• dbtunr
    $CLCT set to announce next dividend this week. Based on avg 12% gain from dividend declare to ex-div, now is a good time to get in. $16.30
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    • dbtunr: dividend declared, 32.5c, x-date is Nov 13. Price now is $16.59. 12% rise is $18.58
    • Karembeu: Does it usually run up until the ex-div or through/after? What's your take on if this thing will make a run?
    • dbtunr: Just runs until x-div. This is historically their slowest qtr, so far has been doing well. Next qtr is historically their best. wait 4 entry
    • dbtunr: only gained 2% from the dividend announcement to the x-date this qtr. David Hall sold 30K shares before x-date holding it down