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  • oneotherfool
    $NAVB finally broke the $1.30 wall and BOOM. $FEYE and $WYY are doing a good job too! Nice end to the week (assume they hold till EOD).
    10 hours ago
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    • oneotherfool: Great job JMattius. Couldn't talk myself into adding more to $NAVB. It's already bigger position than I'd like it to be.
      8 hours ago
    • JMattius: I'm trying to take profits when I have them. Market at all time highs makes me nervous so I take $$ even if I Iose out on more.
      8 hours ago
      • oneotherfool
        Added to $WYY at $1.57.
        Thu, 3:49 PM
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        • oneotherfool: One more more shorts threw in the towel on this one. Short interest went from 3.1M to 0.6M. One ave, half of the daily volume between 8/1
          Thu, 9:29 PM
        • oneotherfool: and 8/15 was short covering. That wasn't the reason I added, but certainly is encouraging to see. Mostly this
          Thu, 9:32 PM
          • oneotherfool
            From the form 4s just filed by $ADMP, it looks like the exercise price for the options being granted to the 3 new BOD members is $4.04.
            Wed, 7:21 PM
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            • oneotherfool: Thank you for the clarification, Jonanne. Much appreciated!
              Wed, 10:01 PM
            • jonanne: Actually the 110% applies to a 10% or more shareholder/employee,officer.
              Thu, 5:07 AM
              • oneotherfool
                $IDRA up on Piper Jaffray. "Top Small Cap Pick for 2nd-Half at Piper Jaffray."
                Tue, 11:58 AM
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                • oneotherfool: Watching the technicals, it made it through the 50dma ($2.76). Facing resistance at the 100dma ($2.87).
                  Tue, 12:06 PM
                • oneotherfool: Nice HOD close! Through the 100dma at the close.
                  Tue, 4:07 PM
                  • oneotherfool
                    $CBI, another week, another contract.;highlight=
                    Tue, 8:19 AM
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                    • user199: Nice! Thanks for sharing One!
                      Tue, 11:12 AM
                      • oneotherfool
                        Interesting action on $SSH lately. Nice up day yesterday, testing resistance. Today it retraced back testing the 100dma. If this holds,
                        Aug 22, 2:25 PM
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                        • oneotherfool: it'll be bullish I believe, and should have more room to run. Monitoring closely to see when I might take some off.
                          Aug 22, 2:26 PM
                          • oneotherfool
                            $ADMP filled the morning gap and went back up. Better now than later!
                            Aug 20, 12:33 PM
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                            • det9: Let the young ones roll PC :).. We cannot hunt if we don't know how to use a knife..
                              Aug 21, 5:18 AM
                            • oneotherfool: Good morning fellas! PC, your inputs are always welcomed. You wouldn't ruin anything....Det, that damn knife is sharp :)
                              Aug 21, 9:02 AM
                              • oneotherfool
                                Is $3.4 the new bottom 4 $ADMP now that the dilution ghost that's been hunting longs is no longer a mystery?
                                Aug 19, 9:00 PM
                                  • oneotherfool
                                    Wheelz, Samy, det, OM, or whoever was on this discussion thread, you can switch to this one if you'd like.
                                    Aug 18, 7:04 PM
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                                    • wheelz23: don't let your feye go red...CBI has been down 3 straight days, but unlike before it wasn't 3 days of getting pummeled
                                      5 hours ago
                                    • wheelz23: imo, it seems like the downtrend is over
                                      5 hours ago
                                      • oneotherfool
                                        $SSH Heart failure treatment gives man 'a life again'
                                        Aug 18, 12:15 PM
                                          • oneotherfool
                                            On a positive note, $WYY is up 10% today on over 2 times 90 ave volume, and 4 times 10-day ave volume. Reported a solid quarter.
                                            Aug 15, 4:23 PM
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                                            • oneotherfool: Good point! I too like the conservative approach in their non-official guidance. CFO said yeah, analysts seems about right in their
                                              Aug 15, 5:02 PM
                                            • oneotherfool: projections, but I don't want to jinx it "world is crazy right now". They're not setting high expectations (avoid Sreet disappointment).
                                              Aug 15, 5:05 PM
                                              • oneotherfool
                                                You know you're having a bad day when you own 2 out of the TOP 10 losers of the day.
                                                Aug 15, 12:59 PM
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                                                • nclsamy: I guess ADMP trades with VRNG. both up 20%.
                                                  Aug 18, 2:08 PM
                                                • Hope128: So $VRNG & $ADMP are the top 2 performers for me today, don't feel too much relieved. Still hefty losses especailly on VRNG.
                                                  Aug 18, 2:26 PM
                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                    $MNK and $QCOR Done deal. Shareholders Approve the merge. Mallinckrodt expects to close the transaction later today.
                                                    Aug 14, 1:20 PM
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                                                    • oneotherfool:
                                                      Aug 14, 1:20 PM
                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                        Not sure how I feel about the new homepage. But I at least like that you can see the Author's avatar under the "Latest Portfolio Headlines"
                                                        Aug 14, 10:46 AM
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                                                        • oneotherfool: I don't like that the ticker no longer shows next to the Headline. Can't tell what headline is related to what stock in my portfolio!
                                                          Aug 14, 1:21 PM
                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                            SA, Do I HAVE to subscribe to the daily "breakfast email"? If not, can we please have an "x" option to remove the banner?
                                                            Aug 12, 6:58 PM
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                                                            • AdamDivy: Nice! Thanks for the heads up, PC!
                                                              Aug 13, 10:55 AM
                                                            • oneotherfool: We did, and I just used it :). Thank you SA!
                                                              Aug 13, 11:03 AM
                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                $SSH, unusually the only green in my portfolio (along with $TNXP), today. Nice bounce on heavy volume.
                                                                Aug 12, 3:30 PM
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                                                                • oneotherfool: Specifically, where it says "As you can imagine...." to "...egarding Sunshine Heart."
                                                                  Aug 12, 7:04 PM
                                                                • oneotherfool: Also, check the part "BBC is expected to cover the story very soon and the company also has plans to quickly generate PR from this as well"
                                                                  Aug 12, 7:05 PM
                                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                                    Watching my profits on my small position evaporates from the gap up. $MNKD, down 20% from it's pre-market peak.
                                                                    Aug 11, 12:39 PM
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                                                                    • oneotherfool: short term, at least.
                                                                      Aug 11, 4:18 PM
                                                                    • Roids0777: The partnership was the catalyst event. Look at the "catalyst event" this is what everyone was riding on.
                                                                      Aug 11, 4:24 PM
                                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                                        Added to $SSH today. This thing has been taking a massive beating. They almost have the market cap in cash at this price.
                                                                        Aug 8, 9:07 PM
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                                                                        • Perkins Cove: LOL, rooting for you....the "fall" guy....
                                                                          Aug 9, 2:06 PM
                                                                        • Perkins Cove: Yup, nice group. Tight....and caring.
                                                                          Aug 9, 2:07 PM
                                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                                            $CBI There was an insider buy yesterday worth $58,000. It looks like it's also part of a purchasing plan adopted a week ago. So more coming.
                                                                            Aug 8, 9:06 AM
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                                                                            • Hoang6: At the end of the day, only idiots lose money (I hope I'm not one of those)!
                                                                              Aug 8, 9:34 AM
                                                                            • oLAISAMUFFIN: Yep good good i'm holding anyway
                                                                              Aug 8, 9:45 AM
                                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                                Took a loss on $WDR today. You may argue that I'm selling at a possible bottom. You might be right. I just don't have the conviction.
                                                                                Aug 4, 9:35 PM
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                                                                                • user199: wise man :)
                                                                                  Aug 5, 11:56 AM
                                                                                • nclsamy: So far so good. You can always buy it back later. If it manages to hold $52 support I'm starting to buy.
                                                                                  Aug 5, 11:58 AM