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  • Robert Edwards
    Deciphering The Message Of The Market, For The Week Of Sept 15-19, 2014
    Sun, 5:44 PM
      • Robert Edwards
        "The Death Of Money" By James Rickards Cannot Be Easily Dismissed
        Sun, 2:17 PM
          • Robert Edwards
            Using Break Of $1240 Support In Gold To Get Long Both Gold And Miners $JNUG, $GLD, $GDXJ
            Fri, 2:38 PM
              • Robert Edwards
                Liking $JNUG under $17, along with $NUGT, $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ, but balancing with $DUST, $JDST. Buying $UGAZ, $SEAS, $FEYE, $SEAS, $GRPN etc.
                Fri, 11:00 AM
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                • rxraider: Looks like I should have waited to sell some of my UGAZ position.
                  26 minutes ago
                • rxraider: Pharma/biotech space getting a boost this morning. I have a basket that includes ISIS, ACHN, ARWR and ARIA.
                  24 minutes ago
                  • Robert Edwards
                    Buying The Triple Leveraged Junior Mining ETF JNUG On Dips, Continues To Pay Off Big $JNUG
                    Sep 9, 7:35 PM
                      • Robert Edwards
                        Watching $GL, $GDX, $GDXJ, balancing $JNUG/$JDST & $NUGT/$DUST. Also like $UGAZ, $CLF, $SEAS, $KING, $GRPN, $FEYE
                        Sep 8, 9:36 AM
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                        • RCamuti: Looks like 17 is holding so far in JNUG, just wish I got the completed fill and not just 2/3 of it.
                          Fri, 11:09 AM
                        • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread. I added at 17.11 RC, instead of waiting for 16.50 to add.
                          Fri, 11:12 AM
                          • Robert Edwards
                            Update On The Game Plan For Trading The Junior Miners Leveraged ETF (JNUG)
                            Sep 4, 7:50 PM
                              • Robert Edwards
                                This Might Be A Perfect Time To Buy UGAZ, The Leveraged Bullish Natural Gas ETN
                                Sep 4, 6:54 PM
                                  • Robert Edwards
                                    Teeter Totter on $JNUG/$NUGT vs. $JDST/$DUST and watching $CLF, $FEYE, $SEAS, $BKW, $GDX, $GDXJ, $GRPN, $KING, $GLD
                                    Aug 29, 10:06 AM
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                                    • davePx: Maybe the wedding season in India will save us....Smile!
                                      Sep 8, 7:54 AM
                                    • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread. This one is too long.
                                      Sep 8, 9:38 AM
                                      • Robert Edwards
                                        Burger King (BKW) Could Be A Buy Under $30 And Demands Following $BKW
                                        Aug 27, 2:40 AM
                                          • Robert Edwards
                                            Creating A Game Plan For Trading The Junior Miners Leveraged ETF (JNUG)
                                            Aug 25, 9:12 PM
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                                            • davePx: Bought some CLF 15.10
                                              Aug 28, 2:51 PM
                                            • davePx: Sold Jdst this morning for small profit ...holding CLF and will add per RE
                                              Aug 29, 10:12 AM
                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                Like action in $JNUG, $SEAS, $KING, $UGAZ, $GRPN, etc. Playing teeter/totter using $NUGT, $DUST, $JDST, $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ
                                                Aug 24, 2:57 PM
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                                                • AlphaOne777: Bought CLF @14.75 out at 14.95 for gas money!
                                                  Aug 29, 10:15 AM
                                                • AlphaOne777: out at 14.91 error above
                                                  Aug 29, 10:17 AM
                                                  • Robert Edwards
                                                    Review Of Stocks I Have Been Trading & What I See For The Week Of August 25-29, 2014: SEAS, GRPN, KING,...
                                                    Aug 24, 2:49 PM
                                                      • Robert Edwards
                                                        Buying December Gold Futures $1275 & Lower, JNUG $23.50 & Lower, NUGT 43 & Lower
                                                        Aug 21, 5:28 PM
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                                                        • davePx: Thinking the same thanks Grow
                                                          Aug 25, 1:21 AM
                                                        • davePx: Tza looking like a nice pop Grow!
                                                          Aug 25, 12:42 PM
                                                          • Robert Edwards
                                                            Elliott Wave Theory Advises Caution For Stock Trading The Week Of August 18-22, 2014 $UGAZ, $NUGT, $JDST
                                                            Aug 18, 11:52 AM
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                                                            • Robert Edwards: Might want to buy some UGAZ 14.40 and lower on this late Friday dip. If it opens weak on Monday, buy more down to 13.90 but then should pop
                                                              Aug 22, 1:27 PM
                                                            • Robert Edwards: I have a target of 21 in SEAS and could see it today LOL! Should have bot bigger earlier
                                                              Aug 22, 1:28 PM
                                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                                Playing teeter/totter with $NUGT $DUST and $JNUG $JDST. Watching $GDX, $GLD, $GDXJ, $SEAS, $FEYE, $GRPN, $CLF, $TWTR, $TSLA, $TNA, $TZA.
                                                                Aug 15, 10:37 AM
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                                                                • WahahazZz: JNUG @25 would be nice. :)
                                                                  Aug 23, 10:53 AM
                                                                • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread. Look at StockTalk under SEAS, KING, JNUG, UGAZ or GRPN.
                                                                  Aug 24, 2:55 PM
                                                                  • Robert Edwards
                                                                    Why I Believe SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (SEAS) Should Bottom Today
                                                                    Aug 15, 8:00 AM
                                                                      • Robert Edwards
                                                                        Top Shortly In $GDX, $NUGT, $JNUG, $GLD, Bottom in $JDST, $DUST. $UGAZ over $DGAZ, Watching $FEYE, $GRPN, $TSLA, $WAG, $CLF, etc.
                                                                        Aug 10, 5:44 PM
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                                                                        • SpecSpectator: RE, where did you post the new thread?
                                                                          Aug 18, 4:32 PM
                                                                        • Robert Edwards: You can look at stock talk under NUGT or you can find my home page and see where I am posting.
                                                                          Aug 19, 8:47 AM
                                                                          • Robert Edwards
                                                                            While Global Unrest & Seasonal Factors Helped Gold Rally The First Week Of August 2014, We Could See...
                                                                            Aug 10, 4:44 PM
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                                                                            • ptTL9: did we lost this week's posts?
                                                                              Aug 13, 7:47 AM
                                                                            • AlphaOne777: ptTL9: I refreshed my page about 6 times and it showed up just now. Try that!
                                                                              Aug 13, 10:07 AM
                                                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                                                After Groupon Inc.'s Post Earnings Smackdown, GRPN Could Rally Halfway Back Up The Next Few Days $GRPN
                                                                                Aug 7, 7:56 PM