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  • oneotherfool
    $MNK Strong comeback today. I thought it would pull back to the $44-$45 area so I can add more before earnings. Not happening apperantly
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    • Mongoose7916: I think this is the beginning of a run into earnings. just like last quarter. Shorts realize they only have a few days left before earnings
    • Mongoose7916: I think we probably see between 50 and 52 before earnings. With the rest of the shorts praying that the quarter is only so-so
    • oneotherfool: Agreed. It was a matter of whether they'll take it down one more time or not. Let's see what happens in the 3 trading days left b4 earnings.
    • oneotherfool: Wow, we're seeing the "$50-$52" already... kicking myself for not adding at $46ish.
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