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  • Foreign Oil Dependency: The Root Cause of America's Economic Pain  [View article]
    How about an on-line petition for signatures to support gas as transportation. The people that sign the petition could provide donations to lobby those who support the intiative. This could be the start of a grassroots ground-up movement for an energy and conservation policy.

    My overall opinion is that the American people as a whole want things to be forever the same way they've been in the past. Most don't believe and others are in denial and will not accept their future reality. Many people are unable to distinguish between pie-in-the-sky concepts and those who technologies can be put into place now(i.e. gas to transportation). Until there is widestream support for change the politicans will just continue feeding from the hands of big business lobbyists. This is not to say we shouldn't keep up the good fight; but expect a tough road in getting there. It will get expedited only if the American people experience a "Pearl Harbor" type event and finally conclude after much debate and congsternation the truth and reality of our energy future situation.

    The only other way it could be expedited is if a charismatic politician who supportted the plan were to compaign for it, convince the American people of it's need, and then get elected. I see nothing happening between now and then. Hopefully, I'm wrong in my opinion and it will happen much faster.
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  • It's the Oil Imports, Stupid!  [View article]
    We've been drilling wellls in Oklahoma and Texas since the early 1900 hundreds and haven't had that many probllems and have done just fine. I'm just not in favor of turning more power and controls over to the federal government . This is just my opinion. When things go to Washington, all control and common sense is lost. If it happens, it happens, that's just my opinion. I think EPA has got out of control when they declare that CO2 is hazardous chemical. Everything becomes political when it goes to Washington.

    If these other states don't have regulating agencies and don't want to put them place, then the only alternative may be for the federal government to create controlling agency whose powers would usurp those existing agencies.
    Nov 19, 2010. 11:20 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • It's the Oil Imports, Stupid!  [View article]

    Most drilling activities are regulated by the states. I have a problem with make it a federal regulation as the EPA seems to over-regulate evey thing they get involved in and it always ends up in the poltical area. Also, there is no magic as to what is in the fracking fluids. This information is easily obtainalbe.

    These states that don't have drilling regulated entities should be consulting with the states that do and develop their own regulations.
    This should not be a federal regulated and mandated thing as it will drag out, go too far, and get too political if put in the federal arena.

    I have tried to build projects in the NE communities that had certain perceived risks that were hard to overcome. Most of time it depends on where you are building them. If they were in a blue collar manufacturing or industrial area it was no problem. If it was in a white collar area where most of the people never got their hands dirty; they weren't willing to accept "any" risks even it would bring more jobs to the area. This will be tough fight in those areas and will take a lot invovlement of the gas companies or they will not stand a chance.
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  • IEA Forecast: Economy Depends on 'Yet to Be Found' Oil  [View article]
    Pie in the sky dreamers will not solve this problem. At some point reality will set in that there is a real problem. At this point in time, we're just kicking the can down the road.
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  • The Deficit Genie Is Out of the Bottle  [View article]
    I didn't see these cost cutting ideas. The federal and state can start by cleaning their closets first before they come after mine. They can quit bailing out their large bank buddies and foreign entities and state governments with taxpayer money. They can start by cutting back on all the guaranteed pensions that no one in the private sector has. They can cut back on excessive salaries paid to upper management groups in the state and federal beaurecrates and politicians and their excessive retirement packages and medical packages. They can cut military spending by reducing all the bases around the world. They can cut all unnecessary ear mark pork spending that is in every bill passed. They can reduce the size of government. After they have done all this, just to name a few, and show me they are serious about cost cutting, then we can talk about Medicare and SSN. Until then, leave it alone. I want to see their skin in the game first.
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  • Oil: The Clock Is Ticking  [View article]
    There will be no political will to make significant change in energy policy until the people experience some sort of "Pearl Harbor" event that makes them realize that the world has changed and will never be the same and even then it will take the right inspired political leaders that the people trust to make those changes. Until then, all the talk is just talk and political jabbering. People will not accept major change in their lifestyles until they realize they have no choice.

    I don't mean that we should not try to move in the right direction; but it will be un uphill battle all the way and I hope that some grass root movements and motivated leaders will be able effect change earlier.

    Until then, all we can do, is set back as investors and try to profit or minimze losses from the imbalances and market cycles that will occur along the way.
    Nov 14, 2010. 04:18 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 4 Natural Gas Infrastructure Plays  [View article]
    You and some of your right ideologue buddies are the ones ranting without out providing any knowledgeable evidence of anything. This country and the worl are already in the process of changing to natural gas and it's gonna happen dragging people like yourself along the way. It may take much higher oil prices to convince people like yourself but it will happen.
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  • The End of Oil's Golden Age  [View article]
    I came to the conclusion after the last oil shock/financial collapse that the American people and politicians will not act until there is sustained period of high energy prices. There is just too much politics, lobbyists, and general disagreement on the subject. In the meantime, American business needs to move forward taking advantage of low gas prices and try to make the transition to gas as a transportation fuel based on business opportunity only.

    It's sad it has to take a Pearl Harbor for the American people to get committed; but that's the way it has always been and I see nothing that will change that unless someone knows something I don't.
    Oct 25, 2010. 12:47 PM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Crude Oil: Bumpy Ride, But Headed Higher  [View article]
    As the dollar continues to devalue against other currencies, OPEC is going to want more dollars for their barrels and the U.S. will suffer the most.
    Oct 24, 2010. 10:20 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retirement Outlook: Get Ready for 'Age Warfare'  [View article]
    I've been down your road and share the response in your last sentence also!
    Oct 24, 2010. 10:13 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can China and India Save the World?  [View article]
    I decided long ago that the American people won't do anything until the reality of the situation hits them hard and is sustained. When this happens, the will to make the change will be created. Of course, this is the hard way to get where we need to go. It would have been nice if we could have developed a comprehensive transitional non-political energy non-special interest policy but that is not possible and will never happen. So, right now, the only way to get there is through good old capitalism, economics, and the employment of business opportunties which will happen when oil prices get high to justify it. Unfortunately, we will be in the middle of an high oil price induced recession before this occurs which will slow down the whole process.

    However, If the disparity between oil and gas prices remain as they are today, the transitional to gas as transportation fuel will likely happen much faster then we think. Leave it to American business to exploit this opportunity and get this bird off the ground. Based on other articles on SA, this has already begin to happen.
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  • Putting an End to the 'Cash on the Sidelines' Myth  [View article]
    The main thing I got from the table is that the big banks have most all the debt and also have most the cash courtesy of Uncle Sam.
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  • How to Play an Explosive Oil Field Services Sector  [View article]
    I believe this is case for most articles on SA. The articles don't come out until the stocks have already significantly moved. Everything is after the fact. They still may continue to move up, but you miss the first move. Makes you wonder.
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  • Thank G20 It's Friday!  [View article]
    Most retired military people I've known didn't make enough from retirement to retire and continued to work unless they were fairly highly ranked officiers.
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  • Can China and India Save the World?  [View article]
    China is going all other the world working deals through their national oil company to lock up oil production in anticipation. They will be ready. This is a game the U.S. either can't play because they have no national oil company or they are not smart enough to play by sine other means.
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