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  • Tim Cook's Improbable Victory In Washington [View article]
    I agree, this is the show on the hill. I think that Carl Levin's tax return should be made public and let the American people see how the honorable Sen Levin has "maximized" his income taxes. I wonder if Sen Levin would pay his CPA if he found the CPA had missed a tax deduction or write-off Levin was entitled to.
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  • Tim Cook's Improbable Victory In Washington [View article]
    Think about this. We had NO dept of Energy until it was created during The Carter Administration. Created for the express purpose of decreasing US dependency on Foreign oil.
    We now import 4 times the oil that we did then. DOE now employs 16,000 people. Now if you can, try and imagine just what 16000 people in the DOE do each day. What do they produce, if the purpose is to lessen dependency, how do we justify that many folks, actually moving against their stated purpose?
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  • Tim Cook's Improbable Victory In Washington [View article]
    Wrong, Tim Cook is doing exactly what the shareholders demand.
    He should continue to do just that.

    Every dollar of profit Apples makes will circulate and turn over thousands of times in the economy, each time it turns over someone gains and more and more taxes are paid.

    Every dollar that goes to taxation is taken from the marketplace first, then doled out to endless redundant programs. The government produces nothing, and grows only with taxes on profits.
    You make no profit, you pay no taxes, you pay no employees, you purchase no materials or services. You can operate only for a short time if you satisfy no needs and have not created a satisfied and repeating customer base. Fast bucksters always end up on the scrapheap.

    It makes no difference how many tax dollars go to Washington, it will never be enough.
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  • Tim Cook's Improbable Victory In Washington [View article]
    The show on the hill, Levin and Mccain should deliver their tax returns to the committee, and let's take a look at how they "maximized" their taxes. Apple responsibility to it's shareholders is their first obligation, they are shareholder bound to run the company as efficiently as possible.

    To do otherwise in the name of pleasing a group of show-offs who just want publicity by calling out Apple would be very counter productive to every entity involved.

    As others have pointed out numerous times this country does NOT have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. If all of Apple's worldwide revenue was turned over to Carl Levin it would be gone in a week!
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