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  • PNC Financial's 5 Favorite High-Yield Stocks [View article]
    As of 1/31/2012 Merrill has GE B-2-7 NEUTRAL, Morningstar BUY, S&P BUY. I HOLD mine in a CMA until the "hereafter." All the drug stocks listed.are good and have limited downside risk. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Analysis Of Berkshire Hathaway's Recent Buys [View article]
    I own BRK B and sometimes wonder why. It seems to fluxuate with the market and stuck on $78. It doesn't pay a dividend. The stocks listed above did well. At least they didn't muck up. What were your conclusions and recommendations? Should I buy, sell, or hold? Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Microsoft 2012 - Time To Sail Through Uncharted Waters? [View article]
    MSFT (1/31/2012) Merrill B-1-7 BUY TP $33. Morningstar BUY S&P BUY. I'm long MSFT and don't plan to sell. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Billionaire Leon Cooperman's Top Stock Picks [View article]
    I asked my broker if I should put more money in Black Rock Large Cap Basic and Black Rock Asia Pacific in my IRRA, and he answered, " why? You do better than they do, " and explained. You can guess the rest. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • David Einhorn Goes Bullish On Tech Stocks [View article]
    Wow! I don't like to be first to comment. I think our market is teetering on S&P 1350, most promising stocks are overbought, and it could go either way. Last week I bought a few shares of HAL and HES, and that is all in February. Yesterday Jim Cramer gave a lecture, "there is a time to buy and a time to sell. When the facts change, you must change. Sometimes you may have to sell at a loss. Have an exit strategy." Lisa from BACML wrote, " earnings surprises from Q4-2011 were unremarkable with year-over-year growth decelerating meanfully. The worst in Europe is yet to come. Austerity and deleveraging have not begun. Investors should get out of cash and treasuries and into big Cap US and EM stocks having growth, quality, and yield." Rebecca from JPM appearing on Kudlow announced, " I'm recommending big cap US and EM stocks." There's commercial construction going on in Dallas, however , Richard Fisher, President of the Federal Reserve Bank, appearing on the Kudlow show reported, " the real economy is not robust. Wall Street is too eager." There's a big tug of war between the bulls and bears, and some say the smart money is SHORT. I'm crawling back under my rock and hope that "something good happens." When the bull elephants are fighting in the grass, the field mice head for the woods. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Nokia's Windows Phone Lumia Will Conquer The World Bit By Bit [View article]
    I am long NOK. "To own it is to buy it every day" Cramer. When I first bought Nokia stock it was $60/shr many years ago, maybe 20. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - What Keeps Me Up At Night (2/8/12) [View article]
    2/16/12 we had a good day in all three markets today and the bulls and "14,000 on the DOW predictions" were back. Yesterday, they said all the smart money was short. Tonight , Jim Cramer looked straight at me and said, "don't buy HESS" and pushed the Bear Button. WOW! I'd recently sold my XOM at profit and bought some HAL and HES. HES had gone up $6 since I bought it ,and XOM had gone down $3. So I looked it up and compared HES to XOM on Value Line. Merrill has XOM A-1-7 BUY, Morningstar BUY, S&P BUY.

    HESS Corporation 2/16/12 $64.99 Merrill B-1-7 BUY, Morningstar 4 star BUY and S&P 4star BUY. 12 mo. P $100 P/E 12.97 Y= 0.62% Beta 1.35.

    Value Line: HESS Corp. (HES). $64.88 A-3/3/2 P/E 11.2 Y=0.63% D/C 23% Average for timeless. XOM 2/16/12 $85.41 A++2/1/3 Y=2.2% P/E =10.14 3-5 yr p. $140/$115. Remains core holding and timely. I probably should have held XOM, but I bought at $$62 and sold at $87. Greed and fear rule the market. The market is teetering on overbought and could correct any time.
    Thanks GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - What Keeps Me Up At Night (2/8/12) [View article]
    12:30A.M. Thursday. Hank Paulson, former Pres of Goldman Sachs And Sec of Treasury under Pres GW Bush and now P&CEO of Paulson Institute was interviewed by Andy on Squawk Box yesterday. I'll summarize from memory: "What is good for China is good for the USA. They are our largest trading partner." It will take Europe years to correct. Flawed government policies long in place caused our banking crises. It will be years before we correct and unemployment returns to acceptable levels. Only growth in the private sector will get us out of debt and working again. WE have to cut down on entitlements and Medicare We need a whole NEW TAX SYSTEM that will allow growth and increase revenues.
    Our markets opened up and in the green. Europe was green. By 9:30A.M., The DOW was down 97, the S&P down7, and the NASDQ down 16. WOW! GOOG, AMZN, and AAPL headed south. Jim Cramer observed, "you can't go up every day." Kellogg bought Pringles from PG, and DVN jumped up $5 to $71 on good earnings and news of "secret" newly discovered "black" oil field from which they expected to produce over 600,000 Bbl/day. "There's still plenty of oil in the old fields. You have to frack 'em to get it out." Later on MAD MONEY the Pres of Devon (DVN) made a plea for the Keystone Pipeline from Alberta Canada to Port Arthur on the Gulf so the USA and Canada could supply the whole world with LNG, crude and oil products. It would put lots of people to work and solve our budget problems. Jim advised, " wait to the clouds clear and BUY DVN, K, and AAPL on pull backs. Lastly, Dr. Edward Lazear with the great smile and Eco Prof at Stanford and Eco advisor to Pres GWBush said, "the problem with our budget is we spend too much." There's been no real improvement in our Economy and no decrease in unemployment. The Republicans better stop bickering and calling each other names, get their act together, and deliver the GROWTH MESSAGE." Lisa Schelatt's picture reminds me a little of my first wife. Lisa is CIO of Investments at BACML and writes long reports with big long words e.g. "Starbucks has 5 baristers." I'm going to wait and do it tomorrow. She went further than Bob Doll and is into EM paper and growth stocks. China is up. FXI is $40 from $32. I doubled and tripled on FXI about 15 years ago when Barclays first put it on the market. Hasta LaVista. GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - What Keeps Me Up At Night (2/8/12) [View article]
    Happy Valentine! I'm fixing to rain on your party. I got the RIC report in my email today (2/14/12), and it's 2:15 A. M. in deep Southeast Texas. It's quite long and technical so I'll try to excerpt and summarize while trying to convey the message. The BACML "RIC" has argued that the top of the market would be S&P 1350 which is exactly where we are now. It may/will not exceed fair value unless we see undeniable evidence of an acceleration in US housing prices and an acceleration in European and Global earnings growth. A model stock portfolio would now trim growth and add value. RIC continues to like the secular growth of US technology stocks, but would trim positions from stocks that have reached all-time highs and buy high quality Financials within the US. (I'm not bull shittin' you).

    The global economy would experience a severe crises if Brent crude exceeds $US 130/Bbl. RIC forecasts an average 2012 price of Brent of $US 110/Bbl and WTI of $US 103. Gold will go to $2000 an ounce. The mess in Europe will continue to muck up our markets. A shooting war with Iran would cause a major spike in oil prices and muck up the whole world. You'd have to give up bass fishing and driving to see Grandma on Sundays and walk to church which is exactly what we did during WW II. Everybody got religion. Hasta LaVista GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - What Keeps Me Up At Night (2/8/12) [View article]
    Tuesday 10 A.M. 2/14/2012 I turned on CNBC and Gene Simmons, star of KISS, was explaining his new life insurance company for rich people and it included their dog and pets. WOW. My wife stop paying on a couple of my policies after I reached 75 because the premiums got too high. The market is down this morning, but not enough for a buying opportunity. XX Investment company called in and reported that the "smart money" was SHORT. C downgraded BAC from BUY to NEUTRAL and raised their Target to $8.50. I'm on Merrill's internal mailing list, and I have about 6 unread this morning, however I promised to summarize Bob's and Mary Ann's from last night. I think they were "shocked" by DOW 15,000 and were trying to keep the flock from bolting like good shepherds.
    2/13/12 Bob Doll: There is little prospect of the economy improving. The stock market and US economy will "muddle through." Markets don't go up in a straight line, and we can expect set backs as markets experience consolidation and corrective action.
    2/13/12 Mary Ann Bartels. A minor correction is possible. Market internals producing broad breadth point to a cyclical bull market. Continue to by on dips and focus on megacaps with growth and yield. Resistance remains 1350-1365 and 1370-1375. Support is 1250--1200.
    I'm going to save my cash and crawl back under my rock like the Geico man. "Hey Rick, you know a bald headed guy named Michael Parness?" Hasta La Vista. GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - What Keeps Me Up At Night (2/8/12) [View article]
    (Continued from below) A seemly intelligent, David Walker, was forming a third political party to deal with the government's deficit and was going to run as third party candidate like Ross Peron to make sure to split the conservative vote and re-elect Barack Obama. Somebody stuck Barron's in front of the camera, and it read "DOW 15,000." I quit Barron's back when I bought my Bass boat. Ho! Hum! Everything in Europe and the US was green so I went back to bed. According to Michael Parness, when the market goes up, you can sit back and relax, but when it gets volatile, you need his free book and DVD on "Power trading. Kapow!"
    Next time I turned it on, Cramer was saying, " I like the banks! BAC stock has gone up 60%, and its bonds from 80 to 90%. It's time to buy the money center banks." "I like NE. They discovered the world largest gas reserve off the Continental shelf of Israel. NG is the fuel of the future." Our markets were up, and next time I turned it on there was 'the' Byron Belski at Oppenheimer's. "Psychology rules the market , short term. This is a classic melt up and next S&P 1400. Eventually everything will revert to mean." They don't have trouble getting the "creme-de-creme" when the market's going up. Next was Mark Hulbert. " Insiders are selling 8/1, like rats deserting a sinking ship. The next 1800 move on the DOW will be down. When P goes up and E goes down, the market corrects, and we are overbought now."
    Dr. Jeremy Siegel, Nobel Prize nominee for reporting DQW 15,000, appeared on "FAST MONEY" as guest. "In a bull market, the market will grow even if earnings are slow. We will see 15,000 in two years." Michael Parness said, " take charge of your own investments NOW." On "MAD MONEY" Cramer said, "I'm taking Michael Dell off my wall of shame. It's okay to trade DELL. BUY banks. Later Kudlow reiterated his prediction of DOW 14,000 and accused Barrons of stealing his thunder. Dr. Bob Froelich was a regular on Lew Rukeyser's W$W. I can't ever remember when he was not bullish on stocks. He agreed with Larry 100%. Dick Bove,' who has now surpassed Willie Sutton as the world's most famous authority on banks said, " you can still triple or quadruple your money if you buy BAC at $8. It'll go back to $25 and then $50 where it was before. BUY all the banks. Banks are cyclical stocks, and they lead an economic recovery. Making loans is how banks make money. JPM has Jamie Diamond, and he's the best of the rest.
    (Continue below/above. I'm almost through. Merrill has new bulls out today, the Bob and Mary show.).
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - What Keeps Me Up At Night (2/8/12) [View article]
    It's 2 A.M. CST in Woodville ,Texas, and Suzie, my 19 year old Boston Terrier, woke me to come use my computer so she could go to sleep. She has gray hair, Dowenger hump, generalize arthritis, and partial paralysis from a herniated disc in the lumbar spine. She won't sleep with me any more, because she falls off the bed trying to go pee. When I sit down at the computer, she lays down touching my feet and goes right to sleep and snores.
    I woke up at 5 A.M. (2/13/12) turned on Squawk Box, and there was Richard Bernstein, now billed as contributer of CNBC. RIC was top research and stock picker at Merrill before they went broke and invented the "RIC" report and sell side indicator. He was after Christine Calles and before David Bianco. E. Stanley O'Neal bought up all those $117B toxic bonds without consulting "RIC." and founders Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, Bean, and Smith all turned over in their graves. The former Chiefs of Investment at Merrill read like "Who's Who on Wall Street." I think Bob Ferrell came before Chuck Clough and then Christine. (continued above. I'll get around to stocks.)
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  • SeaDrill: Offshore Tender And UDW Rig Operators Offer Excellent Economics And Growth Potential [View article]
    As of 1/31/2012 taken from my BACML monthly statement.
    Noble NE Merrill B18 BUY Morningstar BUY S&P BUY SDRL Seadrill LTD Merrill C17 BUY Morningstar HOLD S&P N/A
    RIG Transocean LTD Merrill A28 NEUTRAL Morningstar BUY S&P HOLD
    I do not own ESV and NOV. T. Boone Pickens does. I read one report that estimated RIG would quadruple its profits next Year. Probably rumor and gossip. All three have WFT a BUY. Thanks! GWBJ.
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  • 7 Rallying European Stocks Being Bought Up By Hedge Funds [View article]
    They seem foreign to me. I think I'll pass. GWBJ.
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  • Cramer's Mad Money - What Keeps Me Up At Night (2/8/12) [View article]
    It's just too tempting for me to resist. President Bill Clinton told an audience in Canada, " if Iran attacked Isreal, he'd get a rifle, get in a ditch, and help defend Isreal himself." WOW! That was before bypass surgery. I eat at JACK and MCD and never DRI . I own DIS, 7000 shr of STD and 5000shr of NOK , and I'm thinking about buying back JNJ when it drops to $60. I really don't have any trouble sleeping. The best thing about retirement is an afternoon nap "For the smile of beauty and the smile of health" eat a big bowl of Raisin Bran with 2% fortified milk and Sweet and Low for breakfast and start the day with a big BM. Then your troubles will be little. If that doesn't work, get a Boston Terrier for a bed partner. Hasta La Vista. GWBJ.
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