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  • Apple Just Invested In Shareholders [View article]

    I wish to say thank-you for your article and the view you present along with the ways to invest either directly or indirectly with AAPL.

    Perspective comes from a lot of different starting points. Mine is one where I bought AAPL initially at 90.00 and sold it at 120.00. Later, I jumped in again stating around 220.00 and buying more as it rose.
    It went parabolic and I sold half my position for a nice profit.

    Now AAPL is just one of my stocks and based on YOC I'm getting a dividend over 4% and 3% on current market price.
    I'm more an income investor and AAPL doesn't have the dividend growth history to be classified as even a Dividend Contender but that takes time.
    My view is if you take 400.00 and divide it by the 10 to 1 split you have a 40.00 stock. Simple math but it was the one thing a lot of investors wanted that didn't happen. Still, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. and those were the right 2 out of 3.

    I told a friend of mine that if you didn't know the name of a company whose stock was at $40.00 and they increased the dividend from .26 to .30 quarterly or 1.22 from 1.06 annually it would definitely generate some interest.
    Additionally, that same company was planning to buy back 12 to 13% of its outstanding shares it might peak your interest further.
    On top of that the company currently had zero debt, an excellent credit standing, and about a 38 billion market cap.
    Its dividend is a little over 3% and they grew its dividend 15% this year. You might hate at it as a trader but as a investor it would intrigue you.

    So my perspective is the dividend increase is healthy and the company has the means to continue to raise the dividend at that rate. The buyback helps establish a floor in the price while pinching the curiosity of institutional investors looking for future value.
    The thing is cars models come out every year where the change may be the grill or the body style. True Innovation takes longer and can't be marked on a quarter or a calendar. My view is that the rainy day billions in AAPL's coffers are being pulled out to give them the time to innovate.
    Some folks thought AAPL would buy this company or that company or even some country...whatever. Who thought that they would spend billions just get all of us off their backs so they might go about their business? Jussayin...haha!

    All the best,
    Apr 25, 2013. 12:26 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Massive Buyback Powers Shares After Hours [View article]
    Gosh, it sure seems weird.
    So if you didn't know the name of the stock whose market price was say $40.00 and they increased the dividend from .26 to .30 quarterly or $1.20 from $1.06 annually the perception would be...NICE.
    You say that this stock also increased it's buyback of shares then a lot of us would say, "I need to check this stock out!"
    Apr 23, 2013. 07:42 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Should Apple Buy Back Shares Or Increase Dividends? [View article]

    I couldn't agree more with your last few comments of AAPL no longer being a growth company. You double the dividend and it creates a moat to stop it from retreating and give the market impetus to go back into AAPL. The Time is Show me the Money!

    All the best,
    Apr 15, 2013. 04:00 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Mighty Apple Really Falling? [View article]
    Mesmd...well said..very well said.

    >>Mr. Cook stated, "The most important thing to Apple is to make the best products in the world that enrich customers' lives." <<

    There is your mission statement for Tim Cook and for AAPL. It is why I own it. Tim Cook was in operations and that makes him a frontline guy that brings a different perspective to the front office where he now resides.
    He is no Steve Jobs but he is Tim Cook and both share in a certain disregard for the market and its noise. I like that.

    The market was wrong when they priced AAPL's value at $90.00 and they were also wrong when they priced it at $706.00.
    The in-between of those two numbers is around $400.00 and I believe the recent low was around $419.00. The market is rarely right at any one time but will eventually get close about a company's valuation at some point.

    AAPL is a company and not a individual.
    The perception was AAPL is Steve Jobs and vice-versa is by far an incomplete perspective as one can come up with. Yet, short explanations and 4 minute viewpoints are the norm from the talking heads so they are accepted.

    "Make the best products to enrich".
    Tim Cook never said "the first products", although sometimes it worked out that way. Samsung has heard the iWatch is being worked on and is attempting to get their incarnation to the market first.
    Good luck with that.
    I wonder as Samsung gets pushed into the kitchen whether or not they can handle the heat. The new Galaxy has already come under how does that feel guys?
    Mar 22, 2013. 11:06 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: When Negatives Can Be Positives [View article]
    I appreciate the effort in your article to show both sides of the AAPL coin which is flipped over and over from one article to another. I've always enjoyed your approach when putting together your articles and this one did not disappoint.
    There are so many articles about AAPL that as a reader you need a sifter to pick and choose because they are either talking about it going to a 1000 or circling the rim of the bowl ~ little middle ground.
    For me I trimmed on the way up and the way down with the shares.
    AAPL has become a value stock to me and with my YOC at over 4% I can afford to wait for further dividend increases or a rumored split in the stock or a new product or whatever.
    Still watching, still monitoring and still sifting for articles like yours.

    All the best,
    Feb 26, 2013. 05:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Young And Restless Portfolio: Selling Apple In This Aggressive Growth Portfolio [View article]
    RS...since you are one of my FAVs I won't beg to know which one you are looking at. I will admit though that I'm getting a bit restless wondering. :)
    I'll assume an article will be on it's way so all the best...jdhd
    Feb 19, 2013. 10:33 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Young And Restless Portfolio: Selling Apple In This Aggressive Growth Portfolio [View article]
    RS....I have done the same thing with Aapl. Trimmed on the way up and the way down until I hold it as just another stock in my portfolio. That run was fun and now allows for a "speculative" view on how it will become a great value stock. My YOC is well over 4% and with a payout ratio of 6% I can play with the house's money while waiting for that payout ratio to rise.
    My daughter's portfolio doesn't have it and never did carry Aapl. Like you I'm looking around for another stock to add to her Young portfolio without being RESTLESS about it. :)
    Feb 19, 2013. 10:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Dividend: Management Is Putting Employees Ahead Of Shareholders [View article]
    I hold my AAPL shares in a 401K so there are no current tax considerations to be concerned about. The dividend gives the shareholder the option to do his own buyback or to invest in another company.
    My point is that most companies do a very poor job of buybacks.
    Cisco comes to mind almost immediately.
    Since I have held AAPL for a while my yield on cost is at 4% verses the current 1.8.
    The majority of my portfolio is used to generate income via dividends so this is a welcome move for myself and I would believe many others.
    AAPL cash says to me they have no problem paying the dividend and raising it in the future. I would not be so quick to dismiss the draw of even its current dividend by funds. It gives them the excuse to own it.
    May 30, 2012. 05:15 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Dividend: Management Is Putting Employees Ahead Of Shareholders [View article]
    My understanding is the buyback was done to control shares out on the market as employees exercised their right to sell shares as I believe Tim Cook did not to long ago.
    I think Cook doesn't care for buybacks and really doesn't see the value of doing it. The dividend was done out of the clamor for one.
    My view is he isn't that far away from Job's perspective of keeping the cash.
    Aapl's history is one of buying small companies even though they could buy some countries. They do not want to get the shifter out and deal with the details of trimming out a large company but instead scoop a company up that they can integrate into Aapl easily.
    So the reasons Aapl does what Aapl does is simply because Aapl can. They have a winning formula but have tweaked it with the dividend and the buyback without losing focus of the mission.
    May 29, 2012. 11:38 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Charter Member Of The Dividend 'Inevitables' List [View article]
    I have mentioned BIP to David Fish previously. I believe it inevitable and have held it for the last couple of years.
    Apr 13, 2012. 03:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Quantum Physics, Flash Crashes And Market Illusions [View article]
    Bartering--- there was a story today about a guy who wanted to barter his mansion for 29 million dollars worth of pre-IPO shares of Facebook. Stay tuned to CNBC for that update!
    Mar 23, 2012. 08:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Does Announcement Make Apple A Good Potential Dividend Growth Stock? [View article]
    RS....I hope you are looking at Aapl share price. I think you can get that Gary debt covered by a simple purchase of .0016722 share of aapl....anything under that cost is pure gravy and I promise to hold it for my higher goals..really!
    Mar 20, 2012. 09:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Does Announcement Make Apple A Good Potential Dividend Growth Stock? [View article]
    Newswire~~~Aapl closes above 600.00
    So what do you think pushed it: (1) Announcement of a dividend or
    (2) the great number on new iPad sales or (3) all of the above. ???
    Mar 19, 2012. 04:09 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • It's Time To Take Profits In Apple [View article]
    @Gary.....Thank-you...... RS owes me something off the dollar menu :)
    Mar 19, 2012. 02:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Does Announcement Make Apple A Good Potential Dividend Growth Stock? [View article]
    Amen...the man is rock solid!
    Mar 19, 2012. 01:47 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
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