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  • Robert Edwards
    Gold Has Broken Down Recently, So Now Where Do We Go?
    Tue, 10:39 AM
      • Robert Edwards
        $UGAZ is falling like a rock. Where is the bottom. Too late to buy $DGAZ. Like $NUGT, $JNUG, $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ on dips, vs. $DUST & $JDST
        Dec 21, 6:16 PM
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        • Growfast: 1200 to 1230+ in Gold, which would translate to a very nice overall move in JNUG and NUGT.
          Sat, 12:00 PM
        • antioxidant: If the weather forecasts Jan 6-11 are reliable, the NG Bulls should be salivating; the window to buy cheap $UGAZ could shut soon
          Sat, 9:17 PM
          • Robert Edwards
            First Day Of Winter & Colder Temperature Forecasts, So Why Did Natural Gas Hit New Yearly... $UGAZ, $DGAZ
            Dec 21, 6:14 PM
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            • luckypeter: Refer to my instablog NG.1 NatGas Pump and Dump... U R seeing DUMP now, it is explained in detail in text.
              Dec 21, 8:52 PM
              • Robert Edwards
                Record Short Interest Continuing To Build In Transocean (RIG), But Is It Justified? $RIG
                Dec 11, 1:24 PM
                  • Robert Edwards
                    Still buying dips in $GLD, $NUGT, $JNUG, $GDX, $GDXJ but balancing with $DUST, $JDST. Buying $UGAZ for quick scalps, vs. $DGAZ
                    Dec 10, 9:30 AM
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                    • Robert Edwards: Just did a new article on natural gas and ugaz, click
                      Dec 21, 6:18 PM
                    • Robert Edwards: This thread is long so I started a new one for this week.
                      Dec 21, 6:41 PM
                      • Robert Edwards
                        Lower Prices Keep Getting Rejected In Gold, But Gold Struggles To Rally
                        Dec 7, 6:07 PM
                          • Robert Edwards
                            Natural Gas And Triple Leveraged UGAZ Is Looking Cheap Again
                            Dec 2, 7:48 PM
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                            • zaw77: NG - small corrective rally with max. $4 - and lower lows soon.
                              Dec 5, 2:52 PM
                            • Robert Edwards: I think Nat Gas is a two way market. You buy the dips then get out so you can buy again on the next dip. Market won't get away from you.
                              Dec 5, 3:09 PM
                              • Robert Edwards
                                Now scalping from the long side in $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ, $JNUG, $JDST. Will buy $DUST or $JDST later. Buying dips in $UGAZ rather than $DGAZ.
                                Dec 2, 5:19 AM
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                                • skysurfer83: upside but it also doenst go down when GOLD is up as JNUG does lol. Long run I think oil could drop lower than 60, thought RE?
                                  Dec 10, 9:26 AM
                                • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread as this one is quite long.
                                  Dec 10, 9:30 AM
                                  • Robert Edwards
                                    Using Cycles To Predict The Near-Term Bottom In Gold & Crude Oil
                                    Dec 1, 11:07 PM
                                      • Robert Edwards
                                        Gold & Gold Mining Stock Review For Week Of November 24-28, 2014
                                        Nov 24, 12:58 AM
                                          • Robert Edwards
                                            Looking for 11/24/14 Top In $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ, $NUGT, $JNUG and low in $DUST, $JDST. Like $PBR, $FCX, $CLF on dips. Watching $UGAZ & $DGAZ
                                            Nov 23, 7:22 PM
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                                            • Robert Edwards: This thread is getting too long, will start a new one.
                                              Dec 2, 5:17 AM
                                            • shopvac20: where are the new threads ?
                                              Dec 5, 10:56 AM
                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                Petrobras (PBR), Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF), & Freepport-McMorRan Are All Bottoming $FCX, $CLF, $PBR
                                                Nov 23, 7:14 PM
                                                  • Robert Edwards
                                                    $UGAZ looks good in mid $13s and below. $GDX, $GLD, $GDXJ, $NUGT, $JNUG look good buying on dips. Balance with $DUST, $JDST.
                                                    Nov 16, 6:39 PM
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                                                    • zaw77: Sold out $UGAZ at 2.86 now in after market to have more cash for Monday. Wish you all good weekend !
                                                      Nov 21, 4:06 PM
                                                    • Robert Edwards: This thread is getting too long so started a new thread.
                                                      Nov 23, 8:10 PM
                                                      • Robert Edwards
                                                        Great Trading Opportunities Await For The Week Of November 17-21, 2014
                                                        Nov 16, 6:36 PM
                                                          • Robert Edwards
                                                            Gold Bounced Off The Bottom, But Is Now Rolling Over
                                                            Nov 14, 8:58 AM
                                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                                $UGAZ is rocking! $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ, $JNUG, $NUGT are trying to correct higher, so add $DUST & $JDST on dips. Buying $IAG & $CLF on dips.
                                                                Nov 10, 9:45 AM
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                                                                • shopvac20: again for NG ... I dont know how the mindset is on gold, but would be nice to see gold start moving back up
                                                                  Nov 16, 1:24 AM
                                                                • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread. New article on Gold, Nat Gas, & Crude, click Again, started a new thread.
                                                                  Nov 16, 6:40 PM
                                                                  • Robert Edwards
                                                                    UGAZ: Natural Gas Has Exploded Higher! How Much Higher Can It Go?
                                                                    Nov 9, 10:18 PM
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                                                                    • oLAISAMUFFIN: +7% pre market
                                                                      Nov 10, 4:32 AM
                                                                    • Tatt2d: Another .50 in NG = $5 in ugaz?
                                                                      Nov 10, 9:25 AM
                                                                      • Robert Edwards
                                                                        $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ, $JNUG, $NUGT all oversold but should bottom soon, $DUST & $JDST need to wait for a dip. Scalping in $CLF, $UGAZ, $IAG
                                                                        Nov 2, 2:54 AM
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                                                                        • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread! This one is too long, I agree Zaw!
                                                                          Nov 10, 9:46 AM
                                                                        • Nazoli1979: Is JDST looking like H&S type of pattern?
                                                                          Nov 12, 11:20 PM
                                                                          • Robert Edwards
                                                                            Gold & Gold Mining Stocks: We Are Witnesses To History In The Making
                                                                            Nov 2, 2:26 AM
                                                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                                                Looking At 2008 To Get Clues How The Gold Mining Stock ETF (GDX) Might Bottom
                                                                                Oct 30, 6:50 PM