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REICorp Capital Inc.

REICorp Capital Inc.
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Money has been made for centuries through real estate investments in three ways:

1. Cash flow from the rental of properties,

2. Capital appreciation as a mortgage is repaid from rents, and

3. Capital gains.

Using a disciplined, experienced and professional approach combined with a long term investment horizon has been the key to success. Our company, REICorp Capital Inc. (“REICorp”), will capitalize on this simple concept.

We believe the US residential real estate market currently offers a remarkable opportunity, something not seen for decades; housing for sale at prices below the cost of construction. REICorp intends to take advantage of this extremely advantageous ...More
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  • Interests: REITs
REICorp Capital Inc. Events surrounding the U.S. housing market are well known and continue to dominate today’s media. Significant downturns in real estate markets are not unheard of and historically these cycles provide opportunities for profits. By acting now, before the market rebounds significantly, REICorp’s business plan is ...More
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