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  • Introducing Telular, A Stock With A Generous Yield [View article]
    One glaring risk to this equity price that you have omitted (or are unaware of) is the massive amount of insider selling that WRLS' Officers and Directors have engaged in over the last 2 years. For a company with average volume trading volume < 100k per day, its astonishing how much and with the frequency these insiders having been selling their stock. It took so long to get through all the insider selling for '12, I can only speak for it, not one insider purchased/acquired any shares in '12. It appears you know this business very well but you don't know it as well as these insiders do. They are selling, all of them.......
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  • Herbalife Is A Short - Goodwill Hunting [View article]
    Just bringing this up because the author failed to mention it (or isn't aware of it), due to the circus like rumor mill surrounding HLF recently, it has become very expensive to short HLF. My broker is currently charging .25 basis points (per annum) for access to short shares, add in the dividend (roughly 3%) and you arrive at nearly 30% to keep a short position annually. I am personally agnostic to this stock, 2 very large and experienced asset managers with almost unlimited access to information have conflicting views, this should scare or at least slow down any retail investor. Add to this the high cost associated with shorting the shares, a situation exists where you, the author and other retail investors will be right about your short thesis, but still lose money on the trade.
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  • Android Is Dead - Part 6: Nokia Triumphs [View article]
    You miss the core thesis of GOOG's mobile strategy (Android). GOOG is an internet company, not a hardware business (AAPL) or a software business (MSFT). Whether or not margins in Android ever reach the levels of iOS if of little concern. Disrupting an industry and building an enormous global user base that use its mobile products (Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Plus, Drive, Reader etc) is its paramount concern. Additional revenue from mobile search alone funds all of Android R&D per annum, everything else is gravy, Play Store, Nexus product line etc.
    Jan 11 02:08 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Network Effect: Why Apple's iOS Will Win The Platform War Over Google's Android [View article]
    AAPL's secret sauce was Steve Jobs, PERIOD. AAPL's growth and margins were not a result of some vague "network effect" but where a direct result of innovation, more specifically creating a market that didn't exist previously. iPod, iPhone (smartphone), iPad; what have you seen come out of Cupertino post Jobs? iPad Mini? Apple Maps? Samsung has made a '7 inch tablet for 2 years and Maps is Maps. I have owned every version of the iPhone and was a happy customer, but lets face it, iPhone 5 really did miss the mark and have recently switched to an Android device, not because it was any cheaper (it wasn't) or I was interested in getting anything for free, but for its clearly superior hardware specs and software. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is clearly superior to iOS 6 and my hardware specs include a quad-core processor, 2gb of Ram, a 1080p resolution screen, NFC Technology and Wireless charging capability. The choice was a no brainer.
    Jan 11 12:14 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Android Is Dead - Part 4: New Contender Windows Phone 8 [View article]
    As of 1/30/13, Google will be ending its consumer Google Sync EAS protocol, that Gmail live tile table will no longer work, nor will the sync for your contacts or calendar (with Google).
    I agree with you that the 920 is a great phone, I used it for 10 days and was very impressed, I returned it and went Android when Google released the EAS news. There are certain apps I do not mind using in the WP8 ecosystem i.e (Metrotube instead of YouTube) but Gmail is a deal breaker, moving to Outlook is just not gonna happen. iOS users will not be effected by this as there is native Gmail app on iOS and Google has publicly stated that it has no intention to develop native apps for WP8.
    Dec 30 11:38 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Android Vs. Windows Phone: Monetization Of Mobile Market Share, Part I [View article]
    This article made me LOL, making any buy or sell recommendations for MSFT or GOOG based on their Mobile OS businesses is akin to telling others to get long GE because u fancy their new refrigerators.

    1) I first read your laughable article on my HTC One X +'s Seeking Alpha Android App.

    2) "MSFT has entered mobile strongly" The reality is is MSFT has been in mobile for over a decade, I remember my Samsung Blackjack circa 2004, they were there first and have never made a dent.

    3) Some of you bloaks across the pond fancy Nokia (and darts), what's true stateside, (the market MSFT and GOOG covet most) is that its an Android or iOS decision. WP8 is a joke here, GOOG doesn't even recognize it as an OS and will not be developing apps for the OS. The market has spoken, iPhone5 does not impress, all the cool kids are going Android.

    4) U dont think GOOG has a clearly defined mobile strategy? U cannot be serious..... Just dropped 12B USD on a handset mfg, what do u think is gonna start happening?
    Dec 25 12:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The End Game At Hewlett-Packard: Analyzing The Company's Takeover Prospects [View article]
    You failed to address a LBO buy a consortium of PE firms. 25B is a substantial rake but at least 10 other companies have been bought (by PE shops) at a higher number. A company as fragmented as HPQ will draw serious attention from the PE crowd. I would be shocked if Tech Bankers at bulge bracket IB's are not pitching this concept to the large (KKR, TPG, Blackstone, Carlyle, HF) already.
    Nov 29 03:21 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment