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  • Thompson Creek Metals: Reevaluating Mt. Milligan  [View article]
    As with all assets it has a present value. If you want to talk in accounting terms about present valuations you only omitted a billion and a half dollars, unless you know of a way to build one for free. It also represents an additional non-cash future depreciation expense against future income thank you very much. Well maintained and located near other plays, twenty years from now in actuality it will more likely be worth, less the minimus cost to move, a good part of its replacement cost. Nice try. Don't quit your day job. And that other stooge, Larry, whoop, whoop, whoop, who said good article, it's worth 30 cents a share, yes, I'd follow you anywhere... not.
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  • Thompson Creek Metals: Reevaluating Mt. Milligan  [View article]
    Where I come from expenses usually come out before calculating taxes, and miners have wonderful depreciation expenses to offset net income. Let's see. Hmmm. The company must be profitable if it has to pay taxes. The majority of capex are over and done. Aren't there two sides to the A = L + SE equation? The investment made in a fully functioning mill is an asset now. Try investing a few dollars yourself before advising those who do. This campaign to discredit the company is an obvious ploy to keep the PPS down while somebody accumulates. SA has lost all credibility w me. Just another MFool.
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  • Taseko Mines - Definitely On The Right Track  [View article]
    There's no correlation between any stock's price and the underlying company's performance with one lone exception - when it goes belly up - and even then the anointed are protected while the rest of us find ourselves skewered. Fundamentals/technical... whatever. Its all BS. The vampire squid controls who profits, just like what's transpiring right now in Congress with Cantor and Boehner holding the rest of Congress hostage. It's not about healthcare or the debt ceiling, its about Netanyahu rubbing it in Obama's face for dissing him. The Israelis control our govt., our military, our banks and our media. Wake up people. Helen Thomas was right.
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  • Taseko Mines: Target Price Of $2 Without New Prosperity And $7 With New Prosperity  [View article]
    Nice work on the analysis. Whew! Too bad it's meaningless. BTW, who decided 5X EBITDA is the norm? Unless a company is BK stocks can and do sell for anything and even in those cases there's been rampant price fixing. There's no correlation in stock prices to anything other than market manipulation and the sector du jour. BBY on paper is technically broke, yet two execs/directors recently bailed and while they were selling millions of shares the stock traded up and it still is. Look at Netflicks and Apple. If you were an accountant which would you rather own long term? One has a negative tangible net worth of close to a billion dollars. The mining and metals commodities sectors along with currencies are currently undergoing serious manipulation, and some metals traders are accusing the central banks of being directly involved in last week's stealth 4300 contract midnight futures selloff. Who would have thunk it? I was around in the late seventies when copper wire was supposedly in short supply. Anaconda copper dropped two two-month-old backordered trailerloads of wire on my doorstep at 7 AM, the very morning copper went through the roof. What a coincidence. Now, although TGB is only a miniscule player someone's been accumulating shares. I currently have small unmargined interests in TGB and TC and I'm holding until I can catch a ride on the next Hale-Bopp flyby, thanks. Good luck on your short, I mean investment.
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  • Best Buy Might Survive After All  [View article]
    LOL. Mall anchor stores that are the foundational glue for the massive investment in mall real estate and development are going the way of the dodo. Border's, Macy's, JC Penney, Sears. On-line shopping has only just begun to hit its stride. Nice sales job though. Tell me about it AFTER you've become a stockholder, then you might have some smidgin of credibility, speaking of which, SA has lost its credibility in allowing these P&D articles through as newsworthy.
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  • For Sprint, This Is March Madness  [View article]
    Your rant presupposes a direct relationship between earnings and PPS. There is no correlation in the market. If the last ten years haven't taught you this I have some AOL I'd like to sell you.

    Short a two dollar stock? I'd have to be stupid and proud of it.
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  • 6 Stocks Under $10 With Strong Trends To Watch Next Week  [View article]
    SSN is an ADR, one share of which represents 20 shares of the Australian-based company. The Aussie float is 1.7 billion shares. Sooo, the analyst projects 22 cents Aussie or 4.40 American. That sounds good onya, don't it mate?
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  • Sprint May Emerge As The Winner In Its Publicized Family Spat With Clearwire  [View article]
    Intent to defraud? Hard to prove before the fact. Slander, possibly. The majority stockholder of a company saying it's in imminent danger of bankruptcy and then throwing it under the bus is tantamount to slander IF it isn't true. We should find that out when Clear reports next month. We have to be careful. Can't threaten someone with a civil suit. Criminally? I think that's okay.

    There's a story about former US Chess Champion Dr. Ed Lasker, who used to light up a cigar the moment he felt he'd achieved a winning position. One day at a tournament, knowing Lasker's predilection a player told the director he didn't want anybody smoking at his table. Sure enough, they met and half way thru the game Lasker pulled out a stogie and stuck it in his mouth unlit. The player ran to the director complaining, but the director shrugged him off. "Dr. Lasker isn't smoking it," he said matter-of-factly. The man cried, "But don't you know the threat is greater than the execution?"

    I guess that's the viewpoint the law takes too, but I'm preaching to the choir. From the two armfuls of hardware I see in your picture, you learned that long ago, right Coach?
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  • Sprint May Emerge As The Winner In Its Publicized Family Spat With Clearwire  [View article]
    I believe this is she... http://bit.ly/pZkhdf
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  • Sprint May Emerge As The Winner In Its Publicized Family Spat With Clearwire  [View article]
    As articulated by the California Supreme Court in the famous case of Jones v. H.F. Ahmanson & Co.,1 “Majority shareholders may not use their power to control corporate activities to benefit themselves alone or in a manner detrimental to the minority. Any use to which they put the corporation or their power to control the corporation must benefit all shareholders proportionately . . . .”

    Taken from http://bit.ly/qvNmOE
    Oct 10, 2011. 04:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sprint May Emerge As The Winner In Its Publicized Family Spat With Clearwire  [View article]
    Coach, in the last two years there have been many strange moves made and lots of speculation. At this moment my hope would be that Sprint sells its majority shares to Clear and in return Sprint gets back a portion of its spectrum. It would allow each company to save face, avoid future litigation, chalk up the marriage to irreconcilable differences and leave wholly intact and with the means to take each CEO's vision to the next level. Right now there is no synergy, only acrimony.
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  • Sprint May Emerge As The Winner In Its Publicized Family Spat With Clearwire  [View article]
    Tough for anyone to take over CLWR while Sprint controls majority ownership, unless Sprint acquiesces and goes along with a hostile takeover; however, it should be pretty easy to show Sprint set out to sabotage the company Friday given the record of events and the ensuing collapse of both company's stock valuations. Doubtful he intended to hurt Sprint stock but Hesse had to know his intent to damage Clearwire would become obvious to all who attended, or else he's the dumbest CEO on the planet.

    Minority stockholders could try to make a case with the FCC using several arguments, conflict of interest, antitrust, etc and in turn could force a Sprint divestiture. Today I'm wondering what Sprint's BOD is thinking? I'm still in shock. Never seen anything like this. BTW I am long CLWR.
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  • Sprint May Emerge As The Winner In Its Publicized Family Spat With Clearwire  [View article]
    There are no words to describe the animus we were witness to on Friday. Does anyone really believe Hesse knows what he's doing anymore? Network vision? It doesn't take much vision to imagine what it has been like for Clearwire to work with this man. Now he puts on a show of his latest "vision" which the analysts rightly see as an attempted suicide bombing.

    Clearwire may yet find its way out of the cuckoo's nest. It began building its own symbiotic partnership with China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world. That could have been accretive to both (I use the word the way Hesse uses the word accretive rather than in its true meaning, benefiting via an acquisition, unless of course he thinks of Lightsquared as an acquisition) but it's apparent Hesse doesn't want to share the spotlight with anyone else. Would he rather they both go down in flames first? From the way his management team behaved on Friday with his blessings this has taken on the flavor of corporate jihad. Clearwire is right to seek relief or escape any way it can.
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  • Capstone Turbine: 'Fueling' the Future  [View article]
    Here we go again. Will the quarterly report due in two to three weeks finally live up to the last three years of hype? Have the promised thirty percent improvements in margin finally come to pass? I really like the inroads they've made into O&G, and I like the potential CCHP business they are courting in Indonesia. I like the new direction they've been taking with the majority of distributor assignations. I don't like their Japanese distributor and I've been expecting a message from Jamison on what's been happening over there.

    Cappy seems to have found a work around solution to the royalty obligations they saddled themselves with regarding a commitment they made a long time ago to pay United Technologies a royalty for every C200 they sold to others, at least that was my understanding of that deal. They are currently designing and building larger, more efficient base units, a C250 and a C370, to supersede the C200 family of microturbines. I estimate it will take them two years to get through the UL certification process; and they've brought a high tech talent on board recently to run the program. These are big positive developments.

    IMO this unburdening also makes them a legitimate takeover target for companies other than UTC, like as you mentioned GE and Cummins, which ironically might make United Tech get off its duff and make an offer of its own before real competition begins queuing up.

    The PPS has little or nothing to do with fundamentals. There's a huge short interest that will be annihilated soon. There will be blood. It's preordained. Capstone hasn't begun to come close to tapping into its sales potential yet. Fingers crossed.
    May 26, 2011. 01:40 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Natural Gas Ideas for Your Retirement Account Part 1  [View article]
    Wow, and after all that, you don't own any? So it begs the question, who's paying you?
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