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  • Yes, QNX Might Become A Big Revenue Stream For BlackBerry In The Future  [View article]
    "This company will do some day-one day. Unfortunately share price tells the truth"

    Thanks, sharing your concern and unsolicited advise. You didn't explain, however, to us how did you come to this conclusion given several research firms have recently issued reports on BBRY: On Jan 7, 2016 six analysts have rated the BBRY stock with a "sell" rating, 20 have assigned "hold" rating, 3 have assigned a "buy rating" and 2 have given a "strong buy" rating to BBRY stock. The co currently has an average rating "Hold" and conscious Price target $8.5.

    Blakberry has a market cap of 3.89 b and price to earning ratio of 164.44. Th stock has 50 day moving average price of $7.86 and 200 MA of $7.52.

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  • Yes, QNX Might Become A Big Revenue Stream For BlackBerry In The Future  [View article]
    Toyota , the world's largest automaker by vehicle sales and the Ford, the #2 U.S automaker will adopt ford-developed software called SmartDeviceLink or SDL as standard for connecting smartphone apps to vehicle dashboard screens.

    QNX software and UIEvolution - developers of automotive connecting technology are also adopting SDL.
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  • BlackBerry Defeated  [View article]
    you wrote " If you ask me, it's bad news. This because if Blackberry makes the decision to ditch BB10, it will be out of necessity and desperation......."

    I'm not asking you . It's wrong news what you have heard about BB10 devices. Please do not spread FUD. Blackberry CEO Jon Chen has reassured in a blog post that their smartphone platform is "far from dead".

    For BB10 customers , the company will release security and privacy enhancement in 2016. Blackberry Co said that Passport, Classic, and other BB10 device owners can expect to receive version 10.3.3 which will is said be certified for NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership) compliance. Blackberry says that the NIAP compliance will mean it passed "strictest" government grades security tests. Chen also has confirmed 10.3.4 release for later in the year with "even more security improvements".
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  • BlackBerry Priv And Microsoft Lumia 950 Receiving Plenty Of Interest  [View article]
    Samsung Knox relies on BES for security. Let us go to basic.

    Blackberry ltd and Samsung are working together to secure end-to-end Android solution. This partnership leverages the strength of Blackberry's BES 12 and Samsung's KNOX security.

    Here is how Samsung describes its KNOX: "Samsung Knox adds and modifies security mechanisms in each layer of the Android stack, from hardware all the way to the application layer with out compromising Android compatibility".

    BES 12 on the other hand ensure that work-data is encrypted in transit and secured end to end. Further Blackberry's 'Secure Connect Plus' provides an additional layer of security for data-in transit and eliminates the need of VPN to access data behind the firewall for a complete end - to - end solution designed for government-grade network, according to Blackberry.

    Contrary to Samsung's claim that Knox is the ultimate security, it isn't the really a 'Fort Knox'. The following score gives each Android manufacturer (OEM) a score out of 10 based on the SECURITY they have provided to their customers over the last 4 years. Samsung has received a score 2.81 out of 10. The score is mediocre. Samsung began promising to get better about its security.
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  • BlackBerry gets $20M Veterans Affairs contract  [View news story]

    You're throwing a lot of numbers in your comments. I'm taking them all at its face value. The VA has used AtHoc for 4 years. So this is an existing business. I think it's a good news for Blackberry. AtHoc is generating money while Blackberry is looking after its other businesses like QNX in driver-less car and IoT. You can't say that after 4 years AtHoc will go bankrupt or suffer losses. Everything is possible. I believe that Blackberry and other companies it has so far acquired will produce a synergistic effect. Like typical bears, you see the glass half empty.
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  • BlackBerry gets $20M Veterans Affairs contract  [View news story]
    " BBRY introduces Skype for business on the Priv"

    I find it a great idea to save money. Why develop its own (BBM Meeting) if BBRY can use Skype instead.
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  • BlackBerry gets $20M Veterans Affairs contract  [View news story]
    " Just another Blackberry Press Release in a long line of meaningless Press Release"

    You have just mentioned one DOVA. Blackberry's AtHoc awarded $20 m multiple-year delivery order for Department of Vet Affairs. Press Release Date Jan 18, 2016. It's meaningless press release?

    Here are more "meaningless Press Releases":

    1. December 21, 2015. U.S Dept of Agriculture expands development of Blackberry's AtHoc to Farm Service Administration, With this expansion over 15,000 of the Department's personnel are covered for emergency communication and personal accountability.
    2. November 3, 2015. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority selects Blackberry's AtHoc for business continuity and crisis communication.

    There're more to come.
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  • BlackBerry Priv And Microsoft Lumia 950 Receiving Plenty Of Interest  [View article]

    If Apple were to choose to return its $181 B cash pile to U.S the firm would incur estimated tax of almost $60 B according to Guardian.

    The firm's stock is sinking on rumors that iPhone sales ( principal engine for revenue growth)will fall in the year ahead. In the last 6 months the firm's share have lost more than 17% of their value. Investors are panicking.
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  • BlackBerry Priv And Microsoft Lumia 950 Receiving Plenty Of Interest  [View article]
    ""it's rather hard to produce meaningful data from something which doesn't exist. When sales are virtually non-existent, what kind of data would you expect"

    You're right. because you do not read news about Blackberry Priv. I doubt you know what Blackberry Priv is.

    Blackberry Priv (from Privacy) is a smartphone made available for purchase in early November 2015. Priv will be available in 31 countries by Feb 2016. By that time Sprint, T Mobile. Verizon, and AT&T will be selling Priv.

    While no Priv sales were revealed, Blackberry sold 700,000 handsets units in Q3 with an weighted price of $315 (with Priv). This outdid the average price of the same period last year of $240 (without Priv). The Priv retails around $629 in the most countries. With consideration of sizable rise in average price, experts are sure that Priv played a big role in unit sales.
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  • BlackBerry Priv And Microsoft Lumia 950 Receiving Plenty Of Interest  [View article]

    re: "How to install the PGP support package for Blackberry smartphone on the Blackberry smartphones". the Blackberry webpage is showing how to install a PGP Support Package (software) to extend PGP email security to individuals who use both laptop and desktop as well as Blackberry devices. It is believed that the forensic tests were conducted on PGP Blackberry- handsets with an extra layer of encryption provided by online third party vendors such as Ghosht PGP and TopPGP. I am, however , not aware of any direct link between those 3rd party vendors and Blackberry ltd.

    Nicholas Weaver, a researcher told Usinex Engima conference in San Francisco " To be honest, the spooks love PGP (encryption). It's really chatty and it gives them a lot of metadata, and communications records. PGP is NSA's friend." Having the ability to filter through that metadata, for example, author, date created and date modified and file size are examples of very basic document metadata - makes it much easier for someone to locate a specific document. According to the report, all PGP traffic, including who sent it and to whom, is automatically stored and backed up on to tape for later to be searched as needed when it matched with surveillance data.

    Given all the tools available to the intelligent agencies, there is no need for a backdoor. With NSA's toolkit of zero-day exploits, and old-day exploit, it's much easier to root a target computer /smartphone after identifying them from metadatatraffic.

    KIA, please note that"Forensic examiners are able to bypass passcodes on some (Android) devices using a variety of forensic techniques".
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  • BlackBerry launches product line pairing BES12 with Good Technology offerings  [View news story]
    " Blackberry and Whatchamacallit just don't cut it."

    Mobil, Exxon, Disney etc you have named here belong to 'heavyweight division'. Blackberry ltd belongs to 'light weight division'. You can not compare orange with Apple.

    Blackberry co is back from the 'edge of death'. It's still struggling and fighting back courageously. Since then, it has acquired Movitru, Watchdox, SecuSmart, AtHoc, and Good technology. It was a period of frustration during which so much effort was being expended with so little result. But now, Blackberry co is reaping fruit from its acquisition. "Post-nuptial Blackberry gives birth of Good looking offspring" - Blackberry announced Good Secured EMM Suites. New products reflect Blackberry's strength in MDM (Mobile Device Management) and Good's strength in secure application development, and containers.

    Blackberry has been working very hard to extend QNX ecosystem and IoN Platform. When it was least expected ("no chance" using your own expression), John Chen announced in CES 2016 that QNX is joining the driver- less car race. It will be equally 'shocked' to you if you would learn that John Chen is announcing Blackberry joining the IoT (Internet of Things) race in near future.

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  • BlackBerry gets $20M Veterans Affairs contract  [View news story]

    While Blackphone needs hackers' help, Blackberry Priv doesn't need one.
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  • Recent Developments Reveal Issues For BlackBerry  [View article]
    " have no way of knowing PRIV is vulnerable".
    'Priv' is just released and debuting first time in the consumer market. In regards to its security, I am watching. I'm however sure that 'Priv' will be fine. Don't worry.
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  • BlackBerry Priv And Microsoft Lumia 950 Receiving Plenty Of Interest  [View article]
    "Nobody is buying BBRY phones"

    Read my comment.
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  • BlackBerry Priv And Microsoft Lumia 950 Receiving Plenty Of Interest  [View article]
    "Blackberry supports PGP Blackberry directly....."

    It seems to me that you might be right. The PGP Support package - which can be installed for Blackberry smartphones - allows enterprise to extend PGP email security to individuals who use Blackberry devices. It provides customers with senders to recipients email security, wireless transmission security and device protection security inherent in BB architecture.

    However, I agree with Blackberry blog-post in that as long as Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) is unwilling to provide any information how it has decrypted Blackberry emails, this matter remains debatable.

    Blackberry has a long track record for being safe. But it doesn't mean that Blackberry can never be breached.
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