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I'm a newsletter author at my new blog For the past decade I've been instructing groups on how to most successfully employ growth stock techniques, and I'm looking forward to sharing these picks here on Seeking Alpha. I also have a free e-book on my site, "7 Mistakes Most Investors Make." I've been influenced by some of history's most successful growth investors, including Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas and the CAN SLIM system.
  • Description: Newsletter Author. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Stocks - long
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Simple Growth Investing You want simple, straightforward, easy-to-use stock market information. But everywhere you look – online, TV, print – there’s a mountain of insanely complicated information about the stock market. Methodologies and indicators that no normal person with a busy life would ever have the time to learn. ...More
7 Mistakes Most Investors Make Are you making some common mistakes that stop you from making money in the stock market? With some simple shifts in how you approach investing, you can increase your success. Which mistakes prevent you from buying the right stocks at the right time, and then selling them at the right time, so you can keep ...More
$CAAS gets support at 10-week. Trade has been erratic, but 3 big upside days in a row; Wed in heavy volume ahead of Thurs. earnings report. Mar 24, 2010