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  • 6 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks For U.S. And Canadian Investors  [View article]
    Other Cdn companies with strong yield and good pricing are BCE and Rogers - both large telecom players - there are only three in Canada so the competition is limited and these two are the largest. They pay solid dividends over 4%.
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  • 6 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks For U.S. And Canadian Investors  [View article]
    The Canadian banking system is very well regulated by the Central Bank of Canada. Mortgage borrowers have to have 20% down and a well paying job - now there's a novel idea. The banks must maintain high reserves. Most do not participate in PE lending as in the USA. Some have US exposure but its pretty small. TD has the highest with branches in the Northeast, RY is the largest. BNS has missed earnings and is the most risky. I like RY and BMO the best. You get a play on banks and the Cdn currency which is highly correlated to the price of WTI oil. These seem like pretty sad long term investments, good yield and appreciation level of 20% based on the Cdn $$ going back up which over the past 20 years it has traded as low as nearly where it is and par.
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  • Raytheon Provides Strong Dividends And Defense  [View article]
    i agree. Diversified, sound dividend and uptick in revenue coming. I know some of the mgmt and they are very solid and thoughtful.
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  • Nuance Needs A Catalyst  [View article]
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  • Nuance Needs A Catalyst  [View article]
    My average price is around $14.75 so i am not much underwater. I have a big position. I am looking for the stock to hit $20 a share with a new CEO and strategy. Lots to be done at Nuance with the right team. Innovation, sales growth, mobile, digital strategy, e-comm strategy, social strategy, cost mgmt with target ROI's, expansion in China and Brazil, small cell teams grouped by product/industry, lots to do in the customer care space with automated speech - think Siri on steroids, auto - NUAN should own this space in the car of the future - lots to but i don't think the current leadership has the skill set to make it happen. I have been a CEO in tech many times over of large tech companies and can see the path - just need to have the doors opened up by the BOD.
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  • Nuance Needs A Catalyst  [View article]
    You make a lot of sense - if you look at the list of Fox's Worst 10 CEO's in 2013, Ricci is in the crowd with Eddie Lampert of Sears (who is major owner and cannot be fired), Michael Jeffries of A&F who is gone, Ron Johnson at JCP who is gone, Thorsten Heins at BBRY who is gone, Don Bassille at VMEM who is gone, Tom Ward at Sandridge Energy who is gone.

    Notice a trend here - the word for all except Ricci is Former - time for Ricci to also take on this title and become Gone for the sake of the shareholders.
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  • Nuance Needs A Catalyst  [View article]
    Changing management is what activists do when they see value in a business that is not being managed properly and there is low hanging fruit. The fact that Icahn is in the company is the advocate for change and making shareholders money. Lots of great CEO's that could do better then Ricci.
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  • Nuance Needs A Catalyst  [View article]
    It's in changing to a new CEO who can:

    Lead innovation in the call centers (this is a huge opportunity to take build and share in a $250 billion industry from the old school voice providers), software (i.e. Dragon) and specialty industries such as mobile, autos and health

    Change the culture to make it a hot company again

    Grow revenues with new products, exciting marketing campaigns, new markets and grow in new geo's

    Lead the integration of all the acquisitions - create the undisputed platform leader in language and speech

    Reduce redundant costs and overhead - too much spend without an ROI

    Attract and retain top management - replace the ones who leave at 5pm

    Excite the investor base with a vision that makes sense and creates value.

    Time for change!
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  • Nuance Needs A Catalyst  [View article]
    As the stock again reached almost a 52 week low today there is only one way forward for Nuance. Just look at the changes at Abercrombie today in the CEO. The stock went up. More importantly a change in leadership will change the strategy of the business, unleash new innovation, bring in new executives and eliminate any sacred cows. In addition, redundant costs can be removed. The same is true for Nuance. A sense of urgency must be installed in the company. Nuance needs to be a "Cool" company to work at and run like a start up culture - just get it done attitude. It has faded somewhat but is not beyond recovery. So many hot tech companies have become "Old Tech" companies that trade on cash-flow and dividends not growth, earnings and innovation. Nuance has too much debt to be old tech so it has to be rejuvenated. The CEO sets the culture of any company. When it becomes self serving then its time to change the leader. Hopefully the Board will see the way to act and remove Paul Ricci as CEO to benefit the shareholders of Nuance. There is so much potential that can be unlocked with new leadership.
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  • Nuance Needs A Catalyst  [View article]
    I have been following NUAN for some time and have continued to be disappointed by its lack of innovation, new product revenue growth and blotted cost structure. Paul Ricci has done a lackluster job at building this franchise. This could be a dominant player in the growing speech category by growing revenues by ways that include:

    1. Extend healthcare and hospital reach beyond radiation and move into EMR, Govt and broad health coverage

    2. Expand Nina technology to obtain greater share of the $250 billion customer care market. The voice agent model has not changed in the past 20 years. Nina can be the virtual customer care agent for the next ten customer and for Millenials

    3. Grow further into emerging markets such as China, Brazil and India using Moblie

    4. Gain a foothold and share in the e-commerce and Omni channel

    Cut costs - there is no sense of urgency at Nuance with Ricci at the helm. Too many acquisitions with too little savings. There sb at least $50mm taken out of the cost structure.

    Better R&D ROI and extensions of existing technology platforms using open architecture such as Rubby on Rails or Python. Sales teams should be accountable for meeting sales forecasts created by the product mgmt team or they sb replaced by ones that can. Either that or the development team needs a refresh to come up with products that address current market needs. There is so much potential in this space that is going unnoticed by Ricci and his team that is almost negligence.

    Better investor relations - conferences, information and leadership - perhaps even something like Dreamforce that CRM does. They are a non-presence in the technology industry of thought leaders.

    Build a start up culture rather then an old tech culture. Times have changed and the company needs to become "Cool" again for its employees and customers. Hire the right employees and empower them to succeed. People will no longer follow Ricci and his autocratic management style.

    Leverage existing franchises - stop doing TV adds for Dragon Naturally Speaking - they are a waste of money and start using Social Media to attract these customers.

    There are so many new and exciting things that could be done with Nuance that just won't get done until Paul Ricci is GONE! He is way way overpaid for not delivering results and creating shareholder value. Last year he was voted one of the top 10 worst CEO's in America and he is one of the only ones left in his job. Its time for cronyism to stop and Ricci to go. I believe that the Board members from Icahn will take notice and make a change. This will finally begin the process to create value for shareholders.
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  • The Day I Sold Everything  [View article]
    You cannot make any money by not being in the market. Buy good companies and capture the dividends. Just look at how many people sold at the bottom in 2009 and stayed out of the past five year bull market. If you don't invest you won't make money and yes there is risk but you will otherwise spend your principle. The no risk interest rate is almost zero. Hope u have enough to survive on no income for rest of your life as u might just miss a down draft but over the next ten years you will become poor.
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  • Will Apple And A Weak Management Take Nuance Down?  [View article]
    I agree on the Siri comment that Apple will replace them but i do not think that they make much money from that and it is a PR opp rather then an earnings opp. I have done business w Apple procurement and u never make any money with them as a supplier. As far as the auto world goes, I agree its a huge market and NUAN should be able to capture huge share but they have the wrong CEO who does not know how to organically grow the business and can only spend money and incur debt as part of a serial acquirer. It is time for Icahn to put an end to Paul Ricci's reign as CEO of NUAN.
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  • Will Apple And A Weak Management Take Nuance Down?  [View article]
    no Bret Icahn and David Schechter are not old cronies of Ricci's - they are appointed by Carl Icahn who owns 19.9% of the stock or 60 million shares. The rest of the 11 Directors - 8 not including Ricci himself are old cronies of Riccci's and have been on his board since NUAN was put together in 2000. The do not own stock anymore of size (Warburg sold all its stock over a year ago and Janeway is a buddy of Ricci's). The only way to fix the shareholder value quotient to have Icahn reset the board and then get rid of Ricci, otherwise the shareholders are in for more of the same of Paul Ricci lining his own pockets while the shareholders, the employees and the company suffers quietly.
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  • Will Apple And A Weak Management Take Nuance Down?  [View article]
    Its simple - it must be another institution building a position as it goes up even when the market goes down. Icahn cannot buy more shares due to the standstill. Hopefully we get another 15% holder who together with Icahn can vote out the board with a new slate of directors then fire Paul Ricci as CEO and bring in someone who will act for shareholders not himself with hefty pay packages and private jets as he lives on the other side of the country from where the company is headquartered. There was another guy who did this who was also on the 10 worst CEO's of 2013 as Ricci is - his name was Ron Johnson and he used to work at JC Penny - the word being USED - need Paul Ricci to be in the same tense as Ron.
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  • Will Apple And A Weak Management Take Nuance Down?  [View article]
    Actually if u look at the 13(d) filings with the SEC his cost at purchase starting last august was $14 and then when it dipped down into the $13's he bought some more to increase his position to 60mm shares or 19.9% which is the most that he is allowed to purchase until Aug 2014 according the standstill agreement he filed that is on file with the SEC on its edgar site as an 8-K filing last august. If u have different info then what is on file with the SEC pls share? Otherwise..
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