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Contrarian daytrading technician who specializes in locating high probability short term trades while predicting price movement directions with over 85% accuracy. Most of my trading involves either extremely short term micro scalping of stocks or commodities (using 1 minute bar charts), or swing... More
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  • Crude Oil (UWTI) Makes Bullish Hammer Today While Natural Gas (UGAZ) Gets Whacked!

    July Natural Gas Futures Should Bottom Between $2.60 and $2.70

    Last week was really great, picking a top in natural gas and buying DGAZ to capitalize on the selloff. Well, many bought last Tuesday around $4.50. If they waited till this Tuesday morning to cash in, they could have sold at $6.00+ for a gain of 33%. However, if they held on a couple more days until the close on Thursday, May 28, 2015, they could have sold out at $6.77. I wrote in my article that one needed to work out of DGAZ and into UGAZ by the end of this week.

    After a purchase on Tuesday in UGAZ, I sold out on Wednesday's premarket at $2.53. I later bought some UGAZ in the $2.30s and on Thursday morning in the $2.20s, buying into the pre-report weakness. I should have waited until after the 10:30 a.m. EST inventory report as it was bearishly construed and we fell hard, post report, to close near the lows just above $2.70. Here is a daily chart of July Natural Gas:

    In just 7 trading days, July Natural Gas futures fell from the recent $3.15 high down to today's low and close at $2.70, a drop of 45 cents (14.3%). If you look at the chart action back in February and March, natural gas fell from higher levels and bounced off support at $2.73 in February, and around $2.80 in early March. When a price of $2.70 was reached on April 1st, July Nat Gas bounced 15 cents up the following day. Then it rolled over and worked down to support at $2.60, where it was able to stabilize and bounce back to just a penny shy of $2.80. Then July Natural Gas fell to $2.55, the recent low. The short-covering rally that followed carried July Nat Gas all the way up to $3.15.

    So now, July Natural Gas can either stop here at $2.70 and bounce back over $2.80, or it can work lower down to $2.60 and from there become so oversold, it can finally bounce back up to the $2.80 level like it did 6 weeks ago.

    Also, the last two report day Thursday hard smackdowns resulted in few cent drop over the next couple days, but then was followed by a rally that made back all that was lost in the smackdown. The last smackdown occurred on April 9th, and support at $2.70 was broken and July Natural Gas closed at $2.64. A 6 cent drop to $2.58 over the next couple days followed. But 3 days later it was back to $2.79. The bad Thursday report smackdown before that one was February 26th when July Natural Gas fell from $3.00 to $2.83 in a single day. Falling just 3 more cents over the next 3 days to $2.80, we would then get a 3 day rally back to $2.99, just a penny away from $3.00.

    I am hopeful that July Natural Gas will regroup and hold this support area over the next couple trading days, and slip no more than a nickel, maybe down to $2.65. And then by the end of next week, July Natural Gas should rally back 20 cents off the bottom, to the $2.85 area where we were trading before today's hard selloff.

    Crude Oil Formed A Bullish Hammer Today

    I have been saying that based on recent trading action, we should not trade under $57 in July Crude Oil, without first retesting resistance up towards $60. I should have stated that we should not get a close under $57. Today we traded down to a low of $56.51 and then rallied after the bullish Inventory report, to close up for the day and create a bullish hammer. We need a move higher on Friday to confirm this bullish reversal and we are up strongly overnight, so it is likely we get the confirmation I am looking for Friday, May 29th. However, on a rally to $59 to $59.50, I would take profits on up to half of the position one might be carrying in the triple leveraged ETN (NYSEARCA:UWTI). On a rally back towards $60, we might fall just short of the mark, and roll back over and eventually bottom in the $56 to $55.50 area. If one can lighten up in their UWTI with a profit, or can at least sell their low priced shares, one needs to do a partial sale to reduce their risk exposure. One analyst group that I deeply respect as they follow cycles like I do, is Main Street Trading. Their just released article, click here, tells us that they are looking for a 5 week correction lower in crude oil, and that this week is only week 4. If we shadow the 2009 corrective pattern, July Crude Oil futures are vulnerable to a test of the $55.09 to $53.09 range, according to the articles. Personally I am still hopeful today's low at $56.51 is enough of a correction, or if not, we will not fall lower than $55.50 to $56 if a new low is struck. Once crude oil bottoms, either this week of next, Main Street Trading is looking for a multi-week rally towards $63.62. Sounds good to me!

    Chart of UGAZ

    (click to enlarge)

    UGAZ is back to the area where I originally was recommended longs, below $2.20. Those who bought from $1.80 to $2.20, were rewarded when we rallied to just over $3.20 last week. This week I recommended buying under $2.40, but especially at $2.20 and lower, where we are now. No matter how low UGAZ falls in the next couple days, it should minimally return back towards $2.40 even if it is going to roll over to lower levels and eventually test the bottom just under $1.80.

    Chart of UWTI

    (click to enlarge)

    On rallies back towards $3.50 in UWTI, I would recommend lightening up on strength as we could require another week of consolidation before again working towards the highs. The ultimate low on this correction could cause UWTI to fall to as low as $2.80, $2.60, or even $2.40, if the lower limits mentioned by Main Street Trading is met. Be cautious, lighten up, and wait for a drop into the $2.80 to $3 area to get more aggressive about buying back. Trading in triple leveraged ETNs, one must utilize any and all rallies to lighten up, in order to raise cash that will be needed to buy shares on the next dip to average down. Even if selling at a loss, one must be willing to part with up to 50% of your position, knowing that you can buy the shares back cheaper and save yourself from ruin. If you cannot be disciplined then you cannot successfully trade the leveraged ETNs. Personally, I prefer the futures contracts over stocks, ETFs and ETNs, leveraged or not. With futures you can take advantage of movement that occurs overnight as futures trade around the clock. And there is no slippage.


    The thoughts and opinions in this article, along with all STOCKTALK posts made by Robert Edwards, are my own. I am merely giving my interpretation of market moves as I see them. I am sharing what I am doing in my own trading. Sometimes I am correct, while other times I am wrong. They are not trading recommendations, but just another opinion that one may consider as one does their own due diligence.

    May 29 2:16 AM | Link | 4 Comments
  • Trade Of The Week For May 25, 2015: Work Out Of DGAZ And Into UGAZ By The End Of The Week

    Review Of Last Week's Trade Of The Week: DGAZ

    On May 16th, I posted an article declaring triple leveraged bearish natural gas ETN (NYSEARCA:DGAZ) as my Commodity Trade Of The Week of May 18th, click here. If you missed my update article posted on Thursday, May 21st, click here. The trade continued to work through Friday since natural gas closed near its weekly low, allowing for an outsized gain on the DGAZ position recommendation. For the week, DGAZ rallied from $4.83 to a closing price Friday of $5.56, a gain of 73 cents (15.1%). But if you bought DGAZ like myself and shopvac20 (trade recommended and posted in real time Tuesday morning on STOCKTALK), you would had potential to earn $1.06 (21.9%). As late as Thursday, many followers bought at $4.85 or a bit lower, and rode the rally into Friday. Myself, I switched over to just short the futures. Now we can take a look at the July Natural Gas Chart:

    June Natural Gas is going into delivery and can't be traded by retail speculators so I switched over to the July Natural Gas chart (Note: July Natural Gas trades for about a 5 cent premium to the June). Before I was targeting a retracement in June Natural Gas to $2.80, which translates to about $2.85 in the July Natural Gas chart, shown here. If July Natural Gas hits my target, about 2% lower, it will cause DGAZ to rally about 6% towards $5.70+. That would be a great place to take profits in DGAZ if the price gets that high. I will now cover the fundamentals of the current natural gas price action.

    Fundamental Background Of Natural Gas

    Although I don't like to spend much time considering fundamentals as I trade using technical pattern recognition techniques, I know readers like to have some mental justifications for why prices are moving up and down. So for that reason I refer you to a couple articles posted at First click here, and then here. On Thursday, Timothy Puko explains how switching from coal to natural gas by power plants has used up some excess supplies of natural gas. Teemed with warmer upcoming temperatures, the price of natural gas could soon return to a price above $3.00. The second article posted by Nicole Friedman explains how above $3.00, it is cheaper to burn coal, thus bullish long traders are apt to quickly take profits on strength, like they did on Thursday and Friday of this week.

    It was the anticipation of warmer summer temperatures that would cause air conditioning demand to burn up excess natural gas supplies that helped encourage me a month ago to recommend going long natural gas at the lows. I used technicals to time the recommended buy. Well, rallying against resistance levels above $3, $3.10 and $3.25, caused me to recommend last weekend, establishing a position in DGAZ. I am now recommending selling out of DGAZ here and on any further strength, and preparing to buy UGAZ on dips.

    Looking To Establish A Nice Position In UGAZ By The End of The Coming Week

    (click to enlarge)

    If natural gas falls another 2% early this coming week beginning Tuesday (Monday being a holiday), we should see a 6% drop in the triple leveraged bullish natural gas ETN (NYSEARCA:UGAZ) to about $2.42. From $2.42 down to $2.20, should be a great place to scalp in UGAZ this week from the long side. A 62% Fibonacci retracement of the recent rally, projects a drop in UGAZ to $2.38. We should bottom by Friday of this coming week in natural gas, and start a rally back towards $3. I plan to be picking up UGAZ on further weakness. It should be fun.

    Again, if you don't want to miss trades like these, send me an email at so I can send you a free weekly newsletter every Saturday evening beginning in June 2015.


    The thoughts and opinions in this article, along with all STOCKTALK posts made by Robert Edwards, are my own. I am merely giving my interpretation of market moves as I see them. I am sharing what I am doing in my own trading. Sometimes I am correct, while other times I am wrong. They are not trading recommendations, but just another opinion that one may consider as one does their own due diligence.

    May 24 10:03 PM | Link | 6 Comments
  • What Does Price Action In The US Dollar And Japanese Yen, Foretell About The Price Of Gold In The Near Term?

    In my last article, click here, I explained how gold needed to move higher on Friday, May 22, 2015. Well, gold did move up over $10 overnight, to $1214.60. However, June Gold was sitting at $1212.50 when the weak CPI number was released, which caused it to drop to the $1205 area. Then when Janet Yellen's remarks were somehow viewed as somewhat hawkish, June Gold fell to $1201, just 20 cents above the previous day's low. By a minor miracle, the critical $1200 support level held and we closed about unchanged at $1204.00. I guess we can give gold a Mulligan, a "do over" since we spent most of the day in the positive and closed virtually unchanged.

    So then I ask myself, is there any hope for gold next week? Well, Monday is the Memorial Day Holiday but gold will be trading on the Globex, opening Sunday night as usual, but all trades will be part of Tuesday, May 26th action. I will be trading Sunday night and Monday as I still want to buy any dips in here, even if we should drop below $1200, as I don't think we will fall below $1193 and once we bottom, we should then recover with a $20 to $25 rally in 2-3 days.

    Gold Did Well Last Week Considering The Dollar Strength

    One thing that was constructive about Friday's action concerns the US Dollar. At the beginning of the day we started with a weaker dollar, but ended with a very strong dollar. With the US Dollar up nearly a percent for the day, it is amazing gold could close at unchanged. When the US Dollar rallies 1%, one would expect that gold should have fallen 1% in value, and should have closed down $12, instead of closing unchanged, since gold is priced in dollars. Gold bought in the other currencies in the world, other than the dollar, saw an increase in the price of gold Friday. For the week, the June US Dollar futures gained $2.93 or 3.15%, while June Gold futures fell $21.30, or 1.74%. The price that Europeans, Asians and Indians, had to pay for gold actually rose this week. Gold was held back this week by the fact that the US Dollar hit a 3 month low and had a large short-covering rally. If gold was not in fact strong, it could have fallen another 1 1/2% to match the amount that the dollar gained, and instead of closing at $1204, it would have closed around $1187. In light of the dollar's strength, I am not so disappointed with the action that I saw in gold. Here is a weekly chart of June US Dollar futures:

    Going into last week, the US Dollar was down 5 straight weeks and 8 of the last 9 weeks. After topping out in March at just above 100.00, the US Dollar had suffered a significant correction, was oversold, and ripe for a short-covering rally. On March 7, 2015, I wrote an article, click here, where I mentioned the US Dollar rally was about to hit formidable resistance. The following week, the US Dollar index topped out.

    When the US Dollar topped out above 100.00, it would eventually work its way lower to a price low that was $7 off the recent high, dropping from 100.00 to 93.00. The US dollar has already bounced back about $3 which slightly exceeds the 38% Fibonacci retracement level. Another 50 cents higher and we will hit the 50% Fibonacci retracement level, and less than $1 higher we will have retraced a Fibonacci 62%. I expect the US Dollar will continue higher early in the week, but will likely turn down either 50 cents or $1 higher from Friday's close. If one looks at the daily chart (not shown) one can see how it will be challenging for the June US Dollar futures to rally much above $97.00 in the short-term, without again facing formidable resistance.

    Japanese Yen Should Bottom Another 100 Pips Lower

    I was going to show a long-term chart of the Japanese ETN (NYSEARCA:FXY) compared to the Gold ETN (NYSEARCA:GLD). The chart would have shown the high correlation between the Japanese Yen and gold. They both topped out in September 2011 and have both been in a downtrend ever sense. Yahoo Finance now has interactive charts that are not printable. If you want to do the comparison yourself, just go to the Yahoo Finance site and get a quote for FXY and then on the chart click "comparison" and type in "GLD" to have GLD And FXY plotted on the same chart.

    This week June Japanese Yen futures fell nearly 2% to score a new low close of 2015. Just take a look at the daily chart:

    On Friday, March 6, 2015, the June Japanese Yen futures hit a similar new low for the year, at a price just under .8300. This Friday the June Japanese Yen futures closed at .8233 for another new low for the year, but not by much, so far. It was the weakness in the Yen that prompted me to study the US Dollar on March 7th, and caused me to write the article calling for a dollar top. It was the Yen making a new lows now that is causing me to write the current article, relating gold to these currencies. Back in March, the Yen only fell two more days hitting a major low at a hair above .8200. That was a drop of nearly 100 pips from the Friday March 6th close. I am looking again for the June Yen futures to stop falling no more than 100 pips below Friday's close of .8233. Don't be surprised if the Yen hits bottom by Wednesday of next week. The Yen has dropped 6 of the last 7 days and is getting quite oversold. I am not looking for much follow through beyond the 100 pips already mentioned. There was news this week in Japan that implied no more increases in stimulus are likely or possible at this time. That news should have strengthened the Yen but it did not appear to help at all. I will be watching the June Yen futures prices closely this week, to see if I can catch the turn and go long near the bottom. Since the Euro is the most heavily weighted currency in the dollar index, I would like to cover that quickly before I close.

    Euro Should Bottom Shortly

    When I wrote that US Dollar article on March 7th, the Euro was falling like a rock, making the dollar rise look almost parabolic. Traders were selling the Euro relentlessly thanks to new bears entering the market short, and bullish longs selling to take their losses. Whereas the Yen would bottom on Tuesday, it took until Friday of the next week to stop the freefall in the Euro. From Friday, March 6th to Friday, March 13th, the Euro fell an additional 400 pips. Trust me, it was a lot easier to catch a falling knife in the Yen, that saw 100 pips of risk, compared to the Euro that in March would have caused 400 pips of pain. Now though, I am not so fearful of scalping the Euro from the long side, thanks to the big rally that it saw recently, and the lack of current downward momentum. A 62% correction of the entire move up off the bottom, would project a further drop on only about 160 pips lower than Friday's close, to about 1.0883.


    What is important is that if the Yen and/or the Euro are going to find a bottom next week, it should help gold bottom as well. When the US Dollar had over a 3% rally this week, off the bottom, I heard many commentators remark that the dollar was back and expect a breakout to new highs and beyond. Don't listen to the propaganda. Make up your own mind. It is good to be right. But it is better to be wrong. Because when you are wrong you can learn something. You don't learn or grow from being right.

    The June US Dollar futures closed at 96.11 on Friday and there is significant resistance just above 97.00, at 98.70, at 100.00, and at 101 and again at 102.50. Even though the dollar had one heck of a short-covering rally off the bottom, it will not be easy to undo the damage on the chart of the weakness seen over the previous 9 weeks. Just take a quick look at the June US Dollar daily chart to see what I mean:

    Note: If you want to receive a free copy of my newsletter that I will be sending out each Saturday evening beginning in June 2015, email me your email at

    Also, for nearly two years, we have been making comments in Stocktalk, so that we can all be a part of a group and share ideas during the week. I have a suggestion that might work much better. You can put the free Wechat app on your phone and then add the contact "bobed1". I have set up a group room and will add your name to the room when I accept you as a contact. Up to 100 members can join the room at one time and it should be a lot easier to access the phone vs. posting using a computer. Just an experiment.


    The thoughts and opinions in this article, along with all Stocktalk posts made by Robert Edwards, are my own. I am merely giving my interpretation of market moves as I see them. I am sharing what I am doing in my own trading. Sometimes I am correct, while other times I am wrong. They are not trading recommendations, but just another opinion that one may consider as one does their own due diligence.

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