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  • Japan: Sharp 1 Year Default Probability Up 1.18% To 17.02% Today  [View instapost]

    When I was working in Japan as a teacher, one of my colleagues told me that Sharp's bigwigs in Tokyo were drafting (the Japanese equivalent of) Chapter 11 documents in preparation for bankruptcy. (This was in January of 2015.) They may have already made it official, but perhaps they were not obligated to reveal that information to the North American media.

    Again, this is hearsay, but he had no reason to lie to me. Sharp may be in Chapter 11 already.
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  • SPECIAL REPORT – The Best Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now – BFCF  [View instapost]

    Here's what investors think of your "system" --

    Ron  October 21, 2015


    I followed Cameron Fous for around 6 months and all I can say is [another commenter who distrusts this system] is spot on .

    Fous is not a trader. He throws money at “Fous4 Setups” only to sell for a loss and then explain to the room why he did what he did. Occasionally he will get lucky and hit a winner and then use that one score for weeks on end to pump his “system” on Twitter all the while losing on all the trades he’s making day to day until he hits another and starts to pump it again.

    I went from losing 500 to 1000 a week to consistently making 1500-3000 a week following another room. I’m not going to say who I’m currently with but please search around. There are much better people out there who truly care how you perform as a trader and not about your monthly subscription.

    Cameron’s “top trader” who he is always talking about is a guy who has been trading since 1997 who admits has never even seen Fous’ DVD’s because he has his own style, yet fous pumps this guy up claiming he’s profitable because of him. He is a complete joke.

    As for his Hedge Fund??? RUN!!! It is a complete ripoff. He will pump and pump how much better the fund is for new traders.

    He claims the only way to win is with cheap commissions which the fund is advertised to have $0.0027 per share commission rates which WOULD be awesome if that was the truth. Not only do you pay the $0.0027 per share but another two fees that make each share cost another $0.0013 so your average per share cost is $0.004 to $0.0042.

    ANOTHER COST THAT IS CONVENIENTLY LEFT OUT of every pump tweet is the daily software FEES. $11 a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes $330 a month just to use their software.

    The minimum to join is $2500 which $500 is taken off the top right away for filings and paperwork. Funny, this is also left out of the all the advertising Cameron pumps about how great of a product he has.

    I made a huge mistake in joining in with this clown and had I found this review it would’ve saved me a lot of time and stress. Lesson learned...


    You still live in San Diego, Mr. "Fous"? I bet a lot of your victims would like a chat with you...
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  • Betting Big on Small Cap China  [View article]

    I just did some research into Cameron Fous.

    The comments are devastating, and the review states that Fous' entire enterprise is fraudulent. He mostly makes money by charging people absurd fees; e.g., he charges new investors $11/day to use his software. That's $330/month. (eSignal, in sharp contrast, charges as little as $20/month plus a one-time upfront fee of about $195.)

    He lives in San Diego... or at least he did, as of last year. He is among the least transparent "former traders" in the infotainment biz.
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  • The October Jobs Report- Not Awesome, Just More Of The Same BLS Con  [View article]
    <<some politically biased perma-bears and bashers ...>>

    Are you drunk? The biggest success stories in this new "sharing" economy are companies like Uber that bend the law in order to avoid paying salaries and benefits to their "employees," which are classified as "contractors" in order to skirt regulations. What's worse, Uber misled drivers into thinking they could make $90K a year by working as drivers, so they took out subprime auto loans to buy new cars. That's going to eat into their phantom $90K/year.

    Plus, thanks to Obamacare, the president thinks that taking one full-time job and forcing employers to split it into two part-time jobs counts as job creation and wealth creation, even though the employers just want to avoid paying the extra premiums that the POTUS is forcing them to pay.

    If Peter Schiff et al. are correct, there will be no rate hike this December, because the economy cannot stand it.
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  • Big beat on jobs number  [View news story]
    I thought someone here on SA said that a recession could be fixed by changing interest rate policy alone; a Depression is a period of economic malaise that requires structural reform. Ergo, since Bernanke/Yellen have been adamant about NOT ending ZIRP, we are in a global depression and we have been for years.
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  • Tesla Manages To Lose $19,810 Per Car Sold  [View article]
    <<The best advertising is word of mouth...>>

    Haven't they gotten tons of free publicity from journos trying to prove their "green credentials" by sucking up to Elon Musk? They don't pay for advertising because the "no blood for oil" crowd is convinced that it's their duty to help sell Elon's product for him.
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  • Big beat on jobs number  [View news story]
    Wait for the revisions later in the month. This headline number won't last…
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  • Tesla's Sales Goals Are Just Hot Air  [View article]
    <<...have you ever been near a Tesla let alone driven an X?>>

    Again, comparing the product to the stock is not a good idea, and yet Elon's Musketeers insist on making that mistake. The product is not
    "selling itself" when they sell only 120 cars in all of China.
    Oct 14, 2015. 08:47 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Tesla Bubble Is Bursting  [View article]
    <<As they say, don't take advice from someone unwilling to put their own money on the line. >>

    This comment is absolute nonsense. I'm not surprised a "Musketeer" made it.

    This is not an honest stock market; anybody who knows anything about the $1T in stock buybacks since 2009 knows that Elon Musk can just borrow money at 0% and buy back shares just to squeeze the shorts.
    It may help the share value, but it doesn't help the company.

    And we know this is not a viable company, with phantom demand from China and increasing competition. Even Tesla supporters know that Tesla has not made money selling cars. They made money from ZEV/GHG credit sales and currency exchange windfalls with the Japanese. But the Dems will make sure to keep funding your BEV toy company until they're out of power, and when it justifiably goes bankrupt they'll point fingers at the conservatives and scream that they "hate the environment" for not letter Elon burn more cash on his hi-tech firetraps.

    It must be nice never to have your comments bite you in the ass, being a Musketeer like you are.
    Oct 12, 2015. 06:50 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Tesla Bubble Is Bursting  [View article]
    >>I would rather mine lithium than pump oil out of the ground. Lithium is rechargeable for yrs. <<

    ...under controlled lab conditions where cost is not an issue?

    This has been refuted ad nauseum. Since JP is no doubt too busy to get an ulcer refuting Tesla acolytes, I will cite sources that say Lithium batteries will go into the landfill:

    I also like this part:
    " Between the costs of fire prevention, material separation and metal refining, all lithium-ion batteries and most other advanced batteries cost more to recycle than the metals are worth..."

    So instead of mountains of tires, we'll see mountains of discarded Tesla batteries from the Model S.
    Oct 6, 2015. 08:41 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Tesla Bubble Is Bursting  [View article]
    And just to remind you, we should be focusing on the stock more than the product, and that means noticing Tesla's staggering cash burn rate:
    the company has burned over a billion dollars US in the first six months of this year:

    But this is to be expected when you only sell 120 cars in all of China.
    Oct 4, 2015. 04:38 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • So Now We Learn Why Tesla's CFO Is Calling It Quits  [View article]
    <<The sheer number of valid comments that DO NOT violate Seeking Alphas rules that are being censored here is both mind boggling and disappointing.>>

    I see a pot/kettle exchange in the making, because soon-to-be-unemployed TSLA employees on this site are fond of deleting my TSLA comments in other threads on the grounds that they are "abuse" -- when they only predicted things like an endless cash burn and a failure in China (unless those buyers paid $12,000,000 each for those 120 cars Elon sold...).
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  • Tesla: Actually, Consumer Reports Just Reiterated The Bear Case  [View article]
    <<You've entered a realm of religious faith where facts are no longer relevant. >>

    I guess a lot of Tesla acolytes are familiar with that realm, because these are some facts from the Eco-Deadbeat car company's quarterly report:

    #1 - Tesla -- and BTW, I presume you're an underemployed Tesla employee with plenty of time on his hands -- is losing $4,000 on every completed sale; and ...

    #2 - Tesla has a CASH BURN of over $1 billion IN THE FIRST SIX MONTHS OF THIS YEAR.

    Is Consumer Reports going to buy all these firetrap cars?
    Sep 6, 2015. 08:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • More stimulus on the way as dove joins BOJ board?  [View news story]

    ANSWER: In the US - stock buybacks at 0% interest, which reduces supply and creates a short squeeze.
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  • U.S. car sales dazzle in January as $2 gas factors in  [View news story]
    I see subprime auto loans are not even mentioned in this "news" alert. The CEOs think we're going to tie ourselves down to a five-year auto loan because of one season of cheap gas? Don't make me laugh.
    Feb 3, 2015. 08:03 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment