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  • oneotherfool
    $IDRA, now we're talking!
    Wed, 2:07 PM
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    • oneotherfool: PC, I read your reply(ies) while I was at work, but now I can't see it to reply to it. Did you remove it or is SA messing up?
      Wed, 8:53 PM
    • Perkins Cove: It was me, nothing important. Best of luck with this trade and let us know how it turns out. Cheers.
      Thu, 6:32 AM
      • oneotherfool
        Attempting to catch some $IDRA knives here.
        Tue, 12:41 PM
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        • oneotherfool: Okay. Now we can say that I did....:)
          Wed, 2:07 PM
        • Perkins Cove: LOL, very nice !
          Wed, 2:10 PM
          • oneotherfool
            I hope nobody bought in the "$RTRX Raises 2014 Revenue Outlook" news. It was up 11% in the pre and ended the day -15%. A 27% reversal.
            Mon, 8:08 PM
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            • oneotherfool: haha, I guess.
              Thu, 5:53 PM
            • davelane814: this stock will be $100 per share in the next 5 years
              Thu, 6:13 PM
              • oneotherfool
                Wow, what a fade. Was 1.5% up this morning, now I'm 1.5% down....Just sold out of $KKD at $17.71, up 9%+ from my entry last Mon. Thanks OM!
                Mon, 3:06 PM
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                • oneotherfool: emotional decisions 2day when I watched (almost) everything else flipping green--->red in my portfolio; some from +4% to -4% type of flip.
                  Mon, 7:33 PM
                • oneotherfool: (forgot to add $TNXP to that list)
                  Mon, 7:53 PM
                  • oneotherfool
                    $ARNA reports Eisai's Launch of the TV ad campaign.
                    Mon, 8:39 AM
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                    • oneotherfool: "The initial advertisement....will air on Lifetime, Oxygen, AMC and numerous other networks.." check the adv
                      Mon, 8:41 AM
                      • oneotherfool
                        I wonder whether red-green color blind people are better traders/investors. Less emotions involved when the screen is all red/green?
                        Apr 11, 5:23 PM
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                        • redarrow5150: I recommend visine in getting the red out.
                          Apr 11, 5:51 PM
                        • oneotherfool: LOL!....too funny. Redarrow5150, don't use too much of it, u'd have to change your user name to "arrow5150."
                          Apr 11, 6:03 PM
                          • oneotherfool
                            $IBB dragged all the way down (from $270) to hit the 200 ma today and close slightly above it. Question is, will it hold?!
                            Apr 10, 8:23 PM
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                            • oneotherfool: haha true. Problem is, some "less to adequately" valued stocks didn't go up when the overvalued/bubbled/(You name it) stocks where lifting
                              Apr 10, 8:41 PM
                            • oneotherfool: the $IBB along with them. However, none of them is being spared on the way down.
                              Apr 10, 8:41 PM
                              • oneotherfool
                                Bought back what I sold yesterday of $FEYE (and bit more) at $51.25, 8% cheaper.
                                Apr 10, 11:19 AM
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                                • nclsamy: I use Interactive Brokers and it allows day trading once you have an account bigger than 25.000$. Also if you qualify for Req T margin
                                  Apr 11, 2:51 PM
                                • nclsamy: account, you don't need to wait for the funds to settle.
                                  Apr 11, 2:51 PM
                                  • oneotherfool
                                    Trimmed some more $QCOR at $85.3. Traded $QCOR a total of 13 times in abt a yr. ALL of them in the green. Shorts have done me well on this.
                                    Apr 9, 3:43 PM
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                                    • oneotherfool: Still holding about 40% of the position I had prior to the merger announcement. (Was a huge chunk of my portfolio).
                                      Apr 9, 3:44 PM
                                      • oneotherfool
                                        Just sold half $FEYE for 10% in 3 days. Got a bit lucky with this one. Thanks OM and the rest of the $FEYE gang.
                                        Apr 9, 2:54 PM
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                                        • Ocean Man: Nice job oof.
                                          Apr 9, 8:43 PM
                                        • oneotherfool: Thank u OM!
                                          Apr 10, 12:16 AM
                                          • oneotherfool
                                            $FEYE, yet another upgrade today with a $70 PT.
                                            Apr 9, 9:17 AM
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                                            • D-struction: boom
                                              Apr 9, 9:22 AM
                                              • oneotherfool
                                                $MNK is on fire making HOD as it closes (+5.3%). $QCOR has yet to follow (on paper, $QCOR should be at $87.6 per the merger deal.
                                                Apr 8, 3:59 PM
                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                    Last $MNK / $QCOR post for the night, promise. As the story is developing, here's $MNK's comment on Citron's allegations quoted frm Form425.
                                                    Apr 7, 7:26 PM
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                                                    • oneotherfool: , if the stock was still trading here, it would still be "cheap" given that an independant company performed extensive DD about $QCOR to put
                                                      Apr 7, 7:28 PM
                                                    • oneotherfool: their money into it. That alone is the answer for the skeptics who took Citron's side of the trade.
                                                      Apr 7, 7:29 PM
                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                        $MNK recovered from 10% dip to 2.5% now. AT the same time $QCOR was down to $75.50. Now it's back to $80.
                                                        Apr 7, 3:40 PM
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                                                        • oneotherfool: at $96 this morning...& y the deal would be $5.6B. Sorry didn't mean to go on&on, but had to drive it home. Didn't wanna say "you're wrong."
                                                          Apr 7, 11:06 PM
                                                        • oneotherfool: *$86 (not $96).
                                                          Apr 7, 11:07 PM
                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                            $ARNA, surprisingly, strong today.
                                                            Apr 7, 3:20 PM
                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                Bought $WYY at $1.46. This is likely a longer term hold. May add on the dips...Mongoose pick!
                                                                Apr 7, 2:41 PM
                                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                                    Followed SMT and OM into $LMNS. SMT believes $LMNS may get coverage initiated this week.
                                                                    Apr 7, 2:01 PM
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                                                                    • oneotherfool: Great list PC! Thanks and cheers!
                                                                      Apr 9, 2:33 PM
                                                                    • oneotherfool: Thank you Sam. May sell some tomorrow not sure. Can't sell today bc before the money settles. Let's see if it maintains the gain. It should!
                                                                      Apr 9, 2:35 PM
                                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                                        Just followed OM det, and sam, into $KKD at $16.19.
                                                                        Apr 7, 12:35 PM
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                                                                        • nclsamy:
                                                                          Apr 7, 12:38 PM
                                                                        • oneotherfool: hahaha exactly!!
                                                                          Apr 7, 12:45 PM
                                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                                            Anybody knows anything abt $MNK? Trying to do a quick research here to decide whether to keep some $QCOR shares after $MNK just bought $QCOR
                                                                            Apr 7, 8:54 AM
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                                                                            • danepearson: I'm in the same boat... $MNK is fairly new... not a lot of news out there for them
                                                                              Apr 7, 10:06 AM
                                                                            • mgemtz327: The cocaine providers of the United States! $MNK always has something brewing
                                                                              Apr 7, 2:47 PM
                                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                                $QCOR, my dear overweight position....BOOOM! just sold 1/3 of my shares...bearing more research :)
                                                                                Apr 7, 8:30 AM
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                                                                                • oneotherfool: Thank you Rub. 1980, thanks for the advise, (I was asking opinions in my other posts)....Point taken..I will probably be selling it
                                                                                  Apr 7, 9:16 AM
                                                                                • oneotherfool: all by the end of the day.
                                                                                  Apr 7, 9:16 AM