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  • Oil majors pass on Mexico's first Gulf offshore auction  [View news story]
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  • Updating My Views On Gilead  [View article]
    >> boatloads..., wheelbarrows..., oozing...drainpipes

    great metaphors bil1026.

    But unless and until all of that hot over-hanging supply has evaporated, GILD will not move up another dollar; this process could take weeks and perhaps even months.

    The market forces are now at work and have to take their course. So stop with the low PE’s, the buybacks, the earnings, the patient population, the FCF, etc.

    We know we have a great company here but it is out of our hands.
    Let the market do its thing.
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  • Cognizant - Why This Technology Multi-Bagger Is Being Ignored  [View article]
    Let me lead off with Spy's admonition: "Past performance is not indicative of future returns."
    And also say, terrific post, to Sneha. Now I would like to add to these posts my own two-cents re CTSH. As a small investor, very small, I purchased 100 shs of CTSH in Oct 1998 at 20.46/shr, for a total of 2,046, just after the company had just set up its own shop, separate from Dun & Bradstreet, from which it came. It was the sizzling 90's, dot coms and all, as techs were going through the roof.
    But there was CTSH, a tech also, where its employees work with a customer's in-house IT department to set up computer systems. So quietly (very quietly), it first split 2 for 1 ('00), then 3 for 1 ('03), then 2 for 1 ('04), and 2 for 1 ('07). Thus, as a result of these splits my original 100 shs are now 2,400 shs; and, if multiplied by Friday's closing price of 76.63, the value of the shares is 186,212 or, as the phrase Peter Lynch uses, a '91-bagger.' (And, just for the record, it will be a '100-bagger,' if, and that is a VERY BIG IF, and when, CTSH reaches 85.25).

    I hardly ever post on SA, but that doesn't mean I don't read, with great interest, all the information I can from this great web site.
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  • On Apple and Cisco Multiples, Or How to Truly Value Stocks  [View article]
    Re: The Almighty Multiple

    Since you mention a stock's "growth rate" extensively in your article, what you forgot to state was exactly what numbers you use to calculate your "growth rate"?

    Is it based on the growth in earnings per share or book value or stock price or what?
    And then when your "growth rate" is calculated is based on a single point in time or is it calculated over a period of time (as an average)?
    If I look up a Value Line company report or an S&P stock report, where is your "growth rate" listed? And if not listed, how do you calculate it?
    Otherwise terrific!
    Jul 12, 2011. 03:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cisco Systems: The Story That Wall Street Missed  [View article]
    Hi Jon
    Approx 10 years ago on Feb 16, 2001, CSCO was trading at about 27 (moving down from its dot com high of 80 in march of 2000).

    If you had invested $1000 at that time it would be worth about $665 today, a decline of about 33%, and you would have received no dividends.

    The stock has move between 10 and 30 for the past 10 years; for long-term investors, like myself, that is called a "sideways" move; but of course for traders those fluctuations could have been profitable.

    Now, who is to say, that over the next ten years, say on Feb 16, 2021, you, or someone else, will write essentially the same kind article with "good" arguments for buying the stock perhaps looking ahead to the next 10 years, and we would be having essentially the same discussion?
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  • 10 Reasons This Is Not a Sustainable Rally  [View article]
    Hi Bret
    Let's make that as of Friday, Sept 3.
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  • 10 Reasons This Is Not a Sustainable Rally  [View article]
    Hi Bret

    All I know for sure is, as of 2:20PM on Friday, Sept 2, the Dow is up approx 415 points or 4.1% (intraday) for the month of September.
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  • Our 'Nifty Fifty' Blue Chip Stock Index  [View article]
    Well we must be thinking somewhat alike; I have fifteen of your fifty (including six of your first ten) and many held for quite some time
    Apr 29, 2010. 12:06 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment