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  • Cayman Islands liquidators approved for LDK Solar; shares halted [View news story]
    Another great score for Wall Street profiting. Shorting Chinese Solar, circa 2008-9 in order to follow the profitability offered American investors, a continuance of RR, Clinton, and mostly GWB, all reminiscent of the removal of Glass-Steagall. Brooksley Born an ethical has been—insignificant civil servant—or just someone performing her work in proper fashion? Who really cares? Give me stock profit regardless of the finished product and its impact. Remember to blame the group and not oneself.

    Yesterday, we watched as Gov. Schwarzenegger used the birth certificate social line to follow up with Frank Asbeck of SolarWorld, to walk the dog into the White House, gain an impression upon President Obama, who was maneuvered into paying a bill to a Republican-German connective support. The date was November 2011 and Obama did not fail to place a 3.1% immediate tariff on Chinese solar. He sent the concept to the Commerce Department for the blessing by HC (and the 700 club?) Everything executed well, within a window between Nov 2011 & Feb 2012, Great!!!!!

    Did we Americans dump our credit debt, owed to the Chinese, via our taste for consumer goods? Did the market collapse support the debt into an American business favor, yup. GWB thought he was great; inclusive of the derivative bundling. (I am done with my Chinese made toaster, where is the Pacific Gyre?) I am sure Iceland is none too pleased with the bundling. Maybe not directly but the ethics of four jets and 911 keep the Icelanders wondering about the effectiveness of the derivative upon their capital accounts, circa 2008. America spread the brilliance of GWB with the incorporation of the derivative into the financial capital of the world. City Bank, led by Robert Reich made a killing. American gov’t illegally (due rules of international trade law) bailed out failing corporate interests, banks and autos. From Robert Reich to Jon Stewart, you can see it all. A Good American would walk away from this thought.

    Today, we are energy secure, fracking our hearts and souls out, for American jobs, creating more externalities than James Hanson believes is healthy. Petroleum mining is damaging public lands and consuming vast quantities of scarce water supplies. For the faithful consumers of the Western world, and the Russians, the US and Russia will compete to lower the cost of LNG. Maybe not as clean as solar but seems the wrong way to fly today anyway. At least we made money on Wall Street shorting Chinese solar and brought some loaned T-bills home from China as we consumed the value of STP and LDK. Free market enterprise?

    Truthfully, so what if the Chinese saw the coming global condition and the need for renewable energy, as a couple of innovative Chinese entrepreneurs invested heavily into developing a strong supply leg for solar. We needed it, and still do! How do we bring the cost down for all inclusive of the average Chinese citizen if we do not subsidize solar? As the Chinese industrialized but developed a mass production toward reasonable energy, why should Americans fail to see the relationship to GWB’s free market system in action, particularly if it ain’t oil? We sided with one or two corporate interests in Germany and in Texas to destroy a fine developing solar sector. Maybe we only hampered Chinese solar a bit and ridded the world of entrepreneurial expansionist evil or the likes of Dr. Zhengrong Shi of STP and Mr. XiaoFeng Peng of LDK.

    Shorting Stock is ethical and legal. Undercutting (shoring stocks from the free market failure, bank stocks) with governmental bailouts is legal…in America. Dumping is not Monsanto production into Indian farming by performing market failure via pull economics, lest rejection by Indian farmers to assume the position of Monsanto production technique. Hell we did it with Coke. But watch out, NO dumping of a fine product, Chinese solar, it is illegal! Global customers would have been far better off and we would be closer toward promoting a healthy earth by leaving the Chinese solar market alone. But we are looking at global need and ethics not legalities. Obama vehemently struck out at shorting on Wall Street, circa 2008 and 2009. What happened to green energy concern?

    America has broadened paper investment control and an ability to value things toward American leadership, to include favoring the 1% for investment opportunity—by legislation. By the removal of Glass-Steagall via the Financial Securities Act and the Commodity Futures Bill, our nation was able to produce: paper and financial control. I love America and the ability to earn while I play the stock market, for everything healthy and for our future—inclusive of meeting our children’s concerns. But, as GWB continually reminded us, free market is good business. Well for me, where is our free market for alternative energy?

    We are continually playing into the hands of big petroleum. We observed two entrepreneurs, STP and LDK attempt to gain access into the world stage with a fine energy production concept. City Bank and home mortgages made speculative profit for the few (now 5% of labor’s homes are capital class opportunity to place Wall Street earnings into when the end of QE contracts the markets). Four jets and twin towers produced a wave of productive fear to invade and control oil, or to make production profit for the weapons industry, or both! And today, oil trains fall off the tracks on overused train lines killing the innocent. (Speaking of, would a trucker allow his rig to be overtly used? If this were a BP spill would political interests step in and demand an accounting?) We are witnessing a method of destruction aimed at normal citizens to have no choice but to accept Keystone XL. If Koch fails to get his pipeline the trains will tax their delivery system and kill innocent Americans. What we are observing is a spoiled continuance similar to special interests as was Frank Asbeck of Solar World and Arnold Schwarzenegger who enter the White House and walk the dog for a commitment of self interest to continue the destruction of a supply chain of Chinese solar.

    America induced the market collapse upon the world and we bail out corporate interests, illegal to international rules of free trade. The IPCC continues to progress concern for our globe, we need green energy.

    B Al Gore's Leer Jet:
    Donald T. Coughlin
    White Mexican-Irish American, Democrat, Union, and Energy Economics Activist.
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  • The Tellurium Supply Conjecture and the Future of First Solar [View instapost]
    Dear Mr. Jack Lifton:
    For my father's work with water in Washington DC, for my brother’s work in Florida and Tennessee, and for the future of American awareness toward sustainability, thank you.
    Donald T. Coughlin
    May 14 07:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yingli Green Energy Warns of a Q1 Shipment Shortfall [View article]
    Educator's Analysis, thank you.
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  • Let's Talk About a Realistic Energy Policy [View article]
    Supply chains, ruling families, current elections in addition to John Maynard Keynes, Modern economic theory, famously wrote, "Most, probably, of our decisions to do something positive, the full consequences of which will be drawn out over many days to come, can only be taken as the result of animal spirits." We do not move in a direction. We tend to be sheep. We are energy spoiled. As Hanoi Jane Fonda and a social revolution lead/drove us out of Vietnam, the thorium issue is unsupportable due lack of citizenry focus and drive in mass, combined with a difficulty to build an energy supply chain. Personally, I believe different from our author…if we really care to save our world for our children; we would do all we could NOW! Thorium, Solar, Geothermal, heat pumps, flywheels and lithium batteries seem to be very green and workable solutions to me; wind is an inconsistent generation system. The auto would be for the wealthy; instead we would use mass transit, bicycle, train, and delivery trucks. BUT again this is one BIG idea, where we all wait to follow someone...a generation and Jane Fonda created a movement. We are energy spoiled!
    I live with 3 led bulbs, and ½ year at 60 degrees and ½ year no heat. I recycle everything, I hang my clothes on a line outside in summer and inside in winter. My dryer is used maybe one third as much as my parents used theirs. I plumbed in a hot water on demand. I have storm windows. My vehicle is twenty five years old and one owner, a four speed. I put in a five speed transmission four years ago. If we desire to move into a ‘children’s we care future’ we may expedite the leadership through our civil unrest. But we must act. Thorium sounds great. Although there has been no success building a utility grade electrical generating sized thorium reactor yet. The data does suggest there is maybe no reason it will not be possible. Let’s hope and protest civilly. Please check out SiOnyx, Chorus Motors and Beacon.

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  • Selenium: Contrary Stuff [View article]
    Thank you for this artyicle.

    If 1st solar has its way, what will be the value of tellurium. I have heard reports where one MW of 1st solar thin-film Photovoltaics require a ton of tellurium. Anyone have any collaborating evidence? How about any data on the amount of cadmium and tellurium per MW of Cd-Te thin film tellurium?

    Silicon ingots are 100% recyclable and inert, if not recycled. To use your own solar to smelt and dope silicon PV may be cheaper in the long run than thin-film CIGS or Cd-Te PVs. We do not recycle electronics very well.
    Feb 23 09:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment