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  • Hank Paulson on the Dodd-Frank Bill [View article]
    That's the core of the misunderstanding that Paulson and all those people had and still have. FREEDOM and FREE MARKETS are not just a list of rights that wealthy people have! JEESE!

    Coaching and monitoring, guiding and refereeing is the roll of the most powerful and wealthy! Not to be too preachy but the idea that those who are supposed to be watching over a "Free Market" own almost all of the market and tap tax payers to cover losses is a huge disconnect! Democracy is real and so is Freedom. Let's get it right!
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  • Washington Mutual, Inc. Shareholder files Complaint with Washington State Attorney General office. [View instapost]
    Big banks actually suck the life out of the economy by hording and constantly applying renewed fees and costs to their "services". The idea that people think banks are anything but syphons is the problem. Banks should be serving the citizens, not fleecing us, especially with the recent bail out!
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  • WaMu Accuses Shareholders of Milking System [View article]
    Dear Troy Racki! Finally! Thank you. I have been wringing my hands here in the Northwest after the sudden bank heist by the FDIC and JPM Chase for 19 months! I was worried that somehow the largest bank robbery in history would go almost unnoticed. The Senate hearings and articles like yours will help get justice here. Billions of dollars were wasted and lives were lost when JPM Chase, the FDIC, The U.S. Treasury and Goldman Sachs cooperated to fold WAMU books into JPM Chase books so at least one bank would look "solvent" in the first quarter of 2009. NOW it's time to pay for that, imho. Thanks for getting the word out and by the way, the letter at the court house are FOR shareholder's efforts to see a just distribution and just price for Washington Mutual, Inc, the bank holding company's property and cash. That is another side of this story that you didn't mention!
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