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  • Google Will Eat Microsoft's Lunch  [View article]
    Microsoft has one major problem and dozens of minor problems. The major problem is that Microsoft is a marketing company. Its focus is NOT high quality software engineering.

    Take for instance the time when Windows Update told me that Windows update could not run because I had malware on this computer. Three non-billable days later, it turned out that the malware that Windows Update was Microsoft's ForeFront security product. At that point I removed all Microsoft ForeFront from my computer and installed Kaspersky.

    What does Kaspersky have that Microsoft doesn't? Two things. Kaspersky has a very strong set of development standards, which allows them to fix any code problems that may occur. The second thing that Kaspersky has that Microsoft doesn't is that they believe in communicating with their customers. If they discover a problem, they send out a broadcast email identifying the problem and what the fix is.

    Kaspersky doesn't put the burden on their customer to figure out that there is an issue. The last couple of issues that Kaspersky has identified are with Microsoft automatically loading IE 10, which does play nice with Kaspersky's anti-virus. The fix was to roll back to IE 9. Again, this points out that the lack of development standards at Microsoft is a problem throughout Microsoft.

    I expect a top quality software engineering company to write solid code. Then if there is a problem, to send out a broadcast email to their customers identifying the problem with the current status for fixing the problem.

    To add insult to injury, Microsoft released Windows 8 but there was no big rollout across the country for both consumers, developers and IT Professionals, as there has been in the past. They showed their arrogance by assuming that everyone would purchase Windows 8 without any information. There was also no alpha or beta release for this new OS, where MS might have been able to get feedback on some of the issues that are now apparent.

    Instead, there was a 14% drop in hardware sales, so now MS has decided to come out with Windows 8.1. I have yet to hear any solid benefits for anyone to use Windows 8.

    CEO Steve Ballmer's solution is to reorganize Microsoft into 4 divisions but this is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titantic. The problems at Microsoft are much more fundamental.

    Ballmer has also been letting the most experienced and knowledgeable employees at MS go. Ballmer has stated that he is not planning on retiring until 2017. So, my assumption is that he is making these decisions to maintain MS's net profit. But at the rate he is making these bad decisions, I do not believe that he is capable of righting the MS ship, which is why Wall Street has also been so unhappy with Ballmer as CEO.

    However, only time will tell.
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  • Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer is reportedly planning to reorganize the company as he looks to foster better co-operation between product teams. Under one possible plan, Microsoft would put more focus on devices and services, and cut the number of divisions from eight to four. The groupings would be enterprise business, hardware, applications and services, and operating-systems. The speculation follows news that CIO Tony Scott has left the company[View news story]
    If Microsoft really wants to improve, then they need to establish strict development standards.

    I am so tired of Windows Update telling me that Microsoft ForeFront is malware and so the Windows Update cannot proceed.

    Or for the second time Microsoft has made changes to IE 10, which impacts Kaspersky Anti-Virus. I have to go in and delete IE 10, so that the OS will revert to IE 9.

    I quit using IE because it was always crashing. Now I use either FireFox or Chrome.

    I liked Windows Update so much better when I go decide which updates I wanted to install and I could select a time that was convenient for me.

    If they don't establish some good development standards across all products, nothing is going to change and more and more people will look for alternatives that work. Microsoft really needs to decide that they are going to be a top quality company.

    Windows 8 is an example of what not to do, so I am sticking with Windows 7.
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  • Microsoft (MSFT) is taking shots at Google over the search giant's lack of support for Windows Phone. In a blog post, a legal exec accuses Google of preventing Microsoft's WP YouTube app from supporting features found on Android/iOS YouTube apps. Separately, Microsoft says it's"surprised and disappointed" by Google's decision to end support for the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, used to provide push e-mail support  for Gmail on WP devices, for new hardware. Is Google trying to thwart the adoption of a rival OS that uses Bing as its default search engine? (previous[View news story]
    I don't like Windows 8 and I definitely don't like the fact that MS is trying to force me to use Bing, which is an inferior search engine.

    So, guess what when I purchase my new high-end laptop, I will get Windows 7 Ultimate installed on it. Then, I will have an OS that is easy to use and I will still have the choice of which search engine I want to use. Needless to say, my preferred choice is Google.

    I do not understand why anyone should use Windows 8, unless they are a teenager with an unlimited amount of time and unlimited financial resources.

    So far, no one has been able to tell, what new feature that Windows 8 has that I need as an IT Professional.
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  • What Will Happen When The Surface Pro Isn't The Only Flagship Windows 8 Tablet In Town?  [View article]
    I bought a new Lenovo laptop with Windows 8 and the UI sucks big time. I am not a teenager, where I want to know the latest on Lindsay Lohan. There is nothing but marketing junkware on the Windows 8 UI. There is Microsoft's answer to iTunes aka Arar, which does not provide an option to opt-out. You can only subscribe. The only way out is to shut down the computer.

    I have looked for a way to uninstall all of this junk but that also does not seem to be an option. While I have been told that what I need to do is to purchase an OEM version of Windows 8 and install it after wiping the hard drive. If that doesn't work then I will just wipe the HD and install Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Although I bought the laptop over a week ago, I have yet to get any productive use out of the laptop.

    I also hate that the OS is constantly popping out at me at the most inopportune times. If this is Microsoft's answer for the latest and greatest OS, then they have failed this test on all counts.

    When is Microsoft going to fix the UI, so that Windows 8 can be used for productive purposes?
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  • What Will Happen When The Surface Pro Isn't The Only Flagship Windows 8 Tablet In Town?  [View article]
    Senior Project Manager for software development, who is responsible for designing user interfaces that are coherent and easy to use.
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