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I am a mathematician and political scientist by training and have utlized these 2 disciplines to develop a fundamental and technical perspective

to trading. I quite often analyse the news and use graphs to pinpoint entry points.

I have worked as a stockbroker, for the United Nations, and am currently an Internet entrepreneur. My personal interest are the Middle East and Forex and I blog about various related topics in my blog. I trade currencies, particularly the Euro and the Pound and also WTI oil.
  • Description: Professional Blogger.
  • Interests: Commodities, Forex, Gold
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Phase Shift Trader I have spent many years developing as a trader. I have used various systems and fundamental and technical analysis. in the long run to be a consistent trader one has to use and have an edge. by identifying your edge. As I populate this site you will find information about going in the zone and maintaining it, ...More
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