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  • oneotherfool
    It seems like $IDRA was just granted Orphan Drug designation for "Treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma"
    9 hours ago
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    • futureguy: thanks for the info
      8 hours ago
    • oneotherfool: You're welcome!
      7 hours ago
      • oneotherfool
        $ADMP starting to hurt.. Someone big took the liberty to dump what they have in the past 20 minutes at the bid. It was holding the $3.90 ok.
        Mon, 10:35 AM
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        • jonanne: informed conclusions and decisions.
          9 hours ago
        • Martin_Kostka: On a lighter side of things. Pomerantz means Orange. I guess they want to get some juice out of $ADMP ;)
          6 hours ago
          • oneotherfool
            Started a small position in $UGAZ at $2.22... Looked like a good number to me.
            Fri, 2:25 PM
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            • Ocean Man: I prefer big gains to small losses myself.
              Fri, 6:55 PM
            • Macreeze: Not if we're talking STDs >)
              Fri, 8:07 PM
              • oneotherfool
                $WYY, added (hopefully for the last time:) )at $1.29.
                Thu, 2:37 PM
                  • oneotherfool
                    Added $IDRA at $3.49... This is getting stupid. Stupid is normally good.
                    Wed, 2:08 PM
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                    • oneotherfool: people give up, and weak hands get out, and you start seeing the equity move back up, if this thing really has value and WALL st is on board
                      Wed, 6:07 PM
                    • oneotherfool: "sales didn't live up to expectations*" i meant to say
                      Wed, 6:08 PM
                      • oneotherfool
                        I don't know where that OIL bounce came from, but I'll take it $UWTI <--- let that one way go underwater, now it's close back to even.
                        Wed, 2:07 PM
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                        • Macreeze: lol.. A little birdie told me to buy $DWTI after that pop. I ate the bird and bought $UGAZ. Weeeeeee
                          Fri, 2:40 PM
                        • oneotherfool: My plan was to buy DWTI or DTO if it OIL opened flat or green. We opened in the red... I don't like to chase.
                          Fri, 2:49 PM
                          • oneotherfool
                            wow, bios are getting killed big time. Glad I kept my small hedge $BIS... but, i'm still underwater with the hedge too... Hedged too soon.
                            Wed, 12:06 PM
                              • oneotherfool
                                $DFRG finally pops on higher than normal volume (already above daily ave). Looks like this was the trigger-->
                                Mar 23, 12:23 PM
                                  • oneotherfool
                                    New 5% owner for $DFRG. Melvin Capital more than doubled their position and are now in the top 5 holders.;pdf=
                                    Mar 17, 9:42 PM
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                                    • Copious28: I have some.
                                      Mar 17, 11:51 PM
                                      • oneotherfool
                                        Sold Fiday's add of $ADMP at $5.98 from $5.47. I'll take 9% in one day!
                                        Mar 16, 3:09 PM
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                                        • det9: Nice trade OOF
                                          Mar 16, 4:15 PM
                                        • oneotherfool: Thx guys!
                                          Mar 16, 4:42 PM
                                          • oneotherfool
                                            Okay $ADMP, will you hold the 100dma? Ijust added at $5.47. Wasn't really planning on adding... Hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot.
                                            Mar 13, 12:22 PM
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                                            • Ranma: ADMP was previously attacked by shorts around the NDA app last May. Not sure why they target this stock. Maybe they attack small cap bio.
                                              Mar 13, 6:49 PM
                                            • oneotherfool: Sold this chunk at $5.98.
                                              Mar 16, 3:05 PM
                                              • oneotherfool
                                                Bought $UWTI small. Crude seem to have good support here.
                                                Mar 11, 1:58 PM
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                                                • Mr. Smith AKA Big Foot: hey good luck man
                                                  Mar 12, 2:00 PM
                                                • oneotherfool: That was a decent dump here to $47.
                                                  Mar 12, 2:03 PM
                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                    $IBB is amazingly strong during the overall market weakness. It's up 7% in the past month while the S&P is flat or down 1.6%, including 2day
                                                    Mar 11, 12:00 AM
                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                        Had a bid in $JNUG at $13.11 since noon. Just came at the close to see it had hit $13.16 and bounced 10.5% from there....not a good feeling!
                                                        Mar 10, 4:09 PM
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                                                        • Perkins Cove: One more thought on playing the gold miner ETFs, gold is traded 24/7. That makes holding a 3x ETF overnight inherently dangerous. Careful.
                                                          Mar 11, 8:18 AM
                                                        • oneotherfool: Was too volatile today. I missed an entry, moving on now, it's off my watch-list.
                                                          Mar 11, 9:04 PM
                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                            Out of $UVXY at $19.2 from $16.66. (+15%).
                                                            Mar 10, 2:37 PM
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                                                            • smitsky: Nice trade One!
                                                              Mar 10, 2:43 PM
                                                            • oneotherfool: Thanks guys!.... Not yet PC:)
                                                              Mar 10, 2:52 PM
                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                If you were wondering why $ARNA is up, like I was, It's because of Chantix.
                                                                Mar 10, 1:19 PM
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                                                                • oneotherfool: FDA kept black box and added new warning rather than removing the "back box" warning, which is what Pfizer has been hoping for.
                                                                  Mar 10, 1:21 PM
                                                                • WItrader18: Thanks OOF. Great info.
                                                                  Mar 10, 1:44 PM
                                                                  • oneotherfool
                                                                    What weird days lately. Yest started way in the green ($NAVB) then faded into red (opposite to market)... Today I started way in red ($SSH)
                                                                    Mar 6, 3:47 PM
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                                                                    • Macreeze: Dammit! lol. Yesterday I was flat, last week made 20k, gave back every cent this week. Bwahaha
                                                                      Mar 6, 8:01 PM
                                                                    • DWD Investing: I've been red and green so many times in the last month I lost count. Volatile market.
                                                                      Mar 9, 12:47 PM
                                                                      • oneotherfool
                                                                        Just bailed on what's left of my small position of $MNKD. Im okay w/ insiders selling, especially if planned. But insider selling over 60%
                                                                        Mar 6, 9:09 AM
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                                                                        • eftvox: TY TY TY....more shares for me.
                                                                          Mar 6, 1:45 PM
                                                                        • kretikos: You have an VERY appropriate name: oneotherfool
                                                                          Mar 12, 1:22 PM
                                                                          • oneotherfool
                                                                            $SSH Study enrollments will be taking a temporary pause -->""We are confident this matter will be resolved in a very short timeframe."
                                                                            Mar 6, 7:20 AM
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                                                                            • oneotherfool: analysis enrollment wouldn't end till mid-next year, and then evaluation for 12-month following....It was taken as an excuse for dumping.
                                                                              Mar 17, 10:23 AM
                                                                            • oneotherfool: At least that's how I saw this....This is frustrating to say the least....
                                                                              Mar 17, 10:23 AM
                                                                              • oneotherfool
                                                                                $NAVB... This could be good today. Announces a partnership in Europe. Guides for Lymphoseek revenue of ~2.6X that of 2014, expects cashflow
                                                                                Mar 5, 8:03 AM
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                                                                                • oneotherfool: CEO's gotta work on some analysts coverage, imo.
                                                                                  Mar 5, 9:56 AM
                                                                                • oneotherfool: We closed the gap today, can we go up now!?! Boy this really tests your patience. How can it still go down with such news is beyond me!
                                                                                  Mar 9, 1:26 PM