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  • Several Theories To Explain Apple's Nosedive [View article]
    "Plus technology is fragile..."

    I would appreciate an elaboration and clarification on what you mean by this statement.

    I presume he meant, to use an overused term credited to Warren Buffett, that the "economic moat" bestowed upon a company by cutting-edge tech products is indeed fragile or fleeting. After all, the iPod pretty much decimated CD players, did it not? The last CD player I bought -- two years ago -- was under $100 brand new.

    From what I'm reading, Android phones have now pretty much caught up to the level of performance that iPhones had. Doesn't that mean that the iPhone has a shrinking economic moat protecting it?
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  • Apple Cannot Be Valued: Warren Buffett Knows This And You Should Too [View article]
    Why would you use Mary Buffett's book? She has no financial background at all. >>>

    My first guess is that her ghostwriters have an extensive financial background and her name is on the cover because the name BUFFETT reeks of financial wisdom. Her last name gives it a stamp of authenticity.
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  • What's Happened To Apple's Quality Control? [View article]
    What goes up, must come down... except the share price of (AAPL).
    Is that what I'm getting from you, drmwsunner?
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  • Apple Is Falling: Why You Shouldn't Buy The Stock In A Hurry [View article]
    I presume you mean "long @ 654.00" and not "short @ 654.00"....?
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  • Apple Is Falling: Why You Shouldn't Buy The Stock In A Hurry [View article]
    I respect well-stated opinions like yours (of course), but I am going to start watching (AAPL) for a big pullback after its next product launches. Apple's team has said that they depend on fantastic tech toys and now that the ghost of Steve Jobs has left the building, his pride and joy is in the hands of a logistics man, not a "product guy." It's entirely possible that Tim Cook will turn out to be more like Steve Ballmer than Steve Jobs.

    "Never get married to a belief!" -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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  • Apple Is Falling: Why You Shouldn't Buy The Stock In A Hurry [View article]
    Let me see if I got it right
    of 40 analysts - 39 buys 1 hold
    Somehow this is a main argument to SELL

    Yes, because it's possible the market for Apple has peaked.

    When EVERYONE has been buying a stock for AGES, it can be a sign of, among other things, an approaching market peak, and should not be dismissed out of hand. E.g., Dr. Alexander Elder writes in "Sell and Sell Short" about the "shoeshine boy indicator" -- which also foretold the end of a bull market:

    "Bernard Baruch was a famous stock operator in the first half
    of the twentieth century. He managed to sidestep the crash
    of 1929, which ruined so many of his peers. He described
    how one day in 1929 he stepped out of his office,
    and the man who polished his shoes gave him a stock tip.
    Baruch recognized the sign -- if people at the lowest level
    of society were buying stocks, there was no one left to buy.
    He began selling his stocks."

    Why? Because when shoeshine boys are making money in the stock market, it's because of market momentum, not trading expertise, and that likely means the market is reaching a peak, and will crash soon.

    Dr. Elder writes: "the markets do not exist to put money in the pockets of amateurs like shoeshine boys."

    So if 39 out of 40 people are telling you to buy, and everyone is buying, who's selling?

    Perhaps the same people who think Apple is going UP FOREVER are the same people who believed that housing prices can never go down....and then we had Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...
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  • Is Apple Stretched Or Just Stretching? [View article]
    The only thing to worry about it is misinformation, .... >>>

    Allow me to add another thing -- is Tim Cook a "product guy"?

    (AAPL) is dependent on new gadgets, and this was the last project
    that Steve Jobs was involved in. It's not going to be that easy to
    replicate his philosophy now that he's gone.

    And here's another thing to worry about -- granted, this was from
    October 2011, before the verdict against Samsung, but it shows
    just what a lead up they had in sales vs. (AAPL).
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  • Tim Cook's Rotten Apple [View article]
    I'll just leave this link here. From October 19th, 2011:

    AAPL) bulls cause for concern.

    Also, since the title of this article singles out Mr. Cook by name, the issue of personal leadership and vision is not to be dismissed. I for one have to wonder if Cook has a Master Plan for the company, or whether he's just content to rest on Jobs' laurels for a while. Since many of you follow AAPL closely, what's the latest on Apple's bid for EPL rights? ...

    From January 2012:

    I'm willing to defer to your experience and wisdom.
    ... if I feel like it. XD
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  • Apple Bulls: Has David Einhorn Ever Heard Of Steve Jobs? [View article]
    I'd like to draw your attention to some comments on ZH, April 20, 2012, regarding the expiration of extended benefits payments and AAPL products. Excerpt:

    It seems that the old faithful EBT card is about to be denied- and while one can assume that extended benefits are not a core source of marginal aspirational product (read AAPL) sales, we all know the truth. Is the time finally coming to short the one company that is and has always been the primary beneficiary of government transfer payment largesse? Because if AAPL's recent shakiness has been, by some, attributed to the expiration of EBTs, what will happen when Americans are again forced to pay their mortgages?

    Many of us are presuming that AAPL sales have been growing because of the Chinese middle class, whereas this is the first peep I've heard about AAPL targeting urban consumers. If those EBT cards run out, how seriously will AAPL be hit?

    (Disclosure: I'm pretty much on the fence on AAPL.)
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  • Is The Apple Bubble Popping? [View article]
    I see. Apple's share price will never go down, housing prices will always go up, and IBM will give everyone full employment for a lifetime.

    "Don't get married to a belief!" -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, among others. It's your job to be skeptical about the claims made in company reports. Or are you waiting for David Einhorn and his ilk to cast a pall on AAPL'S fortunes before you consider that it may be due for a fall?

    So Mr. Patel wrote about AAPL. Use his advice or don't, but if you start dismissing him as an "idiot," it reflects worse on you than on him.
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  • Apple Cheap At Any Price? [View article]
    >>>>Customers of Apple never leave.

    Yes, and housing prices will never fall. How quickly we forget.

    >>>>There are over 100 million people on the Apple cloud and growing. They're not going anywhere.

    Again, I felt the need to question whether these customers can afford it, and will they be able to afford AAPL's next product. More austerity lies ahead in numerous markets!

    >>>>The company has an unbelievable amount of cash. Its margins keep expanding. >>>>

    ....The company suffered a big black eye because of the whole FoxConn thing. Their costs might be increasing to avoid more bad publicity...

    Again, this is just food for thought. I hold no AAPL stock.
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  • Apple Cheap At Any Price? [View article]
    >>>>Apple can sell millions of iPhones and iPads every few days, and still have only a relatively small share of the potential global market for smartphones and tablets.>>>>

    I can see AAPL's growth chart as well as the next guy, but "gensearch2" and others have a point -- the sustainability of this growth is in question, is it not? If we're presuming that those MILLIONS of iProducts are sold in China, then I would like to remind people that...

    1. Those FOXCONN workers (for example) are making such dismal money that more than 300 of them threatened to JUMP to their DEATHS if they weren't given a raise in pay. It doesn't sound like they have a lot of disposable income for iProducts.

    2. Within days of the iPad appearing in the Chinese market, a counterfeit iPad was in the market at a fraction of the price. The extent of market penetration of these products might be impossible to measure.

    3. According to one SA pundit, it could take a century for China's GDP/capita to rise to the point where it is comparable to America's. The link to that article is here:

    (Never mind the word "decade" in the title; that is a typo. The author clearly states: "...on a per-capita basis, the U.S. is still a full CENTURY ahead of China, and it could take a least another CENTURY of economic growth in China before it even comes close to approaching the per-capita GDP in the U.S.") [my italics]

    Your thoughts?
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  • Everybody Loves Apple [View article]
    >>Having said that, there are more people who live in a medium sized city in China than live in all of Northern Europe.<<

    And according to this article, China's purchasing power will take a CENTURY to catch up to America's.

    Even without the dirt-cheap Apple knockoffs cutting into their market share, Apple will still have problems selling their products in a country where 300 workers at a Foxconn/Apple-afiliated factory threatened to jump off the roof TO THEIR DEATHS if they didn't get a pay raise.

    Is AAPL going to fatten its coffers by selling to its own starving laborers?
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  • Everybody Loves Apple [View article]
    The colony once known as the Dutch East Indies has been in the hands of laughably corrupt Indonesians since 1949, and it spent over three decades wallowing in dictatorship, which the Dutch were not responsible for. To blame Indonesia's failures on the Dutch is laughably shortsighted, at the risk of being rude.
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