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  • Tesla Reminds Me Of Apple [View article]
    Most people who are responding are either LONG tesla or staying away from tesla. I imagine that most who are LONG have held on for a while. They stay long, because obviously what do they have to lose, if things start to go south, they can still get out with a nice profit. So this begs the question, who is actively buying tesla at the current price range, and when is the supply of these *suckers*, I mean buyers, going to run out? Only then will Tesla start its descent to reality.
    Aug 28 06:12 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford Is Driving To $40, Who's Calling Shotgun? [View article]
    Whats the thought on Wednesday's AM q2 reports? F $18 calls expiring on Friday are at 0.04. What threshold would need to be broken on Wednesday for F to beat 18 within 72 hours?
    Jul 22 06:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple, Google, Microsoft - Only 1 Winner Here [View article]
    Retail consumers are fickle. Long-term contracts come with enterprise business. The same way that IBM has moved beyond a hardware company, MSFT has the best opportunity to do this as well (beyond software to "software solutions"). Plus you left out players like Samsung which are taking away from Apple's dominance (again because everyday consumers are fickle).
    Feb 19 10:49 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Reefer Madness: Pot Stocks In A Bubble [View article]
    I agree with both Alan and Ashraf.

    Take a look at the websites for some of these companies:

    For companies with market caps in the double to triple digit millions, you'd expect a little more from the website, than something I could have made after I get out of my day job.

    Furthermore, I'm leary of trusting these small companies in emerging industries which focus more on garnering investor attention than consumer attention. The fact is that these websites have entire pages dedicated to "investor information" and barely anything about the product they are developing. It's almost as if the stock is the product itself. Not impressed.
    Feb 18 07:28 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why 3 Marijuana Sympathy Plays Could Follow In The Footsteps Of Medical Marijuana, Inc. And Drop By 28% [View article]
    I think it's plausible that these companies have minimal intrinsic value at present. Whether they can capitalize on extrinsic opportunities is a separate question. When we talk about market cap without a justification for the numbers, it becomes difficult to assess what the potential is for the company to actually capitalize on said market "cap".

    Philosophical nuances aside, I'd like to know whether there is a belief that HEMP and MJNA will become decoupled at some point? The author makes the point that if MJNA is weak, then short HEMP. Why not just short MJNA in the first place? What will cause HEMP to fall further, aside from its lack of intrinsic value, which we can just as well say none of these companies are trading based on? And, if MJNA does continue to increase, will HEMP follow, or will its "lack of intrinsic value" as mentioned above, cause it to lag behind?

    This comment attempts to make no statements regarding the forward movement of these companies.
    Feb 7 03:37 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is HEMP Inc. Worth More Than A Dollar A Share At Some Point In The Future? [View instapost]
    Mr. Gabor - What are your thoughts on the recent run-up in price over the past 3 days? It seems to parallel a recent increase in price of other marijuana related stocks (e.g. MJNA). Thanks!
    Feb 5 11:01 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Marijuana Stocks Going Crazy (And This Could Be Just The Beginning) [View article]
    What are thoughts on the lack of SEC filings by HEMP? There's been a spike over the past 48 hours, although it's unclear if this is sustainable...
    Feb 5 11:01 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Athersys: A Significantly Undervalued Stem Cell Company Approaching Key Catalysts [View article]
    The introduction mentions FDA being an issue for stem cells. However, it's never mentioned again. I understand that stem cells are considered a panacea, but even if this were true, will the FDA approve such treatments? Is Athersys over-stretching itself with multiple trials of stem cells - like throwing mud at the wall? Is there enough cash to sustain multiple endeavors? Finally, the author makes a great point that Athersys has received multiple milestone payments/partnerships. Are there more payments/partnerships in the works that will help push this stock higher, at least in anticipation of meeting those milestones?
    Jan 31 05:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford Stock Price Falls: Is It The Apple Of Cars? [View article]
    Ford decided to take the route of dividend growth in the context of improved profits. This is good news for long holders and bad news for short term speculators. It would be nice however to see Ford institute a slow but steady buy back to increase market interest in the stock. A measured buy back would be great for long investors, and more compelling than a dividend hike.
    Jan 31 04:21 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reasons To 'Unlike' Facebook Q4 Earnings [View article]
    I guess I would have expected for quantitative analysis from an engineer. There's a lot to be said about revenue generating potential, which is different from the ability to attract more members. Granted revenue generation is still a "potential," but is far closer to being reached than when FB first started trading. The need to report to shareholders in order to retain value is forcing FB's leadership to determine appropriate revenue generating strategies; given FB leadership's capacity for creativity, they may be successful.
    Jan 30 03:00 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Obesity Epidemic: EnteroMedics' New Treatment Approach [View article]
    Bio/pharma stocks are incredibly difficult to predict. The pricing rarely reflects the market opportunity, largely because low cash flow for R&D sinks these companies fast. I'd like to see if there's any numbers on the cash flow required to sustain small biopharma versus small device companies. In addition, no disrespect but interviewing a medicine doc on the obesity epidemic is a bit redundant; I'd like to know what market adoption would look like among surgeons (people who will be implanting the device). Will surgeons stick to the gold standard (laparoscopic gastric bypass), or will they try this vagal nerve tech? Finally, some more nuanced points - where does this get implanted: chest or abdomen? Will it be thoracic surgeons or general surgeons who are implanting this thing? How is the company planning to market to thoracic surgeons (traditionally very conservative and not interested in obesity issues) or general surgeons (not interested in entering the chest). Finally, what is the durability of the weight loss? The laparoscopic gastric band technique gained popularity early on b/c of its ease of use and placement, but quickly lost favor among general surgeons due to relapse weight gain.

    Either way, these are probably issues for a longer term outlook, but in the short term, it sounds as though positive results from this study could push this product towards a buyout by another company, Medtronic, etc.
    Jan 29 05:57 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What To Do With Ford's Stock [View article]
    All great points. The concern with Europe may deserve some more analysis though. In particular, I'd like to know how, exactly, is Ford off setting the European slowdown - factory idling and layoffs are an answer but does this mean that Ford will permanently shift from Europe, or only temporarily? What is Ford's marketing presence and marketplace presence? Re-hiring takes time and this also hurts image in Europe. However, re-focusing the brand in emerging markets, and turning its back on Europe may be the better thing to do.

    Either way, with its cash reserves and improved standing in an already competitive market (e.g. North America), should bode well for Ford in the long term. Getting investors to become excited about Ford and the resurgence of American manufacturing is another issue all together.
    Jan 29 05:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • RIM: A Short Opportunity [View article]
    As individual investors flock to the market, RIMM will likely head up in the short term. These "individual investors" love the hype surrounding RIMM and will buy into the hope that the new product will be the company's savior. Whether it is actually a good long investment is another question.

    It is not outrageous to claim that RIMM is overvalued - the actual utility of the BB10 has yet to be revealed, because it hasn't been sold into the mass market yet. Furthermore, there are literally at least 3 other companies in the sector which are dominating - Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. These three companies benefit from separation of power: hardware, software, and wireless connectivity are all separated. BB, as pointed out in this article, has relied on its own network, which we know has been open to problems in the past. The fact that RIMM operates at multiple levels of integration opens it to multiple vulnerabilities which could easily push the stock lower in the long term. RIMM hit a low for a reason, but the reason for the recent increase has yet to be seen.
    Jan 29 12:57 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment