Aug 24, 11:28 PM
                                            • oneotherfool: I may actually buy soon if it dips further or doesn't bounce back.
                                              Aug 24, 11:28 PM
                                              • oneotherfool
                                                Insiders just recently bought$ADMP $TNXP and $SSH around these prices. That's where Im shopping first. Added to $TNXP today at $6.62.
                                                Aug 20, 6:10 PM
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                                                • wheelz23: china, .25 interest rate hike is just headlines...panic selling, brokerages boost margin requirements
                                                  14 hours ago
                                                • oneotherfool: Yeah, that definitely is a factor.
                                                  13 hours ago
                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                    My portfolio has been getting butchered this past month.. Yes I've been catching up on Games of Thrones.
                                                    Aug 19, 1:44 PM
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                                                    • oneotherfool: many companies had "delays" in there pipeline progress ($TNXP $ADMP $SSH ...) which caused the stocks to take pretty good hits.
                                                      Aug 19, 3:48 PM
                                                    • oneotherfool: I sleep at night by saying, long term, none of this matters, IF they deliver...$ARP is actually a small position that was green last week :)
                                                      Aug 19, 3:50 PM
                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                        $TNXP and $ADMP insiders buys filed today.
                                                        Aug 17, 8:03 PM
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                                                        • James W. Burke: I believe a partner will emerge for the retail side of EPI. If that happens before approval, huge confidence that it will be approved.
                                                          Aug 20, 3:37 PM
                                                        • oneotherfool: I added today to $TNXP... Jonanne, thanks for insight as always. If I were to guess, I suspect partnership will happen before re-submission.
                                                          Aug 20, 5:45 PM
                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                            $SPY The world economy explained with just two cows
                                                            Aug 13, 9:06 AM
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                                                            • IndyPEG: lol good stuff
                                                              Aug 13, 9:09 AM
                                                            • WItrader18: someone posted this on my wife's FB. Very funny :D
                                                              Aug 13, 9:30 AM
                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                When $ARP was trading at $2.5s and $TTOO was trading at $15, I had a limit to sell some trading shares of $TTOO to buy $ARP. It didn't hit.
                                                                Aug 12, 1:37 PM
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                                                                • wheelz23: ever have your ticket skipped over because the HFT is manipulating the price movement?
                                                                  Aug 13, 12:43 PM
                                                                • oneotherfool: Today there seemed like there were no MM for certain ticker. Spread was tight, yet 200ish shares moved stocks 3-4% in either directon.
                                                                  Aug 13, 2:20 PM
                                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                                    $360 has been a solid support for $IBB. It just broke that. Get back up $IBB!
                                                                    Aug 12, 10:55 AM
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                                                                    • oneotherfool: Thanks for listening, $IBB!
                                                                      Aug 12, 2:25 PM
                                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                                        I got filled some $ADMP at $3.36. Unfortunately, $SSH came close to my bid and then took off :( It's now up 20% from the day low. CRAP!!
                                                                        Aug 11, 3:50 PM
                                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                                            $ADMP back to the March lows, when they get the CRL.
                                                                            Aug 10, 3:55 PM
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                                                                            • oneotherfool: know that they suck at that :)
                                                                              Aug 10, 4:44 PM
                                                                            • James W. Burke: Call/email IR and the CEO. Investors deserve more than a few sentences in a 10Q. I will try to get the BOD chairman's contact info also.
                                                                              Aug 10, 4:48 PM
                                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                                $SSH what a the CC transcript. They have 50 patients in the pipeline waiting to be enrolled. A lot of sites were waiting
                                                                                Aug 10, 11:56 AM
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                                                                                • oneotherfool: Thortec got acquired for $3B. There's gotta be some value here at $50M...
                                                                                  Aug 10, 12:00 PM
                                                                                • FortSumter: Have you looked at $ABMD? If the effect is to assist an unhealthy heart continue working, I like their tech better.
                                                                                  Aug 11, 8:49 AM