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  • dindin21
    $SVON I like this going into tomorrow.
    Jun 24, 7:30 PM
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    • ceristeare: Me also, lets see what Frost has been up to.
      Jun 24, 9:49 PM
    • dindin21: Well not really any breaking news. I am happy to hold this company so cheaply for what is going on.
      Jun 25, 5:53 PM
    • ceristeare: Yes very low mkt cap. Extremely interesting technology at work here, detailed development strategy will be announced in early Q3 2014
      Jun 25, 8:55 PM
    • SlimmyHendrix: They are just seeking to uplist to, most likely, amex. I will probably unload my shares when it does.
      Jun 25, 11:20 PM
    • ceristeare: Uplisting is part of the eventual plan. Patience is required with this one.
      Jun 25, 11:24 PM
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