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  • Robert Edwards
    Hot Trading Opportunities In Twitter (TWTR) & New IPO Weibo Corp (WB) $TWTR, $WB
    18 hours ago
      • Robert Edwards
        The Gold Mining ETF (GDX) Should Be A Buy At $22.40; NUGT A Buy At $29 $GDX, $DUST, $NUGT
        22 hours ago
          • Robert Edwards
            Please Tell "Chicken Little" The Sky Is Not Falling!
            Apr 13, 12:26 PM
              • Robert Edwards
                Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. (HALO) Bulls: "Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful... $HALO
                Apr 11, 8:41 AM
                  • Robert Edwards
                    Buying dips in $KING, $HALO, $DGAZ, $GDX, $NUGT, $GDXJ, $BITA, $CLF, $PBR, $TSLA, $JNUG. Watching $JDST, $DUST, $GILD, $ANGI, $SOCL
                    Apr 10, 12:23 PM
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                    • Toastypro: I think it is the last ditch effort by long traders to push the price up. NG price soon to be reversed. Below 2.90 is double down
                      Thu, 8:05 PM
                    • Robert Edwards: Composed a new article on GDX/NUGT/DUST, click
                      21 hours ago
                      • Robert Edwards
                        Stocks on my watch list: $BITA, $HALO, $ANGI, $GDX, $NUGT, $CLF, $PBR, $TSLA, $GDXJ, $JNUG, $JDUST & $DUST
                        Apr 6, 9:00 PM
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                        • Growfast: If you are bullish on Gold, miners should be at a good buy point in here on this weakness.
                          Apr 10, 12:21 PM
                        • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread
                          Apr 10, 12:24 PM
                          • Robert Edwards
                            Angie's List Inc. (ANGI) Is Trading At Long Term Support $ANGI, $TWTR, $SOCL
                            Apr 6, 8:45 PM
                              • Robert Edwards
                                Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. (HALO) Has Been Knocked Down Before & Recovered $HALO
                                Apr 6, 7:00 PM
                                  • Robert Edwards
                                    Like These Stocks Now: $HALO, $KING, $PBR, $CLF, $GDX, $NUGT, $TRTC, $BITA, $TSLA, click No $DUST, or $JDST
                                    Apr 1, 10:20 PM
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                                    • Robert Edwards: New thread is listed under NUGT, HALO, GDX, ANGI, BITA, DUST, PBR, CLF etc. Check one of these and it should show up.
                                      Apr 7, 9:51 AM
                                    • davePx: Article on where gold is headed
                                      Apr 9, 10:48 AM
                                      • Robert Edwards
                                        A Review Of Our Favorites: HALO, GDX/NUGT, KING, BITA, TSLA, PBR, CLF
                                        Apr 1, 10:16 PM
                                          • Robert Edwards
                                            Momentum/Biotech Stocks Look Poised For A Rebound $HALO, $MYGN
                                            Mar 30, 10:40 PM
                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                Don't Bet Against Elon Musk: Upcoming Opportunities In TSLA & SCTY $TSLA, $SCTY
                                                Mar 30, 9:42 PM
                                                  • Robert Edwards
                                                    CLF Warning! With $CLF leaving S&P after 3/31/14 close, it could fall $1 next week. I liquidated today on move above $20
                                                    Mar 28, 11:28 AM
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                                                    • davePx: Sold some PBR ...nice profit
                                                      Apr 2, 10:05 AM
                                                    • Robert Edwards: HALO has gone to sleep but staying above 12.00. I am positive the stock, just a matter of time before it pops. BITA is great for dip buying
                                                      Apr 2, 10:53 AM
                                                      • Robert Edwards
                                                        Buying These Lucky $13 Stocks Petrobras (PBR) & Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. (HALO) $HALO, $PBR
                                                        Mar 28, 9:28 AM
                                                          • Robert Edwards
                                                            Stocks I Like Now: $HALO, $JAZZ, $PBR, $CLF, $GDX, $NUGT, $JNUG, $GLD. Don't like $DUST, $JDST
                                                            Mar 28, 8:24 AM
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                                                            • Robert Edwards: New article and will start a new thread: click
                                                              Apr 1, 10:17 PM
                                                            • John4565121: RE - What is your outlook on JNUG ever returning to 30$?
                                                              Apr 2, 2:25 AM
                                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                                A Timely Look At Quintiles Transnational Holdings Inc. (Q), And Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. (HALO) $Q, $HALO
                                                                Mar 25, 11:45 PM
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                                                                • davePx: Article to lend some prospective on the Fed's moves
                                                                  Mar 26, 5:44 PM
                                                                • davePx: Missed the PBR pop this morning...
                                                                  Mar 27, 11:04 AM
                                                                  • Robert Edwards
                                                                    Gold/GDX/NUGT/JNUG Turned Down On A Dime.....They Can Turn Back Up The Same Way! $NUGT, $GDX, $DUST
                                                                    Mar 24, 3:48 PM
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                                                                    • mattitan: How do I get on this new thread; I learn a ton by listening to you folks
                                                                      Mar 28, 9:41 AM
                                                                    • Robert Edwards: go to stocktalk on nugt, halo, or pbr etc.
                                                                      Mar 28, 10:13 AM
                                                                      • Robert Edwards
                                                                        Looking for $41 to hold in $NUGT. $JDST, $JNUG, $GDX, $GDXJ, $DUST, $GLD, $PBR, $DGAZ
                                                                        Mar 24, 9:14 AM
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                                                                        • Toastypro: NG high for now but it will turn south for next few months until hot season arrives
                                                                          Mar 27, 3:39 PM
                                                                        • Robert Edwards: Started a new thread
                                                                          Mar 28, 8:25 AM
                                                                          • Robert Edwards
                                                                            Timely Trading Advice For The Week Of March 24-28, 2014
                                                                            Mar 23, 8:14 PM
                                                                              • Robert Edwards
                                                                                Now That Petrobras (PBR) Has Bottomed, How High Could It Go? $PBR
                                                                                Mar 22, 4:32 PM