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  • Twitter: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly [View article]
    Trader....I'm not concerned about the pullback, which has to be expected, before it can scale greater heights, so the big traders are again at work here, taking advantage of domestic news and global developments to instigate a pullback, which only they can set the tone and scale, and from which they will reap humongous profits. That's one of the ways that I make money, from following these big boys, who are always manipulating the market for their own benefit. Hence, always ride the trend and profit with these big traders. I dumped almost everything I had yesterday when I saw the trend going negative (because I've been waiting for the pullback for some months already) and shorted them more than I was long. This morning, when I didn't see any continuation of yesterday's pullback. I reversed myself premarket and went long, so now, I'm waiting for the rebound before reversing again but the rebound may not materialize for some time, depending on whether real concerns overcome the plays of these big boys. BTW, I'm still holding onto my TWTR shorts. May the odds remain always in our favor.
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  • Walter Energy misses by $0.25, beats on revenue [View news story]
    Absolutely, my friend. It's the entirely family fortunes that are tied into this, so they're not about to let it go under anytime soon.
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  • Twitter: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly [View article]
    trader...thanks for the well wishes. I was waiting for $45 but I held off this morning and it has now gone below $45 pre-market (briefly touching $44), so I might still turn around at $45 before market opens in 10min or maybe not. Let me go smoke my pipe and divine what the ancients are telling me (hee-hee). It's all about rolling the dice at this time, which I will. Live long and prosper, my friend.
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  • The Trade That Netted Me More Than A 2,000% Return [View article]
    intlexp....couldn't agree with you more.
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  • The Trade That Netted Me More Than A 2,000% Return [View article]
    les2005....excellent disposition. Couldn't have done it better myself, not by a mile. I bow before you, my friend. Yes, you and I share the same concerns, especially that it could have easily gone the other way because there are lots of unknown possibilities that could've ended up with a diametrically opposite result. If Jeff had put in proper and appropriate caveats, then his experience would have been warmly embraced. We need to be fair and balanced to be believed and accepted, which is exactly what you have done here, my friend. Trading is gambling and short-term, while investing is long-term and more for the income rather than price appreciation. There are lots of very sound stocks which pay great dividends regardless of price movements because they are backed by core and sound businesses, which continue to make money whether the price goes up or down. Have a wonderful day.
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  • The Trade That Netted Me More Than A 2,000% Return [View article]
    cashawash.....fair comment and good to know you have great respect and esteem for Jeff, which BTW, I do as well. Anyone with the guts and conviction to make a play on the stock market deserves respect and admiration, especially if he has managed to make money and avoided the funeral calls, because it could easily go the other way. Price movements on the stock market is NEVER a science (analysts may disagree) because it is subject to manipulation, emotional involvement (especially fear of bad days ahead) and blind faith. With Science, when something happens, the result is defined and certain, but not with price movements of any stock. Unless Jeff was privy to inside information, he was just lucky that FB turned out the way it did.

    Yes, he did adopt a certain approach that he wished to share with SA readers because he made money. But he could be less exuberant about it, as it may lead others down a nasty path that's fraught with dangers, since stock movements can never be certain, as every old-timer can tell you that they've been wrong in their judgment more than once.

    Anyway, I don't intend to beat this old tale any further, as it must be put to rest, while there's money to be made out there. I sincerely apologize to Jeff and all his supporters if I have offended them with my honest remarks because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My position remains unchanged, viz. Jeff was lucky (maybe brilliant, if everyone insists) to make the right call but it could've easily gone the other way, so do your own due diligence if you want to emulate his method, and also, many others have made bigger killings but have chosen to tone down their exuberance, which may easily be taken as arrogance or bragging. Live long and prosper, my friend.
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  • The Trade That Netted Me More Than A 2,000% Return [View article]'re absolutely correct in your observations. Stick to your guts and you will surely make money. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
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  • Twitter Finally Warms Up To Wall Street [View article]
    Well, I wasn't wrong in my general assessment of TWTR's potential (or lack of). As it stands, nothing much has changed, other than the company having secured some deals here and there, which failed to drive the volume, so it drifted between $35 and $40, as I had expected. The good thing is that TWTR didn't go below $30, except for a brief dive. If it had gone and stayed below $30, the flood-gates would've opened and it would have likely hit $20, as many have been touting. Many traders (including yours truly) stayed away from TWTR for a while (range of price movements wasn't good enough to make a good killing) and the volume was low, so TWTR managed to stay above $35 for the past month.

    Several people were egging me to jump into TWTR before results, so I did pick up a bunch at $39 because it was just another throw of the dice, which the gambler in me never passes up. Within a couple of hours after results, it went past $50 but I got out at $50 and reversed my trade, so now, I'm waiting for $45 before I turn around again but I might hold on for a lower target, as I'm pretty certain that it will drift back down towards $40 eventually and very likely flop between $40 and $45 if it does, while waiting for some big guns to set a new direction.

    If you're still holding onto your shares from long ago, I would suggest that you drop them after TWTR has caught its breath and rebounds back up (probably momentarily because it will come back down if there's no support from other big traders). I don't see TWTR staying above $50 for long unless there's some serious support, which isn't in the offing at this time. Live long and prosper, dearie.
    Jul 31 08:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Walter Energy misses by $0.25, beats on revenue [View news story]
    We can take comfort that its revenue has not gone worse, as many naysayers had been yelling bankruptcy for months (which won't happen, btw), but it seems that expenses are still high, which needs further belt-tightening and cutbacks.
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  • Twitter: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly [View article]
    Trader.....contrary to what I had intended, I did pick up quite a bit of TWTR before earnings and unloaded the whole lot after earnings at $50. It was an exhilarating experience, to make a profit just like that. It could've easily gone the other way but what the heck, I've never been one to walk away from a quick bet, like rolling the dice at the casino. I hope you did make some quick money like I did. It could turn around today and reach $60 even (probably around $55 at best but it's just a guess). If it does, I'll simply short it because it will come back down below $50 again. Anyway, I'm waiting for $45 before testing the waters again. May the odds be always in our favor. Have a great day.
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  • The Trade That Netted Me More Than A 2,000% Return [View article]
    drpersky...I'm too old to be "sour grapes" with anyone. Besides, I've made more successful plays in my lifetime than to talk about them because making money on the stock market is not unlike placing bets at a casino, which is purely gambling and nothing to brag about. Just couldn't take anyone's bragging about a successful play. What about the losses which must happen if he's been around long enough? He must either be new to the market with a lucky play or he lacks the humility to respect others who have been equally successful or more with different plays. I never liked anyone who touts his success as if it's the only way to go because it may lead others down a dangerous path should the chips fall differently. May the odds be always in our favor.
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  • The Trade That Netted Me More Than A 2,000% Return [View article]
    Tales....good job, for telling it like it is....anyone can be a winner in hindsight. It takes guts and commitment to make judgment calls and place your bets. The real deal is how to recover from losses incurred with wrong bets. That's the trick to survival in a brutal stock market.
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  • Twitter: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly [View article]
    Precisely my point. TWTR is not a good investment but a good vehicle to make money if we know how to play the volatility. But I've lost interest in TWTR recently and I've gone to play elsewhere. I would probably be back after earnings. Live long and prosper.
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  • The Trade That Netted Me More Than A 2,000% Return [View article]
    Days....if everybody waits for the bottom to get into the stock market, then probably 80% of the people in the market is still waiting for the sun to rise and the stock market will fall flat. I would venture to guess that probably less than 10% of people actually wait for what they would perceive to be the bottom and most of them don't actually get to see the bottom of the stock that they're interested in because the stock would probably turn back up before reaching bottom. Some may be lucky enough to see their stock go up and down several times before dropping to the floor. So, if you want to make money on the stock market, you need to decide on the entry point instead of waiting for a bottom that may never come. Making money on the stock market is like a poker game between eager buyers and anxious sellers. It's a test of who wants to make the first move, which is why I often say that more than 70% of the people in the stock market are actually gamblers and we need to think like gamblers to make money. Sometimes, we get it right and make money. Other times, we get it wrong and lose money. The trick is to learn from our mistakes, so we end paying to learn how to make money. The author is talking as if he knows it all. He was just lucky to catch a good break and he's probably new to the game because old timers like us knows full well that nothing is certain, although the trick to making money is often knowing how the stock is trending. Yes, you may learn something from his "method" but it's never fool-proof. Good luck, my friend.
    Jul 29 03:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Twitter: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly [View article]
    TWTR is always a risky trade, not a value investment, given the continuing lack of transparency from management, which is good for traders like me, because the volatility is how we make money at the expense of those who buy and hold.
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