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  • Altria Is The Best Dividend Growth Stock For Income Investors, I Rate Altria A Buy [View article]
    I love that Borkner. Cheesecake is good. I had a friend who held a cheesecake party once and we all brought a cheesecake. Result was none of us could try all the cheesecake. It was a great party but there was so much leftover cheesecake. Not really an investment thesis but it is true. Too much of a really good thing.
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  • Zacks' Bear Of The Day: Banco Latinoamericano [View article]
    I guess this call didn't work out so well for Zack's
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  • Second Quarter Portfolio Review: Building Dividend Growth And Quality [View article]
    Those are good questions David Van Knapp. I think 6 months is short term for stocks. As an amateur investor I find I can't explain short term stock movements. Like why did JNJ drop 3.1% this week after a stellar earnings report? With a beta of 1.42 it will have price action like I have seen with land drillers like LINE and pipelines like KMI. It started with couple of analyst downgrading SDRL creating a self fulfilling round of downgrades as more people jumped on the bandwagon. I don't watch infotainment but I have been assured on Seeking Alpha that Cramer announced selling all his shares in his charity trust. So we got a buying opportunity over several months.

    I am not so much afraid of this stock it just is not a tier 1 SWAN stock. The #1 worry is of course the debt. I do think taking advantage the current low rates is prudent investing that makes growth possible. Any other worries are really related to the high leverage. If anything happened to more than 1 ship for an extended time there could be cash flow problems. At 1/2 million a day paid only while the ships are working pretty soon you could be talking real money losses. I am not in the industry so I thought as hard as I could before deciding to purchase SDRL. All ships operate in a rugged environment. Salt air, ocean weather. The captain could drive the ship into a rock. Pirates could capture the ship and demand ransom. A shipboard fire is always horrible and it could take weeks just to tow the ship to a port capable of repairing it while waiting for custom parts to be built and delivered. For SDRL in particular an Oil spill would harm their reputation creating a news event that could drive away business. The newest ships could be bug riddled devices that sounded good on paper that never reach 100% productivity. Losing a drillship isn't like losing a giant Caterpillar dump truck. Nobody can sell you one nor are they up for rent (maybe some old ones)

    Even with all this what I think is, SDRL is going up to $40. In less than 10 years they will return my original purchase price from dividends and I will still have the shares. Once the new ships come online the dividend will grow and we will all get rich together.
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  • Second Quarter Portfolio Review: Building Dividend Growth And Quality [View article]
    Hi Rosenose. I suspect you are hearing more about SDRL because it tanked over the last 6 months. I averaged down with a set of purchases over the first 4 months of the year and now have a 1/2 position. It was recently a bargain(?) I think any ships are highly speculative and this is for me a reach for yield even though I do like SDRL story. It does help to increase the yield of my portfolio paired with the 2.5 - 3.1 percent yielding high conviction stocks. I consider this 1/2 position a full position for this stock. Look at the chart for the past 6 months and I think you will see what was driving the conversation.
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  • Due Diligence: Costco [View article]
    Very good article on Costco. They do win on a lot of points and I see nothing but future growth for their stores. Have you looked at MKC McCormick & Company? They have a similar "nothing but up" chart and I am currently cost averaging up into a position with this spice company. You get double the yield vs Costco and the 44% payout ratio should make for a stable dividend and increases.
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  • Retirees: What Is The Best Choice For A Small Income Portfolio? [View article]
    Bob, This is a stock that gets little coverage but does sell on the NYSE. I have a position in BLX - Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior. I am not an expert in valuing banks but they have a good story. They are not a retail bank and exist to promote trade in Latin America and the Caribbean. Current yield is 4.6%. Much of the bank is owned by the central banks of Latin and South America. I find it a good alternative to US banks and I understand the central banks who own it are very supportive of their success as they are chartered to promote trade for the region.
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  • Time To Consider Linn Energy: Here's Why [View article]
    I did decide to buy a half position during it's meltdown on July 5th for $26.54. This seemed to me to be the perfect "Buy when there is fear in the streets" position. So far it is a 28.8% total gain (as of Friday) which is not bad for 4 months.
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  • With IBM Down, Buy And Sleep Sound Like Buffett [View article]
    Well, you asked. I think IBM is a fools game. I would not invest because I have seen how badly they perform IT services. They were hired expecting the services we had. Now everything is self service with shoddy websites that you will never know existed before you needed them. The amount of cost shifting is so large that I believe they will be hard pressed to renegotiate many of their contracts. I know if I were anywhere close to the negotiations I would want at least 40% reduction in price in exchange for all the cost shifting. That is my 1000 foot opinion. I would not buy them at $50 a share.
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  • It's Time To Play Ball (Part 2): Building A Winning Dividend Growth Roster [View article]
    Mike I must say that you have been an inspiration to me with this series of articles. I kept hearing the echo of Chowder saying "The strong often get stronger" and "Some stocks never go on sale". I am building a portfolio buying half positions every other paycheck when life permits. Since I don't have a pile of cash to deploy I want to get these stocks at a value when I can.

    So I decided to take David Fish's CCC list and eliminated the ones paying less than 2% dividends and added them all to my watch list. Then I went through the list and grabbed all the ones I hear as being best of best. The dividend aristocrats, the ones I read you, Bob Wells, Tim McAleena, Chowder, Eddie Herring, Regarded Solutions, and many others talk about. I added a column to the watch list to show % off 52 week high.

    Now when I have my little musket ready to fire I can see what may be on sale. When it is nothing more than a list of the 'best of the best' Why not look for the one 'on sale' CAT tops the list right now 16% off but the one I am drooling over is LEG. It was 13% off yesterday and is 9% off today. I hope in a week when I can add to my portfolio it will still be a bargain. They did after all only recently have an earnings miss.

    Thank you for the inspiration. I do want to build a core and I think this will be a way I can keep the best of breed under my nose. I have my other lists I can check to find the hidden angels but my 'All Stars' list is going to be my default for now.
    Jul 30 09:41 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dripping Works: A Real-World Example [View article]
    I will take a shot at #3. I have been a big user of Microsoft Money which is now discontinued. It really has the best features for keeping track of a portfolio I have found yet. If you search for it online you can get it as a free download with a catch. There are no electronic services at all. It does have all the portfolio functionality. Better yet if you can find a used copy for 10 bucks get it. We upgraded ever other year so I have probably 4 extra copies of older versions sitting around the house. It will have lots of broken links and when you sign up just keep telling it "No I don't want free offers" but the nice part is you will get (delayed at least 20 minutes) automatic updates on all your stocks and mutual funds. It has a lot of views and ways to look at the portfolio that I find useful. I wish they had not quit making it but free is a good price even with manual updating of prices and dividends. As a bonus it will even help balance your bank account and keep track of spending for you.
    May 21 09:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment