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  • 3 Mid Cap Stocks For The Retiree Part 2  [View article]

    So true on the Utilities Sector and to think it was hard to find any of the talking-heads stating at the beginning of 2011 that the sector would perform in the manner it has for the year.
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  • 3 Mid Cap Stocks For The Retiree Part 2  [View article]
    Thanks Chowder....I appreciate the reply and throwing in the actuals was great.
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  • Trading Out Of Terra Nitrogen, CVR Partners  [View article]

    Nice article and I have to say a good sell at 26 or so just a couple of dollars off the high.
    When UAN dropped to 20 I bought some more shares.
    Like Surfgeezer I am holding and increasing my position for the income stream.

    All the best,
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  • 7 Must-Own Dividend Stocks For 2012  [View article]
    Great choices to follow-up on or to have in the fold.
    AGNC is a watch and I'm am looking to add to the financials but just felt it was to close to NLY which you know I have.
    But then I noticed you carried PM and MO...nostalgia for the old company?.....no,didn't think so...one for the growth and both for the dividends:)
    So it made me think Mike Farrel was younger once also...so maybe AGNC is just a younger NLY..?
    EPD hasn't done a lot as per share price..38 to 42...but with the partnership pipeline I look at it as a long time holding also. It has done well for some time with an excellent history and the pipeline completion is planned for completion in 2013. That is a mere heartbeat for long term..so you sit waitng for growth with a 6% dividend as a stock for 2012.
    I chose UAN over PER because of the limited time. It was a concern because the whole premise of the trust seems to be like a yield graded on a bell curve. UAN has rollercoaster wheels but I like the ride. CVR Management has guaranteed the 1.92 dividend per share so I was glad you included the fertilizer pricing in one of the comments to get a better track on where this stock is going.
    I think I'll stick with LINE over PER but still great choices.
    Yeah...great choices for a great article.

    All the best,
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  • Southern Copper: A Good Buy In The Basic Materials Space  [View article]
    Great article on my most recent purchase. I bought at levels around 25.00 to 30.00 and ended up @ 28.25 which is still above its current price. My dividend is at 8.75%. I can afford to wait with that and DRIP for at least a year so the value on cost will drop in @ about 25.75. If it drops back to lower levels I will buy additional shares

    @ Trufflepig....UAN was my only other stock in the Basic Materials sector so was underweight. (I count energy as a separate sector even though energy stocks are placed under the BM sector unbrella). I had to buy additional shares also...the price was right:)

    @danielmcd....SCCO showed a a solid history and I had been watchful but then pulled the trigger. Glad to hear from someone who has held the stock.

    All the best,
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  • 6 Stocks Cramer Just Rated With A Buy Or Sell  [View article]

    I didn't do "everything" he said but I did read his books and went from a loss in my 401k to a double in a few years. He said only invest whatever your employer will match. I maxed out my 401k every year I could in the last 3 years.
    I did read and listen to his rules for investing and could not own all the stocks in his Action Alerts so I picked the ones I knew and did the homework.
    I had gains (Aapl,COP,T,NLY,EPD,BMY) and losses (BP,BofA,C) but the end result was a blessing.

    All the best
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  • 3 Mid Cap Stocks For The Retiree Part 2  [View article]

    Sorry...had a very long day. Feel like the last guy at the bar:)
    Just wanted to say my part on a very good article. I think you put the meat of the bat on this last swing. Looking forward to yer next at bat.

    Lots of stuff to smile about in the articles and comments.
    You bought NLY. I wanted to buy more but my position is full on it.

    @ richjoy: Enjoyed your perspective of Growth plus Income. In the last year and 1/2 switched over to becoming a dividend zealot but caught myself looking at my total return. Old habit...but noticed that my daily fluctuations were less volatile then the market and the gains were comparable so I had to be gaining in overall percentage.
    I carry 15 stocks simply because of my job and the hours and all are dividend stocks except one..Aapl. So I took it out and looked at just the dividend stocks which came in at 13.6%. So I think you are correct in your perspective...which does allow for more sleep and less heartburn:)

    @chowder: I am not familiar with the Chowder Index but will look into it.

    Note: I was watching a Cramer episode the other night and he made the comment that now people should be purchasing good dividend stocks with high yields. I realized I had come to the other side when I said to myself...."Shouldn't we be doing that all along."
    BTW...lot of respect for the guy so please don't assume I'm a Cramer-Hater.

    All the best,
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  • Dividend Income Plans' Major Flaw  [View article]
    Ron.....it was not your source or sources. Look at your generalizations of dividend investors not thinking about downside

    "Today, I want to focus on what I see as the single largest flaw of the dividend crowd: They do not acknowledge the fact that dividends can and do experience declines. This failure results in not having a thoughtful plan for those occurrences."

    Sir....if we were like that we surely would be flawed. Your due diligence doesn't pertain to your sources but to your premise. You came to this conclusion in what manner? What sources did you draw from for the above statement. What chart or survey? You see it...but how did you see it?

    That broad stroke could be utilized for any segment of investing. The Housing market , Enron, GM...change them for d-g investor and dividend decline for stock decline. Yet you ascribe it to d-g investors. You proceed to say we would be involved in ETFs as a nurse wipes the drool from our chins.
    Wow..another broad stroke. At least 2 or 3 stated in these few comments would never be involved in any ETF.

    So if these comments to your article were a survey would you agree there are many more who have not taken the time to write in or read the article..If so then the 2 or 3 would count against your assertion (at what multiplier?) of the flaw.

    Therefore if the premise is flawed because you infer all d-g investors suffer this flaw and 2 or 3 d-g investors times the multiplier prove that to be incorrect, then it follows that the article is also flawed (from the beginning) and you have not done a proper investigation ( ie: due diligence).

    Hope that helps you to ask if each of your published sentences in each of your published articles hold water. All the best in your future efforts.

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  • Is This A Good Time To Buy Depressed Copper Miners?  [View article]
    Thanks Bob for the comparison between these two companies. I have been buying positions on the way down on SCCO and can only say I should have waited before starting but I'm still pleased with my overall position which puts my dividend close to 9%. It was also a bit of relief to see the 2008 comparison.
    To answer your question as to if it is time my response and action was definitely "yes"
    Note: Norman...good to see you and noticed you went with AGNC and I have to agree with your decision as per the dividend rate and it will be held for a college fund. I assumed it was your investment and therefore NLY would be a bit more prudent. But for a grandson who has just started riding the rollercoaster AGNC is the ticket to purchase. NLY has dropped to about 15.50 so I was looking to add but may wait to see how many shares per price I grab with the dividend at the end of the month. Hope all is well for you and yours:)
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  • ConocoPhillips: High Yield, Low Valuation And Finding A Bottom  [View article]
    Arthur....you might very well be right:)...when everyone else is fearful be greedy and I could get greedy @ 47.00..:)
    Actually I expanded the buy point from 5 to 10% so I put in an order @57.38....which gives you a utility-like dividend of 4.6%..so I am attempting to go tortoise...place your bets.
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  • 101 Dividend Champions For October 2011  [View article]

    Perhap billshea could read what Bill in Denver states and come to a clearer understanding of your work and intent.
    Note: My girlfriend likes your picture and wondered why billshea seems to be standing out in traffic in his picture.

    LONG-> David Fish articles
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  • Dividend Income Plans' Major Flaw  [View article]

    Concerning ETFs I have to agree completely. I put them in the same dirty bucket as mutual funds. In mid 2008 I was stupid blessed to go to a Bond Fund in my 401K as the only means of preserving capital out of frustration that I had no place to go to cash. I was also blessed to find that my 401k offered a Self-Managed Account where I could buy other mutual funds, Etfs and individual stocks. I was clueless and went through several fantasy drafts of stocks as a means of learning.

    Then in March of 2009 I bought my first stock...Wachovia at $8.00 and sold it for $15.00 three days later. I took my profits and did it again on Friday...the following Monday it went to 0.00. I held the stock until Wells Fargo slipped in and bought Wachovia and lost about $2.00 per share but kept my initial investment and overall picked up $5 to $6 which translated into Wells Fargo stock.

    What is the point or points? First I realized I knew next to nothing but actually was making money with my money. Second, I wasn't whining about what some Mutual Fund or ETF was doing with my money. Third, it was my money and that first experience told me I needed to stay humble and continue to learn if I was going to grow it verses lose it.

    Most important lesson was if I can pick good individual stocks then I don't have to live with a Fund or ETF that carries crappy stocks along with the better stocks. I don't need a bag of mixed nuts when all I want are cashews.

    I was officially done with Mutual Funds and ETFs were like ugly offspring. I rode the recovery up and made many mistakes but was still doing much better then the mutual funds in my 401k. As Buffett put it about the banks ..."who can't make money when you are offered money at zero. Even I can do that!"...paraphrasing but you get the point. That is where I was.

    So I was very average...below average and I'm still average with a lot to learn. I know this, you need specifics when investing...generaliza... like the ones in this article are not dependable...at best they are dangerous.
    There is a responsibility when writing, a due diligence. So hopefully, in that, the author will look at future articles with that perspective.
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  • 101 Dividend Champions For October 2011  [View article]

    Impressive as usual and a nice acknowledgement to Norman. I was glad to see your decision to include it. It is as valuable as the rest of the information you present to all of us. Many thanks for your tireless effort to provide very necessary information and solutions.

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  • Dividend Income Plans' Major Flaw  [View article]

    I knew you could DRIP stocks but I had forgotten that you can DRIP sarcasm:)
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  • Dividends In Danger? Frontier, CenturyLink, Conoco Phillips, 3 Others Continue To Attract Comments  [View article]

    So I own COP and after reading what Bret stated in the article recommended by David Fish I think I will hold.

    This is partly due to my change from a total return zealot to coming over to the dark side of dividend investing.
    You see I owned COP before and sold it at 47.00...can you believe it. Now I was happy with the gain like a child when given M&Ms...but we all know a d-g child doesn't want just a few M&Ms....it wants a bowl of them:)

    SA was a place I heard about and started reading. There was David Van Knapp articles and Plus 5. Then there were articles by David Fish and most recently Norman Tweed. What I liked the most were the comments. Norman was hanging out in the comments with SurfGeezer and Robert and many others.
    So I hung out also, but never commented except to ask questions.

    Norman and his 4% brought me around to the importance of d-g investing. He also showed me my error in having TOT in my 401K which was hitting me for 33% in foreign taxes so my dividend was really about 4.5%.

    David Fish showed me what RMD is and also offered an avenue to eventually reduce my tax burden in the years when it will matter most.
    David Van Knapp emphasized the importance of not carrying to many stocks and knowing the ones you hold and why you hold them.
    So I'm placing my bet. My next entry point for COP is $60.56 which brings a 4.4% and from what I have read the split between the 2 companies could raise the overall dividend to 5%.
    So why COP?
    It is more about where it wants to go and what it is involved with. It is involved in the recent pipeline between EPD/EEP coming out of Cushing and moving into Texas to get that clogged supply closer to the refineries. It also has a large committment in Canada and has bought up a lot of the land leases for the oil sands. Projections are that 20% of the imported oil will come from these oilsands into the US. 1.7 trillion barrels are projected over a 30 year period. This also involves a pipeline from Canada through the US to refineries in the south.

    As this article states so aptly, if it fizzles then the move is most probably to CVX but the tingle is if it doesn't.
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