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  • Merck: A Bright Future Ahead  [View article]
    I sold mine 2 years ago at $39-$40 near Merrill's target Price. I will wait for dip. Don't believe it's on Merrill's BUY list. BMY and PFE are both A-1-7 BUY and pay a dividend. I'm long both. I'll buy MRK when my broker starts banging the table. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Gilead And Its Competitors In The Hepatitis C Race  [View article]
    I am long GILD. Merrill B-1-9 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P BUY.
    I am long ABBV Merrill A-1-7 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P HOLD
    Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Oracle: Sell-Off Creates Long-Term Entry Opportunity  [View article]
    I am long ORCL. It's a prestige stock, sort of like a Rolls. If it drops down to about $25, I might buy some more. It's like owning mineral rights on land in East Texas with known reserves, and nobody will drill.
    There won't be much drop. As of 2/28/2013 ORCL Merrill B-1-7 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P HOLD. If market mania occurs, it may shoot up to $80 like 2000, then sell and run like hell. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • This Drug Store Is On An Expansion Spree  [View article]
    I sold my WAG about 2 years ago and bought CVS. I suspect WAG is overbought. I follow it dayly, and will buy when it becomes a bargain.
    CVS 2/28/2013 Merrill B-1-7 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P BUY. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Buy Abbott? Not So Fast  [View article]
    I'm long ABBV. One of my sons has been detail salesman to physicians for ABT for 20 Years, and "with a little bit of luck" he'll retire with ABBV. or ABT, whatever, not a day early.
    As 0f 2/28/2013 ABBV Merrill A-1-7 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P HOLD.
    Thanks! GWBJ. Walter played tailback on the 1982 Westbrook High Beaumont, Texas 5A State Champs. He was the last "white" running back. Because he was also the best blocker they moved him to full back, and they made it to Regionals in 1983 where they lost when their star quarterback broke his passing arm in the first quarter.
    Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Euro Financial Crisis Creates Opportunity In Telefonica  [View article]
    I'm long TEF. I thought it had already dipped. You can sell phones, but collecting the bills are difficult. You can charge anything, but collecting is the problem. As of 2/28/2013 Merrill B-2-9 Neutral Morningstar BUY S&P SELL When I bought TEF, all three, Merrill, Morningstar, and S&P had it a BUY BUY BUY. I can't remember making any money on a South American or Mexican stock. The big joke down there is to "screw the greengo." I'm Holding . It's too late to sell. Hasta! GWBJ.
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  • The Tech Giants On Trial  [View article]
    At this time HPQ is the number one overbought stock in the S&P 500. It's the Barack Obama of stocks. It's like Samuel in the Old Testament rising from the grave. NOT DEAD ONLY SLEEPING. IT'S GOT COOL AND MOMENTUM (mass X velocity) and the vector is up.
    2/28/2013 Merrill B-2-7 NEUTRAL Morningstar HOLD S&P HOLD. I have a bunch I paid $35-$40, and I'm only $2000 in the red.
    One dip in the Ganges, and you clean the sins of three life times. When the sellers stop, it doesn't take many buyers to run a stock up. I'll sell you mine for $50. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Valero, The Agricultural Oil Play  [View article]
    I bought 600 shares of VLO before it was up graded at about $20 and it more than double on me in less than a year. WOW! I think it's got more to go at $43-$46. However, since I'm way overweight in energy, It'll have to retreat some before I buy more. When and if they finally put in the Keystone pipeline, I think VLO will profit handsomely. Serious! GWBJ.
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  • Sirius XM: Money Flow Remains High Despite Struggling Share Price  [View article]
    I'm long SIRI. Merrill has it on its US #1 BUY list. Thanks! GWBJ
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  • Yahoo Spends Cash Intelligently  [View article]
    I want Yahoo to win! I sold mine several months ago at modest profit. When Merrill raises it to buy, I'll buy. However, Savita put YHOO on one of her BUY list. I checked today. YHOO 3/22/2013 $23.36 Merrill C-2-9 NEUTRAL P/E 7.09 Y=0% 12 month Trgt P $22. Morningstar 3 star HOLD S&P 3 st HOLD.

    Being a life long Dallas Cowboy fan, I approach every game with high hopes. However, I believe Jerry Jones made a judgemental mistake in keeping Tony Bono. Maybe he can buy Johnny Manziel from Tex A&M. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - When A CEO Leaves (3/21/13)  [View article]
    I'm long ORCL. Neither Merrill nor Value Line changed their rating when ORCL recently disappointed. If it goes down, I'll probably buy more. One said ORCL would come roaring back in Q2 The rest of above I don't own. YHOO and PG made Savita's buy now list. They may be set for a "break out." Since they were very short (Orkam's razor), I'd like to take this space to summarize Russ Koesterich's and Mary Ann Bartels' advise summaries that appear weekly on mlol. Russ 3/18/2013. Evidense suggests that the economy is gaining momentum. Factory production and retails are improving despite higher taxes. Savers are spending their savings at an unsustainable rate. Wage increase lag and will be slow to improve as employment slowly increases. We would be wary of consumer sectors which are overbought, and suggest ENERGY where attractive evaluations offer support.
    Mary Ann Bartels 3/18/2013. The USA economy remains relatiely strong compared with the rest of the world. Holding above S&P 500 1525-1530 the market is following a bullish trend. Investors Intelligence reports 18.8% Bears left among news letter writers. Nobody wants to sell our great stocks. Overbought readings can last weeks to months.
    S&P 500 levels Resistance 1550-1576 Support 1530-1525.
    The most telling off the cuff remark Maria Bartiroma has ever let slip was Friday when she asked, "where are all the sellers?" Thanks! GWBJ. It would be incredible if we went through another "1982-like" secular bull in our life time. It would be wonderful if all those companies would share their cash hoards with the stock holders, and bring all that foreign cash back home. They could balance the budget. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Lightning Round - Cisco Is Terrific (3/21/13)  [View article]
    I'm long CSCO.3/22/2013 Merrill B-1-7 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P BUY. Savita at Merrill selected CSCO as the #1 tech stock of 2013 in her top 10 selections. Cramer is Manic-Depressive and probably takes Prosaic. MAD MONEY is aptly named. I had a friend "jim" a surgeon who was depressed because of so many malpractice suits. So was I, and I took Zoloff. Dr. Adkins put Jim on Prosaic. Later Jim caught Dr. A. in the hospital hall and asked." when does Prosaic start working?" "Does your pecker stand up ?'' "No! replied Jim." " It's working!" answered Dr. A. Zoloff causes impotence, 5 lb a month weight gain, and inability to ejaculate in case you get up. However, it will save your life, and it's better to gain 80 pounds and want no sex, than sitting in dark corner and thinking about suicide all time. Major depression means suicidal. Zoloff and Prosaic!. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • How Much Is Qualcomm Worth?  [View article]
    Beauty is in eyes of the beholder. I am long on QCOM BRCM & INTC plus others. Why don't I feel richer??
    QCOM all 3/22/2013. $65.92 Merrill C-1-7 BUY P/E 17.39 Y=1.5% 12 mo Target $75 5yravg Growth 13% US#1 BUY LIST
    Morningstar: 4 star BUY FV $75 Buy at $52.50 S&P 5star BUY 12 mo Target $84 Forward P/E 16.7 Trailing P/E 17.4

    BRCM 3/22/2013 $34.42 Merrill C-1-7 BUY P/E 27.76 Y=1.28% 12 mo. P $40 5 yr Gwth 15%. Morningstr 3 star HOLD FV $39 Buy @ $23 S&P 5 star BUY 12 mo. Target $41

    INTC 3/22/2013 $21.33 Merrill B-1-7 BUY P/E 10.01 Y=4.22 12 mo. P target $28 5yr Grwth 10%. Morningstar 4 star BUY FV $26 Consider buy at $18.20 S&P 3 star HOLD 12 mo P $23 Y=4.2%

    I still believe in Santa Clause. I recently read where a vibrant young male was divorcing the world's most beautiful model because she spent all her quality time in front of the mirror. It's "COOL" to buy the latest gadget. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Wall Street Waking Up To Yahoo's Alibaba Holding  [View article]
    I sold my Yahoo. I plan to buy more. NOT DEAD ONLY SLEEPING. It's oversold, but when they show a profit I'm a buyer. I'm impressed with that little Marissa gal. She's got true grit. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Apple: $420 A Share Could Have Marked The Bottom  [View article]
    "Stay your ground, keep your powder dry, and don't fire until you see the white of their eyes." (Robert Clive--Battle of Plassy). I bought a little at $500, and $420 is even better. I think prudent long term investors may start accumulating shares at $420 for a glorious future. As of 2/28/2013. Merrill C-1-7 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P BUY. Thanks! GWBJ.
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