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  • Author Update On MCig And Turn Your Cash Into Vapor [View article]
    MCIG has started early, utilizing a very attractive price point (so what if they use a Chinese OEM) to sell to a well-defined target customer base. They have differentiated themselves through product that offers more flexible use options (cartridges and loose), have no debt, are obviously still getting the hang of supply chain fundamentals but are putting in the work early, getting their shareholders excited and building momentum. They will do just fine.
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  • Why I Am Getting Giggly Over Growlife, Inc. [View article]
    One quick question/ask of opinions. This article came out on SA seven years ago.

    I have held a long, single lump buy position since November 2012...essentially sitting idle and not losing anything/actually watching incremental gains tied to what I (correctly) believe is a go-forward monetization potential on some of their patent catalog given the changing climate here in the states, as well as abroad, in relation to MMJ.

    Here's a list of their patents held as of 2008:

    Continue to hold long and hedge on these patents? I think there are some intriguing things here (strictly removing $PARS ' lack of a currently tangible/coherent business model from the equation), having reviewed many other patents tied to what could be good go-forward MMJ R&D progress, but I'd be interested in hearing off the cuff opinions in either direction.
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  • Why I Am Getting Giggly Over Growlife, Inc. [View article]
    Right, and "sustained" means "sustained at their very lean, pre-2012 national MJ push levels", which may or may not have continued to be sustainable at all. They are a niche market that is on the cusp of really potentially being a sector leader (once the sector develops).
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  • Why I Am Getting Giggly Over Growlife, Inc. [View article]
    Belgium, I didn't say that Growlife had entirely divested themselves from their brick and mortar operations. I just said that they had diversified to, in my opinion, a point where they might be done paying the rent and can now add some fancy furniture and a skylight/growlight.

    As for Kyle Tracey, I'm going to bet it on green with him and say he will execute. I believe the relationship he has with Growlife is still a good one, and I foresee a wealth of collaborative work ahead between the two companies, and/or diversification which might pit one against the other. All intangibles...just like this sector as a rule of thumb.
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  • Why I Am Getting Giggly Over Growlife, Inc. [View article]
    Yeah, GWPH is the one that got away (and I thought the sell at a ten-spot was a nice one! Oh the humanity!!!!!)
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  • Why I Am Getting Giggly Over Growlife, Inc. [View article]
    I have been in and out of $PHOT for over a year, dipping in and out to take profits, but now I am in big and for the long haul. Growlife has effectively diversified away from the brick and mortar foundation that has sustained them (while still keeping it operationally sound), they are actively investing in other companies and, most importantly, they are showing an astute ability to manage change as it pertains to a fledgling industry rife with 'flash in the pan' pump and dump's that get buyers just out of the churn associated with a developing market. A sucker was born every minute, but $PHOT will be just fine.

    It was also good to see some people talking about $FSPM. I just sold my six month old position today and made a tidy profit. I think that they may have hit a healthy max and will now vacillate with the tide until the sector stabilizes.

    I also have very long positions on $AERO (about to jump out for a bit), $EAPH, $NVLX, $MCIG, $TRTC and $CBIS (all since early December 2012). $GRNH did very well for me in the course of a year, but I got out at a slight loss. No tangible, fluid (impressive) assets or financials got me skittish and now this thing is lower than it was when I started. I did pretty well on the $VAPE reverse and will stay long because they have deep pockets and seasoned leadership. I was long on $MJNA and thankfully got out when it hit half a buck. There are so many eyes on them that I think they have to succeed at SOMETHING now because failure will be ugly., but I'll wait and let this thing roller coaster itself into a frenzied chaos that will hopefully ultimately create some semblance of order (or at least predictability). They are currently a hot mess I still wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

    I got into $FNJN pretty heavily as a result of their takeover merger with Boston-based Converted Organics ($COIN), which I held a very large position in, and will add to my position via spec investing. FinJan Holdings is a firm which generally makes money on patent litigation, etc. Converted Organics is a company that makes organic fertilizer. FinJan has heavy financial backing from an Israeli investment firm and Israel is coincidentally one of the cutting edge leaders in MMJ research, seed technology, etc. My gut tells me there may ultimately be a play there and, independently, I automatically started gravitating towards pure seed company plays in the US once CO and WA did their thing but, outside of the big Agri companies, I haven't yet liked what I see, and/or it's such a small niche that we haven't even seen it yet.

    Which brings me back to $PHOT. As has been said a million times, this is a new sector and there will be volatility of a nauseating variety until it gets real legs and starts walking (ie: banking, oversight, Fed, financials, etc). Unless you're a day-surfer who loves to incrementally make dough on the back of the volatility, do as much research as you can, create and invest in a diverse "Pot-folio" (sorry...couldn't resist...I call my MJ portion of the portfolio the "Green Chips") and live/learn/love the term "Long position". We're at least lucky enough to see so much pure undervalued gold out there. It just takes a smart shovel to dig through all of the garbage to get to it. Until the sector starts developing, ie: states implementing passed policies and working through issues, etc., it's the wild west out there.

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or paid by any of the aforementioned companies (other than the fact that I owned and operated a very productive Phototron closet unit back in college haha).
    In all seriousness, it's a very exciting time to invest. Have fun with it.
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  • Medical Marijuana Inc Shareholder Update and Letter [View article]
    I'm going to stay long on it. If nothing else, I think the sustained exposure/attention that they have gained via bloggers eroding the share price will manifest itself in their having to actually tighten the screws and become a business. I saw an extensive interview and factory tour on an evening Boston news show with Tripp Keber which included a full facility tour of Dixie Botanicals. I was very impressed. Definitely not any kind of fringe or shell company. They are positioning themselves for a larger US market, if the Fed takes a states rights stance on MJ, but more than dutifully servicing their smaller market and getting their business ops honed.
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