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  • Behavioral Finance: The High Cost Of Emotional Investing  [View article]
    Well first i have been trying to understand why so-called. Investors are characters in the bible
    one the. Smart money isn't worth speaking of
    myself i played the market 16 years and though losses. Misery became My trapped. Life. Sheep are the last ones i would bank survival on, to your ignorance why shall i stray from the Cranmer,staples, overdone obvious winners based on his keen sense right buy high sell highest, funny. The flocks padding his banking account never wonder why after 2-3 failed ipos he can garner idiotic followers, suspect 15years at Goldman and you peddle non seneschal rhetoric. So kid play with your mommies money, and explain to her that the third refinance at 1 3/4 apr was. Your greatest stroke of genius you could retire, not in the real sense but your candy land nonsensical reasoning. Good luck kid, as far as reality goes this market should shake out high frequency guys aapl to me wasn't investment Grade since 200 $ google and my little engine that could will prevail msft,Samsung should be circling around rimm and yes's dare i say aapl who is enron repackaged.....mark my predictions
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