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  • Robert Edwards
    With Deeply Entrenched Down Trends, Why Am I So Bullish On Gold And The Miners? $GDX, $GLD, $NUGT
    Jan 1, 5:14 PM
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    • shopvac20: Thanks RE, Looks like they did a good amount of work over the ponds last night we need to keep it up.
      Jan 2, 8:50 AM
    • melanielshop: Gold starting off the year nicely
      Jan 2, 9:10 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Today I start daytrading to reduce my average price. will look for spots to sell strength and buy back on weakness,
      Jan 2, 9:17 AM
    • Robert Edwards: so far, sold a few NUGT 29.37 and NEM 23.57 to buy back lower if we correct a bit to fill gap some
      Jan 2, 9:19 AM
    • Robert Edwards: on taper decision day NUGT could not get above $29 so now we exceeded that day's high already.
      Jan 2, 9:20 AM
    • Robert Edwards: gold up and stock market down.....unbelievable! Am I still asleep and dreaming? I guess markets do trade both ways after all.
      Jan 2, 9:26 AM
    • glaserdx: both gold & dollar up today
      Jan 2, 9:45 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Sold some more NUGT 30.37 so out of 30% of NUGT at 29.37 & 30.37. Will buy back on weakness. Sold some NEM 23.80 again, still holding core
      Jan 2, 9:50 AM
    • shopvac20: I still have all core NUGT, looking to climb to the 50 mark, what are your thoughts after this morning activities?
      Jan 2, 9:57 AM
    • glaserdx: GLD is above Avi's 118 mark- see if it holds
      Jan 2, 10:00 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Resistance on GDX is 21.90 area to 22 and 22.21, the old low of late June. May struggle at these points today, getting thru
      Jan 2, 10:00 AM
    • Robert Edwards: My son ave. is 21.88 in GDX if we has not added. Finally break even for him. He won't sell here though, will wait for 24 to 25 minimum
      Jan 2, 10:03 AM
    • Robert Edwards: I am not bearish but decided I would sell a bit on strength to lighten up so I can carry NUGT thru any low it goes to & not get stopped out
      Jan 2, 10:06 AM
    • Robert Edwards: After I sat and did nothing on taper day, and let it make a marginal new low, I vowed to dump some NUGT on trade above $29, that day's high
      Jan 2, 10:08 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Anybody who can't hold NUGT thru possible $18 to $20 price move, should dump today or tomorrow a few shares to lighten up for staying power
      Jan 2, 10:09 AM
    • Robert Edwards: I try to never dump on weakness but remember the pain to remind myself to dump a little on strength when given the opportunity.
      Jan 2, 10:10 AM
    • Robert Edwards: If my average is $41 in NUGT, I can sell some from $30 to $50 and still average selling at $41 breakeven. Freed up cash to buy on any dips
      Jan 2, 10:12 AM
    • glaserdx: Rob did you mean $18 to $20 on NUGT or GDX to sell some shares?
      Jan 2, 10:21 AM
    • ptTL9: nugt 50 sma at $36.41, at best this move will stop there
      Jan 2, 10:22 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Glaser, If gold does roll over and trade down to $1090 area, NUGT could fall to $18 to $20. I place the probability of that happening
      Jan 2, 10:27 AM
    • Robert Edwards: less than 15% but no need to take chances. GDX and NUGT are very back and forth and even on a good rally, should be able to sell strength &
      Jan 2, 10:29 AM
    • Robert Edwards: buy back on weakness. From now on, will sell on any strength and buy on any weakness to get going scalping again. Scalping and overnight
      Jan 2, 10:30 AM
    • glaserdx: ok thanks
      Jan 2, 10:30 AM
    • Robert Edwards: buying or selling in the aftermarket and getting out in premarket, is my bread and butter. Gonna stop doing this buy and hold thing in NUGT
      Jan 2, 10:30 AM
    • gaklaw: very much appreciate your concurrent posts of your day trading activities...with you on trying to lower avg & not hold all thru another low
      Jan 2, 10:43 AM
    • ptTL9: thanks for the posts RE, any thoughts on buying DUST. I am thinking on getting in at $39, I don't believe in gld rallying first half of Jan
      Jan 2, 10:51 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Holding in here really well, so bot the NUGT back at 30.02 that was sold at 30.37.
      Jan 2, 12:08 PM
    • Robert Edwards: I would hold off on buying dust unless one did it very small, till gold hits 1240 area, probably tomorrow.
      Jan 2, 12:09 PM
    • Robert Edwards: My new rules for 2014 which I plan to implement as soon as I can get out of some of my current position, is to buy 1/3 of DUST or NUGT &
      Jan 2, 12:11 PM
    • Robert Edwards: if making money, just take that and be happy. If losing in NUGT, after 1/3 invested, can only DUST & visa versa, till another 1/3 cash spent
      Jan 2, 12:12 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Then final third is added to which side is making money at the time. This way, stay more balanced like with Lefty's teeter totter.
      Jan 2, 12:13 PM
    • Robert Edwards: left a word about above. If long NUGT then can only add to DUST and if long DUST, can only add to NUGT. This way will stay balanced more
      Jan 2, 12:14 PM
    • Robert Edwards: I will release some preliminary trading rules proposals for trading NUGT/DUST, in an instablog within the next 24 hours.
      Jan 2, 12:19 PM
    • Robert Edwards: I had sold some NEM at 24.10 for small scalp and bot back at 23.90. Still holding core NEM and have not touched GDX shares
      Jan 2, 12:36 PM
    • sszaheer: It will be great for some of us. Thanks RE
      Jan 2, 12:38 PM
    • glaserdx: looking forward to NUGT/DUST trading rules. Sold some NUGT @ 30.50
      Jan 2, 12:40 PM
    • Robert Edwards: sold some NUGT 30.49 for scalp, that was bot back at 30.02. Will buy back again just under 30
      Jan 2, 1:02 PM
    • melanielshop: On my third trade in/out of NUGT. It's a great start of the year!
      Jan 2, 1:08 PM
    • Robert Edwards: I figured we might get a 1:30 gold closing dip but not today it looks like. Holding in pretty good. Will have to buy on any weakness
      Jan 2, 1:26 PM
    • ricejudicata: Heavy physical demands from the Chinese and looser regs from the Indians. Hope we sustain momentum going into debt ceiling debate.
      Jan 2, 1:31 PM
    • davePx: Yes sold at 30.7 waiting for a dip...
      Jan 2, 1:31 PM
    • shopvac20: These are the fun days, where is Growfast? hope he is enjoying todays gains as well.
      Jan 2, 1:32 PM
    • davePx: I am sure he is focused this morning
      Jan 2, 1:38 PM
    • gaklaw: Regretting that I didn't pull the trigger to get trading shares back in around 30. Oh well..Great day for my core NUGT!!
      Jan 2, 1:41 PM
    • Robert Edwards: New high of day right after they closed gold, very interesting indeed. Looks like we go to $1240 to $1250 tomorrow so I add before close
      Jan 2, 1:55 PM
    • melanielshop: Hmmmm...when to buy on the dip
      Jan 2, 2:08 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Bot NUGT back at 30.74. Will add towards 30.00 more if we get that low today
      Jan 2, 2:20 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Buy order in NEM at 24.01 not yet filled
      Jan 2, 2:20 PM
    • bobzic: If GOLD close above $1227, it will be a rally tomorrow.
      Jan 2, 2:21 PM
    • Robert Edwards: When GDX closes above 22.21 the bottom is confirmed. Should happen tomorrow. Will add more on any weakness today
      Jan 2, 2:22 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot more nugt 30.41
      Jan 2, 3:05 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot some NEM 24.08
      Jan 2, 3:06 PM
    • melanielshop: Gold up, dollar up, 10 year up...which one is out of synch
      Jan 2, 3:10 PM
    • Robert Edwards: today is more bullish than expected even by mr. bull, me. might get a late day surge on shortcovering to new HOD
      Jan 2, 3:14 PM
    • Robert Edwards: tomorrow should test 1260 in gold if we get some followthru buying in asia like I am looking for.
      Jan 2, 3:16 PM
    • rodh7858: I have mentioned b4, don't watch dollar index, instead watch dollar vs yen. A yen bottom & reversal is needed as a pre-cursor for gold raly.
      Jan 2, 3:17 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot more NEM 24.00
      Jan 2, 3:29 PM
    • shopvac20: Would like for gold to finish the day strong... stop the slide.
      Jan 2, 3:41 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot more nem 23.95 just before close
      Jan 2, 4:08 PM
    • shopvac20: front page on market watch, gold!
      Jan 2, 7:16 PM
    • gonetouring: Team, I think that we are "off to the races now", new year, a paradigm shift: Comex is almost out of deliverable gold; JPM has been stashing
      Jan 3, 4:20 AM
    • gonetouring: 96% of Dec contract; GDX way oversold; rise in POG in Asian trade was phenomenal; at these levels a DRAMATIC short covering rally is v.pos
      Jan 3, 4:22 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Sold NEM today 24.22, GDX 22.15 and NUGT above 31.51 and totally flat this minute. Will not cautiously buy back on dips. Decided to sell
      Jan 3, 9:52 AM
    • Robert Edwards: against resistance of 24.21 area in GDX, the old low. If we get back thru that, then I will get long again in a big way. But if not, I
      Jan 3, 9:52 AM
    • Robert Edwards: will add on dips and be more balanced and play both DUST & NUGT. Being a Friday, we may not extend today and may have to wait till next week
      Jan 3, 9:54 AM
    • Robert Edwards: On the dip to the lows of the day, I bot NUGT back 30.80, and NEM 23.98, & some GDX 21.99, but not big like before. Already sold GDX 22.13
      Jan 3, 9:56 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Will now buy on dips, correction, instead of not cautiously buy. Decided to lock in gains of last couple days, even tho still at a net loss
      Jan 3, 9:58 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Miners have outperformed last couple days over gold metal, and want to see GDX be able to prove it can move above 22.21 before heavy long
      Jan 3, 9:59 AM
    • shopvac20: RE, did you unload your core position in nugt ?
      Jan 3, 10:00 AM
    • Robert Edwards: GDX has problems putting 3 green bars together. We have two strong big green bars and today would be day 3 and already struggling as usual
      Jan 3, 10:00 AM
    • Robert Edwards: I am still bullish for continuation next week, but feel I can buy back a bit lower today and possibly Monday of next week before going on up
      Jan 3, 10:01 AM
    • Robert Edwards: After daytrading some today, my average NUGT sell is over $32 so I have room to get back in before we take out $32.
      Jan 3, 10:05 AM
    • Robert Edwards: I am very committed to getting my NUGT money back, but feel that day trading and repositioning and not being as large of a position, I will
      Jan 3, 10:08 AM
    • Robert Edwards: get my money back sooner than just buying and holding, and I won't need $41 price to do it. I should have money back much sooner.
      Jan 3, 10:09 AM
    • Robert Edwards: this way. $50 target is still valid for NUGT. Will be lots of rallies and dips getting there though and I might as well play them like now
      Jan 3, 10:10 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Right now GDX is up one tick and gold is 1234, so miners are under performing. If gold comes back to 1229 or 1230 area, GDX new LOD maybe
      Jan 3, 10:35 AM
    • Robert Edwards: Right now, I have gotten back half my loss from the worst prices when NUGT was at $24 and GDX low $20s. Better to sell on strength vs. weak
      Jan 3, 10:37 AM
    • Robert Edwards: ness. Held out NUGT thru the 20s and would have held down to $20 or a bit lower if required, to sell above $32 like now. I can now buy
      Jan 3, 10:38 AM
    • Robert Edwards: NUGT in more balanced way till we take out resistance above $32. Don't want to give back the gains made in last couple days in any case.
      Jan 3, 10:39 AM
    • Growfast: Gold showing some strength here, would like to see bigger rally.
      Jan 3, 10:55 AM
    • shopvac20: welcome back grow - we had fun yesterday! I would like to see us pass the 1240 mark.. think we would shoot over 32 in nugt
      Jan 3, 11:33 AM
    • Growfast: Yep. We are pressing up against the high of the day. If we can pop it with conviction, we could have some fun today.
      Jan 3, 11:35 AM
    • Growfast: NUGT acting a little weak versus Gold, but that cycles each day. When it snaps back and if Gold moves, we may see more than 32.
      Jan 3, 11:36 AM
    • Growfast: Here we go making a run at new HOD. Pushing for it to break!
      Jan 3, 11:37 AM
    • davePx: Grow we just need some little steps up and nugt will perform well, the volatility momentum swings it to under or over perform.
      Jan 3, 11:43 AM
    • davePx: If gold will take another run at 1240 I would be happy for today
      Jan 3, 11:46 AM
    • Growfast: We made a new HOD in Gold, but pulled back a little afterwards. From past behavior when Gold was pushing against boundaries like it is
      Jan 3, 11:47 AM
    • Growfast: it almost always breaks out. Before COB, I am expecting a break out to the upside over 1240, hopefully another strong run.
      Jan 3, 11:48 AM
    • sszaheer: Any comments on gold.
      Jan 3, 12:12 PM
    • davePx: Nugt currently underperforming ...
      Jan 3, 12:18 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Just did an article concerning a single trading rule that could be helpful in trading DUST/NUGT, click
      Jan 3, 12:19 PM
    • shopvac20: Not much action today, vol. seems to be low for nugt, looking for gold to break through the resistance of 1240, then see if nugt reacts. RE?
      Jan 3, 12:21 PM
    • shopvac20: this morning before the market was open NUGT was up $1, when gold was at 1236
      Jan 3, 12:22 PM
    • Growfast: New HOD in Gold, but only taking it out a little at a time. NUGT underperforming as you stated shop. My speculation is that NUGT holders are
      Jan 3, 12:25 PM
    • Growfast: quick to take profits as profits have been hard to come by during the last couple months. But, if you look at the 3 month NUGT and NEM chart
      Jan 3, 12:25 PM
    • Growfast: We are looking very bullish. Especially once Gold pops, I think more conviction will come back into NUGT as they will see this rally is real
      Jan 3, 12:26 PM
    • Robert Edwards: With Friday option expiration, we often have lethargic markets as Big $ option sellers don't want volatility. They like to close at strikes
      Jan 3, 12:29 PM
    • Robert Edwards: GDX may close $22, NUGT may close near $31, NEM may close near $24. Sometimes they close half way (the middle) between strike levels
      Jan 3, 12:30 PM
    • sszaheer: hard to understand this action although RE explained it earlier
      Jan 3, 12:31 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Still hold NUGT bot back near lows of day, and NEM, but out of GDX for now, watching to buy back on any further weakness
      Jan 3, 12:31 PM
    • sszaheer: Any one looked at NQ and CLF
      Jan 3, 12:32 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Unlikely we get the surge in gold before the 1:30 p.m. New York close. But may pop immediately after close like happened yesterday
      Jan 3, 12:32 PM
    • Growfast: SSZ - Yes; still holding call options on NQ. Pulled back a bit today, but we should see 16 become lower bound support soon.
      Jan 3, 12:34 PM
    • sszaheer: How about CLF at 25.15?
      Jan 3, 12:52 PM
    • Growfast: Haven't looked at CLF and don't believe I have it on my watch list. Any particular reason you raise this one? Fundamentals? Technicals?
      Jan 3, 12:56 PM
    • Growfast: Bernanke speech coming up. I need to dig a little to see if this might impact Gold/NUGT/NEM/GDX.
      Jan 3, 12:59 PM
    • Growfast: Gold is over 1238 and working on breaking out above 1240. Treasury yields are moving down expecting Bernanke to talk about keeping rates low
      Jan 3, 1:05 PM
    • Growfast: If economy is improving, FED does communicate again low rates going forward, and FED is talking about getting inflation up, should help Gold
      Jan 3, 1:05 PM
    • melanielshop: Some say the Bernanke speech may be more of a goodbye speech than a policy speech. What do you think?
      Jan 3, 1:08 PM
    • Growfast: I think you are correct but FED is in session over the weekend too. So Bernanke or other FED members will likely talk some policy. Here is
      Jan 3, 1:10 PM
    • Growfast: what I find in expectations: 1) Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Fed, will speak at 2:30 p.m. about how the Fed is changing;
      Jan 3, 1:11 PM
    • Growfast: 2) some analysts looking for comments emphasizing the central bank's commitment to maintaining low rates.
      Jan 3, 1:11 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Gold made a marginal new high, thanks partially to a 600 contract outsized buy order. Rallying prior to NY close as shorts getting nervous
      Jan 3, 1:11 PM
    • Growfast: Gold is looking strong. Need to pull out the defibrillator for NUGT/NEM/GDX! :-)
      Jan 3, 1:12 PM
    • sszaheer: Book value $37 Cash flow around $7, an article seeking alpha, read it if u get a chance you & RE better understand stocks technical levels
      Jan 3, 1:16 PM
    • Growfast: We just popped 1240 on Gold. Could get really interesting here.
      Jan 3, 1:20 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Sold out NUGT in 31.60s, just bot half back 31.15, will add more on weakness, along with NEM
      Jan 3, 1:29 PM
    • Growfast: Appears to be a good buy for today, RE. NUGT is certainly on sale again with Gold at levels of 1239-40.
      Jan 3, 1:31 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Trying to buy NEM 24.07, GDX $22.00
      Jan 3, 1:31 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot some GDX 22.03, got my NEM 24.07, will add more on weakness
      Jan 3, 1:34 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot some NUGT again 31.01
      Jan 3, 1:36 PM
    • davePx: Did the same ...
      Jan 3, 1:37 PM
    • davePx: Why is Nugt underperforming so deeply...something is up!
      Jan 3, 1:38 PM
    • Robert Edwards: looking more like they want to pin NEM near 24 today, GDX around 22, and NUGT close to 31, as mentioned earlier
      Jan 3, 1:39 PM
    • shopvac20: gold took a retreat from the 1240 range... nugt is sleeeeping on the ups then wakes up for the downward movement. still green though!
      Jan 3, 1:46 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot more nugt 30.80, have nearly 80% of NUGT position on
      Jan 3, 1:52 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Looking like profit-taking Friday in miners as they outperformed gold yesterday and giving back a bit today.....making me cautious in here
      Jan 3, 1:53 PM
    • Robert Edwards: bot some 30.90 GDX, have 60% of GDX position back on. Have 40% of NEM position on, buying 23.95
      Jan 3, 1:58 PM
    • Lefty6x6: dumped my nugt (30.90) @ 31.50 this more... teeter totter --- looking to unload my dust (39.00) @ 40.
      Jan 3, 2:02 PM
    • Robert Edwards: gold popped right at 2 EST, must have been a report out then that gold buyers liked
      Jan 3, 2:03 PM
    • davePx: Really is a poor show hear...
      Jan 3, 2:03 PM
    • Robert Edwards: So far today, GDX struggling to get above 22.21, the June low. Should bust on thru on Monday with gold moving over $1240.
      Jan 3, 2:05 PM
    • Growfast: Last Friday, we had weakness if you recall on GDX/NUGT mid-day and a strong rally to finish the day. Looks like we may see that pattern
      Jan 3, 2:05 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Gold may not stay above $1240 and may not close above $1240 on Monday, but should trade above that level before falling back much
      Jan 3, 2:06 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Placed buy order at 30.50 to add to NUGT, placed buy at 23.90 to add to NEM, if we drop a bit more in here
      Jan 3, 2:07 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Correction, traders liked the headline of 2:00 p.m. report, but quickly sold gold back off when more detail known apparently.
      Jan 3, 2:09 PM
    • Robert Edwards: looking for a rally back to $24 in NEM, $22 in GDX, and $31 in NUGT, so bot more NUGT 30.30 and now 100% of NUGT position back on
      Jan 3, 2:13 PM
    • Robert Edwards: I lowered my breakeven in NUGT today by over $1.25 by daytrading a bit so now can break even $39.70s instead of $41.
      Jan 3, 2:15 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Need to do this every day or at least every week. At this rate, hopeful can make a new $ high in trading accounts during Jan 2014
      Jan 3, 2:17 PM
    • Robert Edwards: GDX has had a bid under the market, nearly the entire day, with the Bid size often exceeding 1000 (100 share lots). This is constructive
      Jan 3, 2:33 PM
    • Robert Edwards: When the bid size keeps exceeding the ask size, there is accumulation going on, which tends to keep rally going for a few more days
      Jan 3, 2:34 PM
    • davePx: Got caught in the downdraft...looking for upside close but concerned about this last hour of trading...
      Jan 3, 2:34 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Gold holding up well when one considers this is Friday and profit taking of new longs could have hurt it today. Closed near highs and
      Jan 3, 2:43 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Set up for Sunday night and Monday break of 1240 resistance that should bring nice pop on Monday opening. Monday will be tricky day maybe
      Jan 3, 2:43 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Monday may hang some longs but not today. If we have a correction day, it is likely on Monday after stronger opening that bears fade.
      Jan 3, 2:44 PM
    • davePx: Got hurt today, will look to Monday fort relief
      Jan 3, 3:01 PM
    • Lefty6x6: morning pops -- one way or the other -- every time. I'm guessing nugt up at the open, then a fade and dust gains ground before a range day
      Jan 3, 3:45 PM
    • davePx: Goldman released a negative article on the miners...5 hrs ago
      Jan 3, 3:55 PM
    • davePx: Plus US dollar climbing
      Jan 3, 3:56 PM
    • shopvac20: Still holding core nugt .. 50 target still in sight, the weakness today was a downer ... Kept looking for miners to join golds rally
      Jan 3, 3:56 PM
    • Growfast: Sold weekly 26.5 NUGT calls at 454% profit. Disappointing close after being up this morning over 650%, but a good week overall.
      Jan 3, 3:59 PM
    • Growfast: RE and Lefty - if you guys are right about Monday (strong open and fade), I may sell some NEM and buy some NUGT puts on the strong open.
      Jan 3, 4:03 PM
    • davePx: Good one grow are rolling in it!
      Jan 3, 4:03 PM
    • shopvac20: Grow, congrats !! Great week for you !! Will you write an article about puts and options for beginners
      Jan 3, 4:07 PM
    • shopvac20: To end the day with a selloff sucked !
      Jan 3, 4:08 PM
    • sszaheer: added 700 NUGT @ 30.20
      Jan 3, 4:09 PM
    • Growfast: Sure, I will work up something shop. From a NUGT chart perspective, probably not too bad with this close as we are stretching the upper
      Jan 3, 4:09 PM
    • Growfast: bound of the Bollinger band. Chart is still quite bullish and hope to spread that band further on Monday.
      Jan 3, 4:09 PM
    • glaserdx: Grow- 2nd Shop's request for options article
      Jan 3, 4:20 PM
    • sszaheer: Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend.
      Jan 3, 4:20 PM
    • bobzic: Veyr strange day
      Jan 3, 4:22 PM
    • shopvac20: Great thank you! Also thank you RE for your trade postings!
      Jan 3, 4:30 PM
    • glaserdx: 2nd Shop again!
      Jan 3, 4:33 PM
    • Growfast: Here is my instablog for leveraging options with NUGT and DUST,
      Jan 3, 6:36 PM
    • Robert Edwards: Great article! A must read and a must thing to do -- buying put protection when the original position starts to mount a loss. Thanks much
      Jan 4, 6:57 AM
    • bobzic: It is difficult to stay bullish after a weird day like yesterday. As announced last week, NUGT is @ $30.
      Jan 4, 11:30 AM
    • Growfast: bobz - I think the price action in Gold tomorrow night and into Monday opening will determine. NUGT traders likely are quick to take profits
      Jan 4, 3:12 PM
    • Growfast: following the challenging times we have had past couple months. Gold needs to show follow through moving up, then I think we will start to
      Jan 4, 3:13 PM
    • Growfast: see premium prices again. Also, against some resistance on the upper Bollinger Band from TA perspective. RE, and I agree, believes the Gold
      Jan 4, 3:14 PM
    • Growfast: price will still move up and NUGT/NEM/GDX will continue to come around. But, if we see downward Gold, then I may be back to considering puts
      Jan 4, 3:14 PM
    • Growfast: on NUGT or a little DUST - but not ready to do that yet with the bullish expectations on Gold next week and the still bullish NUGT chart.
      Jan 4, 3:15 PM
    • Robert Edwards: You got it right Grow. Gold and the miners are at a critical spot here. Some prognosticators are calling for gold to stop at $1240 or 1250
      Jan 4, 3:51 PM
    • Robert Edwards: And then retest the lows. We could struggle for a day or two getting thru the resistance here but there is better than 50% chance we punch
      Jan 4, 3:52 PM
    • Robert Edwards: on thru, IMHO. I have many reasons which I will put in an article later today. We have either seen the bottom, or we have one more dip to
      Jan 4, 3:53 PM
    • Robert Edwards: suffer thru. Either case, any dip should be shallower than anyway suspects it will be, and regardless, we r turning up in the end. Just a
      Jan 4, 3:54 PM
    • Robert Edwards: question of timing. How soon before miners can call victory. Victory is at hand either way it would appear. Better times for bulls coming!
      Jan 4, 3:55 PM
    • Robert Edwards: New article and thread, click
      Jan 4, 9:53 PM
    • Lefty6x6: Grow: were you able to take advantage of the morning pop?
      Jan 6, 5:10 PM
    • Growfast: Didn't hit any of my targets to make adjustments today - for DUS, call or put options. Thought we might break 32 on NUGT, but with flash
      Jan 6, 5:11 PM
    • Growfast: crash, was too low to enter DUST in a matter of a couple minutes. Unusual day. Sounded like Dave exited at near peak and got back in, as
      Jan 6, 5:12 PM
    • Growfast: well as RE.
      Jan 6, 5:12 PM
    • Lefty6x6: nuts and bolts. I'm sitting on dust @ 37.80 - had a sell in at 39.25 and came up just shy. tomorrow will be here soon enuff I suppose.
      Jan 6, 5:16 PM
    • Growfast: DUST still had a lower low and lower high and lower close than Friday. But, who knows? Will be watching for direction tomorrow and will
      Jan 6, 5:19 PM
    • Growfast: consider DUST or puts if it seems to make sense based on direction.
      Jan 6, 5:19 PM
    • Growfast: Today was essentially flat on Gold. Price now is about where it was at 6 am this morning, after spending most of the day above those levels.
      Jan 6, 5:20 PM