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Nicholas Pappas - Business manager for over 20 years as well as portfolio manager and investment analyst for 25 years.

Investment philosophy and tactics:

Personal and portfolio focus on a balance of long term inevitables, arbitrage opportunities, short term plays, and opportune option situations. All with a focus on the preservation of capital. Great businesses purchased at good prices will inevitably lead to our success over time. Announced arbitrage deals will be pursued leaving risk arbitrage to the rest. Short term investments will occur only when we feel that the business was not "as advertised". Option plays will be restricted to companies within our circle of confidence as we may end up ...More
  • Description: Hedge Fund Manager. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Options, Stocks - long
Long Term Partners Long Term Partners succinctly describes our goals for ourselves and our partners. We wish to attract investors seeking a long term relationship, knowing that the ride may be lumpy, but profitable for all. Long Term also implies loyalty on our part. Our steadfast patience and commitment to our fiduciary duty ...More
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