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  • Prosafe SE: Bullish Momentum To Continue For This 8% Dividend Yielder [View article]
    My information is that by tax treaty with USA there is no tax withholding in Cyprus. Although this is first time I heard of PRSEY, it looks like a Norwegian operation headquartered in Cyprus as a tax haven, which is often done by Norwegian business (especially in drilling and shipping) due to their own high Norwegian taxes.
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  • 2 Drilling Plays In The Spotlight [View article]

    GOP might agree on immigration reform if Obama/Democrats agreed to give illegals permanent legal residence without citizenship and strong enforcement of border security.

    But 2 problems with that:

    Democrats are pressing Obama to stop ALL deportations and Obama has failed to enforce his own ObamaCare law 38 times which was passed only by Democrats. So how can Obama be trusted to enforce real border security.

    The citizenship requirement by Obama/Democrats is their real objective to add millions of voters to democrat party for political advantage as more important than solving plight of illegals.
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  • 2 Drilling Plays In The Spotlight [View article]
    Obama "postponing" Keystone is great political ploy for midterms as only 22% support NOT approving and the majority want it approved. That must be why White House staffers are publicly leaking to reporters that "they" really want Keystone approved- but after midterms. They call that "having it both ways."

    My view is White House leakers are under orders from Obama to lie to reporters, and he will never approve Keystone. That is consistent with the Pew poll about Obama lies: 37% believe ALL the time; 24% believe some of the time; 20% believe just now and then. That's 81% who believe Obama is a liar.
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  • Linn Energy: Is This The Bottom? [View article]

    My opinion (shared by others) is the "good reason" that Linn paid the higher price for BRY (which I thought looked like an act of desperation) was that Linn management looked at their future and saw no growth in legacy assets. They felt they had to buy BRY to get any growth. I suggested at the time that Linn management saw a future of problems they were not disclosing as a reason for the higher 1.68X price and the greater dilution for LNCO shareholders. I think we are witnessing this play out.

    If Linn can sell off the "no growth" assets at a good price (versus a low discounted price), this may all work out. They have the time. It all depends on how good the Linn management performs. I am not impressed by their past performance. But they can do better going forward. Perhaps they will.
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  • Vanguard Natural Resources: An 8.4% Yielder To Consider As An Alternative To Linn Energy [View article]
    I do not mind the K-1 hassles. But what I do not like about partnerships is the risk of state income taxes as a non-resident in states where they earn revenue. You do have to pass the different filing thresholds of taxable income in each state. But if you hold a lot of partnerships, it adds up and those other state taxes can sneek up on you. States have a nasty habit of waiting 3 years to go after investors so they can charge extra penalties and interest.
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  • Linn Energy: Is This The Bottom? [View article]

    Your last line spells it out: "Therefore, I believe that both LNCO and LINE will have significant upside if Linn can achieve just middle-of-the-road results for the next couple quarters."

    That is the big "if". I hope they do, but I would not bet on it. I lost faith in this management when they over paid for BRY. I think all that has followed has been very predictable from that bad decision. It remains to be seen if Linn will achieve significant upside.

    Unless Linn performs much worse than anyone believes, I think the distribution will be flat but safe for 2014 through 2015. By then, we will see what their performance has been. If operating performance is poor, asset sales were low priced, and/or Linn makes another over priced acquisition, a distribution cut might occur after 2015. If they do much better, it all may work out OK. It just remains to be seen.
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  • The Kinder Morgan Conundrums--Part I [View article]

    That is great.

    Somebody to play "splitting hairs" with sumflow.
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  • The Sell-Off In Biotech Is Coming To An End [View article]
    I am concerned that many of the individual biotech stocks will just sit there for some time where they are now. That will only change to positive increases when they have some positive news which often takes considerable time with biotechs.

    Obviously, any stock can always increase, remain flat, or decrease. My opinion is there is no rush to buy at current prices, because probability of increase is significantly reduced for now. Most biotechs are more likely to remain flat or fall more due to more downward market corrections from now until October or negative news on individual stocks.
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  • Linn Energy: Is This The Bottom? [View article]

    You said: "Those of you that constantly carp about the cost for Berry and the accounting practices can hit the sell button and leave. I don't need you to tell me how to spend my money. Find another stock to cry about. I've heard what you have to say time and time again. Thanks for your altruism but really I'm full grown now and don't need a Guardian Angel."

    Wow! Who do you think you are? King of Seeking Alpha comments? You do not control what anyone can say here and you are not the reigning financial advisor who tells others when to sell. Nobody is telling you how to spend your money. Nobody is crying about the stock. Nobody wants to be your guardian angel.

    Seeking Alpha is a free and open forum for people to make their comments. If you do not like what others say about your favorite stock, nobody is forcing you to come here and read what others say. If you need reinforcement that all your choices are perfect, hire yourself a personal cheerleader.
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  • The Kinder Morgan Conundrums--Part I [View article]

    Thanks for writing about KMR. Most authors concentrate on KMP and KMI and just mention KMR in passing.

    I like KMR because your shares grow without investing more cash, the distribution is not taxable until you sell as capital gain, the distribution is cumulative (increasing) as your number of shares increase, and your cost basis declines as your shares increase.

    Many investors look at KMR's yield as it is published. I measure my return as the FMV of the shares I receive each year divided by my cost which is approximately 17+% (at a low pps of $65).

    I hope that KM does not make changes that mess up the advantages that KMR has.
    Apr 14 01:28 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Citigroup Might Have Bottomed [View article]
    I have accumulated C since before the reverse split and own at an average cost of $45.73 (with commissions)- just 5 cents over Friday's $45.68 close. I read one prediction that in a real bear market, C could drop to $34, in which case I would add.

    I am really disappointed in Corbat. C failed with Fed's on control when they had been told before. The mess in Mexico is further revelation of the poor control. They will most likely require another year to satisfy the Fed. Corbat needs to hold more executives accountable and heads should roll.
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  • My Look At Kostohryz's U.S. 2014 Outlook: Implications For The U.S. Dollar And Other Currencies [View article]
    Why do you think we have the worst recovery ever coming out of a recession? One word: Obama.

    What industry is providing the most support to this economy? Oil. But Obama wants to virtually shut it down. Just look at the efforts of EPA and DOE trying to find excuses to restrict, limit, or outright ban fracking.
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  • Is The Linn Energy Distribution Safe? [View article]
    Re: classification of dividends qualified vs. ROC:

    I reviewed my LNCO dividends for 2013 as they were reported on monthly broker statements. In every instance they were classified on a monthly basis as "qualified". However, on the 2013 year end 1099 they were 100% ROC (return of capital).

    For 2014, LNCO says dividends will be "qualified", but I expect they will be ROC on the 1099 again.

    Somebody asked me on another article about Line: Why would dividends be classified different from what Line says they will be? Answer: They certainly were in 2013.
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  • The Future For Fracking [View article]
    FYI to consider:

    LA city council banned all fracking in city limits because of the "potential" that fracking "might" contaminate water. This may only be sympathetic symbolism as there may be very little fracking in LA city limits, but this could encourage other areas of CA to get on the politically correct environmental extremist bandwagon.

    I saw a spokesman for DOE say on tv last week that there are cases of water contamination caused by fracking all over the US. Is this not the conclusion they (environmental extremists and liberal politicians) want before the evidence is in?

    Ohio geologists now suspect that fracking causes earthquakes; so they are limiting fracking in areas where earthquakes have occurred. They must be joking.

    Federal government is paying for grants (with our tax money) to study "if" methane gas from cow flatulence contributes to global warming. Of course, the answer must be "yes", if researchers want the grant money to continue. Is the EPA going to set standards on dairy farmers and cattle ranchers to limit cow flatulence? How exactly can that be limited? Which came first: global warming or cow flatulence? They must have too much time and (our) money on their hands.

    If the Obama EPA/DOE banned all fracking in the USA, what would that do to oil prices?
    Apr 12 12:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Citigroup Earnings Expectations Plummet After Failing Fed Stress Test [View article]
    I saw a banking analyst on Biz Report yesterday that forecast $1.15 and also said although he likes BAC, JPM, and WFC, that C is best value going forward at current prices.
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