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  • weed
    RIP Lotus 1-2-3
    Oct 3, 3:08 PM
      • weed
        Walked the dog and the VIX took a leap. It's a good day when VIX and $BAC both move up!
        Sep 12, 1:46 PM
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        • Chancer: Get a dog that likes to travel.
          Sep 13, 10:26 PM
        • weed: It's not the dog, it's me. I prefer light and loosely planned.
          Sep 13, 11:32 PM
          • weed
            Guess I should thank Tim Cook for the bump in my VIX options.
            Sep 9, 3:27 PM
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            • weed: When I feel like a latte and there is no indy place around I go to Starbucks. I often buy their ground coffee for home use.
              Sep 9, 7:23 PM
            • weed: I live in Oregon, btw. Went to college in Denver and learned to love the Broncos.
              Sep 9, 7:24 PM
              • weed
                Maybe I'm too old, but I just don't see the point in wearable devices. Don't see a big market anyway.
                Sep 9, 2:32 PM
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                • weed: bd4uandu, there is a wearable device that does.
                  Sep 9, 2:57 PM
                • Perkins Cove: Now spirituality, that's a whole 'nother thing. I do believe one can get thru the pearly gates without an I anything. Cheers.
                  Sep 9, 2:58 PM
                  • weed
                    Enjoying $BAC today. I was gonna sell this week but procrastinated. Paid off for once.
                    Aug 21, 1:02 PM
                      • weed
                        Diabetes will continue to be a growth industry,
                        Aug 17, 4:30 PM
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                        • weed: Should be good for $MNKD, and maybe $DVA
                          Aug 17, 4:31 PM
                        • 1980XLS: $NVO
                          Aug 17, 5:15 PM
                          • weed
                            Hemp, is there nothing it can't do?
                            Aug 13, 2:00 PM
                              • weed
                                So, I'm happy with my $VIX call options, but can someone explain why they are trading below intrinsic value?
                                Jul 31, 1:55 PM
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                                • jcllier3: My guess is that it is much more likely to fall back toward 12 than continue upward over the next 1.5 months (though it very well could).
                                  Jul 31, 2:45 PM
                                • weed: Ahhh, they're european style. I should have known that. Oh well, I'm still in the learning phase. Thanks.
                                  Jul 31, 2:52 PM
                                  • weed
                                    So, I'm thinking I can ride the VIX a little longer.
                                    Jul 17, 3:46 PM
                                      • weed
                                        Funny how wide the spread on my $DDD puts has become.
                                        Jul 10, 1:11 PM
                                          • weed
                                            Think the VIX will keep climbing?
                                            Jul 8, 3:49 PM
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                                            • Perkins Cove: Ok. I'll see if I can find something to be scared about to support you. (wink)
                                              Jul 8, 4:20 PM
                                            • Perkins Cove: Actually, what I hear is that there is not much left to buy, but no one wants to sell. I suppose we could see some profit taking though.
                                              Jul 8, 4:23 PM
                                              • weed
                                                Did 1980XLS get banned again? Seems like he would have something to say about this market.
                                                Jul 8, 12:35 PM
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                                                • weed: Sorry to see 1980 or Chan banned. I enjoy the humor of both. I prefer to ignore rather than report those I find objectionable.
                                                  Jul 8, 1:30 PM
                                                • Perkins Cove: weed, here is OM's report (2/3rds of the way down) from Monday, 7/7/14...
                                                  Jul 8, 1:46 PM
                                                  • weed
                                                    To the person who borrowed my $MNKD, thanks for the money.
                                                    Jun 27, 4:23 PM
                                                      • weed
                                                        So, I'm guessing 1980XLS is back on moderation.
                                                        Jun 26, 2:28 PM
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                                                        • wheelz23: #free1980
                                                          Jun 26, 2:50 PM
                                                        • SMurray85: 1980 was on moderation for 2 years? LOL. that's terrible.
                                                          Jun 26, 3:00 PM
                                                          • weed
                                                            Nice to see the VIX wake up.
                                                            Jun 24, 3:22 PM
                                                              • weed
                                                                To the person who borrowed my $MNKD to short yesterday, I say, "Namaste"
                                                                Jun 4, 2:46 PM
                                                                  • weed
                                                                    VIX is such a tease lately.
                                                                    Jun 4, 1:41 PM
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                                                                    • 1980XLS:
                                                                      Jun 4, 3:30 PM
                                                                    • weed: LOL, there's my problem.
                                                                      Jun 4, 3:40 PM
                                                                      • weed
                                                                        When viewing "StockTalks by Followed" is there any way to not also see article comments by followed?
                                                                        May 28, 4:05 PM
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                                                                        • AdamDivy: any longer though. I did save it as a favorite.
                                                                          May 28, 5:50 PM
                                                                        • AdamDivy: It doesn't show when you are actually viewing the page already. If you go to show all, it will be there.
                                                                          May 28, 5:51 PM
                                                                          • weed
                                                                            Whenever I see a stock of mine next to the "After Hours Gaines/Losers" headline, I know which list it's in.
                                                                            May 20, 6:00 PM
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                                                                            • 1980XLS: LOL
                                                                              May 20, 6:13 PM
                                                                            • Perkins Cove: Let me guess....$PVCT, right? Do I win anything? (grin)
                                                                              May 20, 6:19 PM
                                                                              • weed
                                                                                Any time now VIX .
                                                                                May 14, 2:49 PM
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                                                                                • Perkins Cove: I don't mind VIX being like a slug. (aren't you from Slug Country, Ie, Northwest Coast?)
                                                                                  May 14, 3:51 PM
                                                                                • weed: Nice little pop today, but I want more. Yes, PC, I live in slug central.
                                                                                  May 15, 1:45 PM