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  • Hedge Funds Are Buying These 3 High-Growth Energy Stocks With Encouraging Sales Trends [View article]
    I am long RIG and VLO. Believe both have pospects for early capital appreciation and low downside risk. Merrill has tied a can on DO's tail and rated it UNDERPERFORM. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Hewlett-Packard: Time To Rebuild [View article]
    Since when is taking a lady to lunch sexual harassment???? I am long HPQ. It is now the most overbought stock in the entire S&P.
    Merrill B-2-7 NEUTRAL Morningstar HOLD S&P HOLD. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • A Whale With Claws: JPMorgan's Clawbacks And Compensation [View article]
    I am long JPM AIG and BAC No info on BAC, but here's what Merrill reports on JPM and AIG.
    JPM Merrill B-1-7 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P HOLD.
    AIG Merrill C-1-9 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P BUY
    Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Is It Time To Buy AbbVie? [View article]
    I am long ABBV. Merrill A-1-7 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P HOLD. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • BP Is A Solid Long-Term Investment [View article]
    BP bought out Amco and Atlantic Richfield (I think) so they are part American. I am long BP without hesitation, however APC and VLO which I am also long may be better investments right now. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Pfizer's Next Big Deal Will Generate Income For Novartis, Prevent Competitors' Initiative [View article]
    I'm long PFE, maybe 25 years when it was $60/share and on Merrill's US#1 BUY list. I sold my NVS about 2-3 years ago for about $60 after holding it many years and only collected dividends and no capital appreciation( Merrill A-1-7). With a little research I could tell you about Upjohn going broke, and GSK bought at $45 dropping to $35 for years and years and on and on. Sniff! I think I'm going to cry. Right now I'm long PFE (A-1-7). BMY (A-1-7) TEVA (C-1-7) GILD(B-1-9 US #1) AABV(A-1-7) QCOR (C-1-7) WCRX(C-1-7). At Merrill, ONE means BUY and 7 means dividend. Why don't I feel rich??? I'm waiting for PFE to get back to $60. Thanks! GWBJ (RIP VAN WINKLE). Put your money in cigarettes and whiskey. They make profits. When Obama gets through with the drug companies, Insurance, physicians, and hospitals, we are going back to the house call and home remedy days. B-T-W, I started practicing back in those days. The last pneumonia and congested heart failure who was really sick, and I treated on daily house calls was in 1970 when penicillin still worked. At Snyder, Texas I had my black bag and portable ECG and treated heart attacks at home. I attended my first meeting of the ACofC in N.O. in 1964 where Drs.George Burch and the NYC Cardiologists taught classes in home treatment of Myocardial Infarction. That was before monitoring and the CCU. I forgot the question. GWBJ.
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  • Sirius XM: Why I Want You To Sell Your Shares [View article]
    I am long SIRI. Merrill has it listed on its US#1 BUY list. Morningstar HOLD S&P BUY. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Intel-Cisco Foundry Deal Confirmed [View article]
    I've had CSCO and INTC long for about 10++years. They are cheap, cheap, and cheap. These ratings came off my 2/28/2013 Merrill statement. CSCO Merrill B-1-7 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P BUY. INTC Merrill B-1-7 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P HOLD. Value Line likes them too. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Oracle: High Expectations... Perhaps Too High [View article]
    I am long ORCL and MSFT Merrill as of 3/29/2013. ORCL $32.33 B-1-7 BUY P/E15.05 Y=0.74% 12 mo poj P $38 5 yr,avg Gwth =15% Morningstar 4 star BUY FV $39 BUY at $27.34 S&P 3 str HOLD 12 mo Target P $37.

    MSFT $28.37 12 mo obj P $35 B-1-7 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P BUY. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • How Much Is Exxon Worth? [View article]
    I'm long both. According to Mary Ann Bartels , TA for Merrill, XOM and AAPL are the two most OVERSOLD stocks in the S&P 500. Merrill, Morningstar, and S&P have them a BUY. Be my guest!. Thanks! GWBJ. Merrill is still NEUTRAL on CVX, and are hot for APC and HES. GWBJ.
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  • New Car Sales Are Booming - As Ford Stumbles In South America [View article]
    I'm long both GM and F. I looked them up fresh in Merrill today.
    F 3/29/2013 $13.15 Merrill C-1-7 BUY P/E 9.26 Y=3.01% 12 mo obj P $20 5 yr Gwth==5.86% beta 1.26 Morningstar 4 star BUY FV $21 Buy@ $12.6 S&P 4 star BUY 12mo Target $15.

    GM $27.8 Merrill C-1-9 BUY P/E 9.49 Y-0% 12 mo obj P $35 Short Interest 4.84% 5 yr GWTH==16.2% Morningstar 5 star BUY FV $52 Buy @ $31 S&P 3 star HOLD 12 mo Target P $31.

    I'm standing standing "pat" and pass. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Lightning Round - Amazon Is A Wild Card (3/27/13) [View article]
    Continued from above (BELOW) Savita 3/28/2013. With widespread expectations for a pull back, and many waiting to buy on the dip, WE MAY NOT GET A DIP. (On W$W with Lew Rukeyser, Julius Westheimer said the time to buy a stock is when you have the money. Joke!) Trying to time pullbacks can lead to under investing in an up market. We expect global recovery and record corporate profits. Stock dividend yield 2.1% 10-year Treasury 1.8%. Time and tide wait for no man. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Lightning Round - Amazon Is A Wild Card (3/27/13) [View article]
    I'm proud to say that I'm long all of Cramer's bullish stocks and own none of the bearish. "Time and tide wait for no man." My broker informed me that Mary Ann Bartels was promoted to a higher executive position within Merrill. She was/is my favorite Technical Analyst. Savita has to be the hardest working Quantitative Analyst. I have the latest reports from both and I will summarize their summaries. Mary Ann Bartels 3/25/2013.S&P 500 held support at 1530--1525. Holding above 1530--1500 keeps the bull market rally intact. Market breadth and volume are strong. The S&P continue to test the longer term highs 1550--1576 with the next resistance at 1600--1625. The S&P has rallied 131% since March 14,2009. We define a bull market as a 20% rally without a 20% correction. This bull has "legs" Too many people favor a pull back. Savita recommends hold your nose, jump in, and test the water
    Resistance levels: 1. 1550--1576 2. 1485--1465
    Support levels: 1.1530--1500 2.. 1485--1465
    Overbought HPQ Oversold PETM Most Attrative BUY (I'm long).
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  • Cramer's Lightning Round - The Sellers Are Wrong About Oneok (3/20/13) [View article]
    Sentiment and facts don't jibe. I'm swayed mostly by market gurus. Maria asked, " where are the sellers?" on last Friday's CNBC. I'll tell you where, Merrill Lynch! Private clients, institutional clients, and hedge funds are selling stocks and investing in ETFs. Savita sends me a weekly report on who is buying and who is selling. Since December 2007 private clients and institutional clients have been consistently NET SELLERS. Hedge funds have been NET SELLERS since January 2011. ETFs are NET BUYERS. At our Merrill, I'm the last of the old time stock pickers. I stay invested.
    Just a pain! I buy and sell mostly with the secretary. I asked my broker, "if everybody is selling, who is buying?" He chuckled and replied, "don't worry! For every seller, there is a buyer." Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Pfizer: Hope For The Future? [View article]
    I'm long PFE. It's almost doubled in the last two years. Merrill A-1-7 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P BUY.

    I met an ex-Detail lady of PFE in the basement smoking lounge of the aeroporta in Puerta Villardo who admitted she could make more down there in two weeks than she could working for PFE in one year. I think she was into renting Condos and real estate saleswoman etc. In Mexico, I don't think a lady of the evening could do that well. In Singapore, a Japanese college girl can fly down and make enough in one weekend to pay her tuition and all expenses for one whole semester. Back in my writing days, I deducted my research trips and expenses, etc from ordinary income. Thanks! GWBJ.
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