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  • Kandi: Experts Weigh In On China's EV Market [View article]
    Kandi finishes UP 5.21% for the day.

    'nuff said.
    Oct 4 04:40 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How KNDI Shareholders Actually Got Punked [View instapost]
    I totally agree with what you expressed.

    It is pathetic that the SEC has buried its head on this subject for so long, obviously there are vested interests that carry their weight with the SEC so no progress is made on the deficiencies you so elegantly describe.

    The fact that in Kandi's instance, this behavior has gone on so blatantly, is even a greater testament to the fact that the modern day thiefs who perpetrate this behavior feel invincible, notwithstanding the trail that their trading leaves behind.

    In addition to the SEC being beholden to certain interests in the financial community who profit from this illegal behavior, is the fact that if this type of behavior was publicly aired in a manner that was understandable to those not sophisticated, it would undermine to even a greater extent, confidence in our markets, then did the trading lapses over the past several years. And given the SEC's colored past, not only in the financial crisis but with Madoff, I'm sure they are not eager to have that dirty launder aired, something which they've sat on for decades.

    Some companies without the knowledge of their shareholders, do pursue tracking down the identity of the individuals involved, by getting the exchanges to permit them to inspect and review trading records, and then passing the results on to appropriate entities such as the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution, the SEC for civil enforcement, and certain interested individuals who wish to pursue their own civil action for damages under the securities laws. But none of that ever makes it on CNBC or the front page of the New York Times, and the "quiet" handling of these few situations as they weave their way through the courts, only attracts the interest of the lawyers and some shareholders, who more often than not, find no recovery even though they prevail.

    The real solution is the entity that receives our tax money, the SEC. There are rules on the books, they are not enforced. And as in the case of Kandi, it is brazingly obvious. It is a disgrace, and even a greater disgrace that those respected leaders in the financial and investment community have done nothing about it, something that goes on under their watch.

    Thanks for the post.
    Jul 11 07:57 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What The Market Missed On Kandi [View article]
    Amazing how on an options expiration day, Seeking Alpha is used to manipulate stock prices. That's the real story.
    Jun 21 10:17 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Was Tesla's Recent Stock Action The Cause Of Kandi Technologies High Volume Run-Up? [View article]
    Good article, Art. The tie-up with Geely Automobile Holdings is huge, the implications enormous.

    Nice to see word getting out...

    Private Kandi Group, THE place for due diligence on Kandi. 469 Members, over 13,000 posts, thousands of relevant links.
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  • Kandi Technologies Vs. Tesla: Wall Street EV Match-Up Revisited Part 2 [View article]
    Premier source for serious due diligence on Kandi Technologies...

    Kandi Private Board
    Since 2011, 460 Members, extensive links section to articles in the Chinese media, over 12,000 message posts, ZERO spam or disruptive behavior tolerated...
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  • Kandi Vs. Tesla Wall Street Match-Up Revisited: Exceptional EV Business Execution From Both [View article]
    Anyone interested in Kandi, should consider participating in the Kandi Private Group, currently with 459 members, over 12,000 message postings, photo section, links section, etc...

    The group has opened up its extensive link section to the public, not necessary to be a member to access it...
    Apr 25 10:06 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi: Don't Look Now, It's Happening [View article]
    Greater due diligence to combat lack of transparency IS called for, when investing in Chinese companies, which explains the existence of the Kandi Private Forum, consisting of 432 members from all over the world, with over 10,500 message postings, and more importantly, an extensive library of links (accessible by the public) which represents a treasure trove of research by its members who scour the Chinese media, technical sites, public filings, and relevant articles and publications re Chinese state and local governmental actions, battery milestones, impact on China's electrical grid system, and activities of Kandi's partners. Mr. Goldman's article represents the kind of serious thinking, research, and analysis that members participate in on a daily basis.

    So yes, lack of transparency is always a concern when a Chinese listed company is involved, but as noted by a prominent lead securities counsel for a Nasdaq listed company, the Kandi Private Forum represents the most active investor site he's ever seen when it comes to research and due diligence.

    Kandi issues few press releases, they and the required securities filings contain the legally required information, and little more, you'll find no hyperbole when it comes to this Nasdaq listed Chinese company. It's up to motivated investors to do their own due diligence, and as Mr. Goldman has laid out, the facts are there for discovery for those who are willing to put in the time and effort for their investment.

    To access Kandi's Private Forum's links, go to

    To access the Kandi Private Forum, go to
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  • Kandi Technologies - What's That Light? [View article]
    Nice job and factual.

    Kandi Private Group
    Dec 4 07:33 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Twisting The Truth - Undisclosed Information Reveals A More Realistic Picture Of Its EV Business [View article]
    When someone puts out an article and states an alleged "fact" that clearly is false had they only read the 8k, hard not to conclude the agenda of that writer is one thing: manipulation

    Seeking Alpha should be ashamed of itself; this behavior has appeared on SA before with regard to Kandi. In that instance SA REMOVED the article after it was brought to their attention, but only after the fact. The time to get critical is at the submission stage.
    Nov 13 03:28 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Technologies Marks Entry Into A Significant Growth Phase With 5000 Vehicle Order [View article]
    Additional resources...

    Kandi on Facebook...

    Extensive (free) public links library access from the Kandi Private Group...
    Oct 11 05:10 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Technologies Marks Entry Into A Significant Growth Phase With 5000 Vehicle Order [View article]
    "Business is a competition in which part of the game is to change the game to exploit your competitive advantage. And for now, Kandi has just changed the game."

    And most significantly, for those who have followed the company closely well know, the "change" has been endorsed and embraced by official arms of the Chinese government; see for example, "PRC 'Policy Paper' Favors Kandi Technologies EV Program For All Of China",

    Kandi Private Group
    Oct 11 04:49 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Technologies: It Ain't Easy Being Green [View article]
    Nicely done analysis. Challenging the taken for granted reality is never easy for any individual, let alone a company. Trying to COMMUNICATE how a company is accomplishing that, even harder to an audience of those who have internalized (eg been socialized) as to a certain "understanding" how a car company should act. Nice job.

    Kandi Private Group
    Sep 19 03:09 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Great Success: Kandi Technologies' Monumental First U.S. Analyst/Investor Meeting [View article]
    Anyone who has interest in doing their own diligence or learning more about Kandi, certainly invited to join the "private" Kandi forum at

    389 members, over 5,000 message posts, a very extensive link section to relevant articles, including those in the Chinese press, a photo gallery, and more. ZERO tolerance for spam, juvenile, disruptive or abusive posting.
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  • Great Success: Kandi Technologies' Monumental First U.S. Analyst/Investor Meeting [View article]
    Thanks for the post on SA. I was present at the presentation, and appreciated the fact that Mr. Hu, the CEO of Kandi, answered all questions, through lunch, and past the scheduled end of the presentation, until there were no further questions. There were several translators present, in the audience as well as on the panel with Mr. Hu, which I believe facilitated the communication of information and its accuracy. I also appreciated that Kandi's counsel, rather than being passive, was willing to clarify and expand on the discussion, and their contribution was additive to the discussion. I look forward to more presentations as this one, which really is an effective way to give shareholders, especially in a Chinese company, a direct and face-to-face opportunity to get misunderstanding and ambiguity cleared up. An event such as this and the way it was conducted, would be unthinkable for any major US corporation.
    Sep 12 03:36 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • While Tesla Heads Into The Valley Of Death, Kandi Has Already Crossed [View article]
    Again, you're missing the point. In the USA it certainly IS all about building the "best" EV vehicle, with the "best" battery, with it going further on a single charge than a competitor, with only minimal passing regard to the cost or HOW it's recharged or its impact on how it fits into a national energy plan, given the audience that it's directed at... TSLA is certainly headed down that path, and trying to make a go of it...BUT that is not what Mr. Konrad, Mr. Peterson or the recent issue of EV World that featured a long article on Kandi Technologies is focusing on... Whether you like the Chinese political regime or not, they are NOT looking for manufacturers to the build the vehicle described above; rather they are working to get vehicles, like Kandi's, that makes sense for the vast number of its people, and that is compatible with a desired minimal impact on their grid and the environment.

    The upcoming (Aug 10-12) Hangzhou Chinese International Green Vehicle Industry Expo where Kandi will have a dominant presence, is an example of what is being talked about. They won't be talking about whose EV goes the furthest or has the sexiest model...

    There's plenty of due diligence resorces out there... the Kandi Private Discussion Forum at is a way many investors are getting information, often difficult because much of the information comes from the Chinese press and internet sites. With over 358 members, over 5,000 message posts and a large resource of links, with translations, there's plenty of interest, especially in light of the news that has been released...
    Aug 5 01:34 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment