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  • The Truth About Yongye International (Part 1) [View article]
    furthermore, here's a place to start. on the yongye website there is a picture of a branded store with the phone number clearly listed on the banner.

    call it. talk to them. ask them who their distributor is. ask them for other stores. ask them how shengmingsu has been selling. claim that you are in a different province and wish to buy it. do your own due diligence instead of asking other people to do your work for you. what are you, 10 years old?
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  • The Truth About Yongye International (Part 1) [View article]
    Why do you want ME to do YOUR homework for you? You are the one struggling to find some peace of mind here and wanting specific answers. If you are going to have a heartattack over not having the specific customers listed out for you in the 10-K why not just call YONG's IR and ask? Go implore to the management to include this detail in their reports so that you can be satisfied.

    Instead of whining on the yahoo board for answers, and on this post for answers, why not turn it into something productive and instead focus on figuring out the answer for yourself. Go talk to management and or solve your riddle, and report back to me.
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  • The Truth About Yongye International (Part 1) [View article]
    Are you a robot that reads a SEC filing word for word literally? The information is supposed to provide you with enough background on the company so you can further ask your own questions if you have them. It's not an end all document.

    I never said yong sells to customers directly. I simply pointed out to you who the ultimate customers were, so if you want to follow the food chain of who pays who, and if you really cared to go all the way back to the starting point, that is your answer.

    Furthermore, what don't you understand about my position? I don't care to know the name of the distributor, so why would i feel the need to do your own required homework for you? YOU are the one that wants to know two names, so why don't you find out and report back instead of saying all this nonsense asking us to give you two names just to be difficult? If you have tried to go about it using a bottoms up approach as I have clearly pointed out to you and have found the answer is "they don't exist", why don't you just go ahead and make your statement already?
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  • The Truth About Yongye International (Part 1) [View article]
    The ultimate customer is small farmer A and small farmer B, who purchased from independently owned store A and store B, who was supplied and branded by provincial distributor A and provincial distributor B, who purchases from YONG.

    If you want to do more digging on YONG's credit quality you'll have to do some research. Since you have such a nagging desire to know two customers, why not just go call a few stores and ask them who their provincial level distributor is? I'm sure someone will tell you where they are getting their product from, and maybe they'll even be happy enough to tell you how it sells compared to competing products.

    If no one else can provide you with your answer, why not find out yourself so you can contribute something positive?
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  • The Truth About Yongye International (Part 1) [View article]
    Customers include Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Chan, both middle aged farm working families from their small rural village. They purchased Shengmingsu from their local Yongye branded store. Go and visit them and ask them whether or not it's changed their lives.

    If you want to go further, go and talk to the individual branded stores to see how well Shengmingsu is selling compared to the competitng products.

    If you want to go further, ask the store owner who the distributor is and check the 10-K to see if they have been increasing or reducing their direct Shengmingsu purchases.

    As a small-time investor on this side of the world, I haven't felt the need to go looking so deeply into this, it's just not cost effective to do so. I based my meager investment on the sources of credibility which Kurt has so kindly listed out for you and for me that's enough. But if you have such a big '?' around two customers, go travel to China and find out for me. I'd really appreciate if you were to share your findings.
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