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  • Building A Portfolio Part 1: Not Just Buying Stocks [View article]


    About your "YIELD" spread sheet.   
    Thanks you for the great idea.  I was in the habit of just writing on a sheet of paper 3 at 2%....4 at 1% ....6 at 5% etc etc.  Then the paper goes in the trash after about a week.  Now I will be tracking my yield using your "YIELD SPREAD SHEET" as a template.

    IMHO.... I think you will find that excel will work better for you if you have the company symbol in one column and the yield in another column.  

    IF=(O7< N7, "^Y^", " ^ ")
    ^=one hit one the space bar
    The above is a IF...Then that I use one of my excel reports.
    If compares Yields Year (this year) to Yield (last year)
    If the "Y" shows up this years yield is greater than last years
    If no "Y" show up then I find out why!
    It is a quick high light of a company that did not increase their dividend that year

    I hope this helps out 

    Cessation of work is not accompanied by cessation of Expenses
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  • Is It Time To Take Some Chips Off The Table? [View article]

    Political / Country risk is now on the stock check list
    Thank you for the "Wake Up Call" answer on Vale S.A.

    Cessation of Work is not accompanied by Cessation of Expenses
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  • Is It Time To Take Some Chips Off The Table? [View article]
    I have it in my mind that you did a write up on Vale S.A.
    Do be so kind as to give me the name of the Article if my memory is correct. Vale S.A. Is below book value and all the write ups on Vale S.A. listed on Seeking Alpha as of late seem to be warning me away from the stock. The China slow down and all. I want to start researching Vale S.A. so that I feel confident about an investment at 30% below book value.

    Nice to see that you are writing for Seeking Alpha again.
    Thank you
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  • Flight To Quality [View article]
    Alta Gas BBB S&P credit rating as of Feb 7 2012
    Monthly Dividends yielding 4% per year
    Yahoo Business Summary gives a nice write up on this Diversified Energy Infrastructure Company and the services it provides to who, what, and where
    Current Ratio is.83
    Price to book is 2.23 which is a bit high for my taste
    However; this is a boring stock has some positive points.
    Thank you ATGFF.PK is now on my watch list

    As for a suggestion on this stock.. I would keep collecting the check until I could do better
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