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  • NanoViricides: House Of Cards With -80% Downside, 'Strong Sell' Recommendation [View article]
    The reality gets better and better amazing this article was allowed the light of day! Buy the stock and enjoy the rocket ride as this is going to be huge and sooner than the street thinks.
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  • NanoViricides: House Of Cards With -80% Downside, 'Strong Sell' Recommendation [View article]
    Anyone who just read this defamatory article should immediately read the April 16 news release on NNVC it is an international award honoring and recognizing the management and original scientist as the most important nano scientist in THE WORLD plus it up dates on FDA trial requirements etc it put this slam piece right in the garbage where it was born and should have stayed.
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  • IGI Laboratories: Management Has Delivered And The Pipeline Is Building [View article]
    Yes Mario but my question addressed the value of the most mature, longest applications, in front of the FDA. I assume that agency takes them on a first in first reviewed basis. So the new and future approvals are Well into the future. Even though I think they will be factored into institutional investor calculations 12 months prior to actual approval. The first most recent approval was for a pitiful piddling amount, yet anything is welcome! I've been surprised that the company hasn't filed any new application in the last 45 days or so. Could they be slipping in the number they will file in '14? As a believer and significant, for me, stockholder I hope not. Looking forward optimistically to the upcoming quarterly release and conference call. Hoping they show growing momentum on the existing business.
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  • AUXILIO: An Undiscovered, Inexpensive Microcap That Should Double In 12 Months [View article]
    The management has done this methodology for years now. It's extremely unlikely that all of a sudden they miscalculate the circumstances of any hospitals print operation. This issue might have been an honest concern years ago but seems to me to be a nonissue at this point of their expansion.
    As mentioned above I think a MOST. Important and unrecognized asset of the company is that time and the size of its base client list is an amazingly solid positive asset. It's sort of like owning an A office building in Manhattan with a fixed low cost mortgage and having prime A tenants on long term leases with rent escalators. Each month or quarter the operation gets more profitable if management keeps cost under a watchful eye. The attempt to expand the companies offerings I think shows the sharp awareness on costs as they aren't loading up on tech types but will only hire against contracted projects EXCEPT for the lead man. Who can either build the new business or will no doubt be unhired if he is unable to bring in profitable business in a reasonable time.
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  • Reed's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Well dickshunairy how much did you load at $6 feel good? Looking back now you said I should look for your "I told you so". Got a date you want to publish? Well do you think it can get down to $4.75? Will you "load more?" How about $4.45 wait till you hear about the bad last quarter oh the weather was bad. Or
    There is no buy out coming CR ain't leaving and he's the control, he can't even let an operating pro in and , its unbelievable to me you think he's good at managing! Try a slick manager not an empty suit. You poor fools are going to get poorer. I'm watching thankfully from the sidelines.
    Apr 11 07:27 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AUXILIO: An Undiscovered, Inexpensive Microcap That Should Double In 12 Months [View article]
    Hi Jeff nice to see someone else has enuf interest in this one to draw 2 comments in a day! I'm curious what the consulting agreement with the Harvard affiliated teaching hospital is investigating. Those guys should be interesting thinkers. That may open up another path forward for AUXO. Do you know anything about that?
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  • AUXILIO: An Undiscovered, Inexpensive Microcap That Should Double In 12 Months [View article]
    I am a bull long term holder of this company. I orig bot at .90 and sold at $1.28. Re bought around 40,000 just about here as I rethought about the prospects of its future and relaxed about its illiquidity. That's what scared me out the first time, the liquidity or lack hereof! Now its profitable and the client base is monthly getting more mature and thus its margins are growing larger. It seems pretty clear that the company will get from the current 100 hospital client base to its target of 200 in a few more years. The only error I see in the article is that he author doesn't understand what the co makes clear which is they take a hit financially when they sign on a new hospital and it takes say 6-9 months to get to break even and then it starts getting better and better the longer the client is with AUXO. Soo if the company signs NO new client it will actually pop it's earnings due to no negative action but obviously it will lower the long term earnings because it will not have the usual initial negative turning into the long term positive.
    So I think the author has #6&#8 backwards re signing new hospitals. And in the valuation segment signing No hospitals is not bad but good, short term profit wise.
    None of which matters because over time the base getting larger and larger will generate more profit margin then the new client hospitals will subtract.
    Also I don't believe Aramark will be much help in delivering new clients. I think they may eventually try to buy the whole company to fit into their service portfolio.
    The proven method for growth in the past is thru the logic of their bids when the hospital or group puts out a RFP. The co wins 90% because it is the best deal out there for the hospital. Less headaches and lower cost with immediate improvement in cost per piece of printed paper. The amazing thing is how long and hard it is to effect the change that actually works for the client hospitals. THEY SHOULD ALL BE RUSHING TO SIGN UP. But in steady AUXO has to pull teeth to get them to save money, crazy world we live in!
    Additionally the co is on he cheap trying to sell an additional service to its client base which already now knows that AUXO is good for them. And this could be immediate high margin revenues coming in. And they are already talking and serving this department in he hospitals, but it is new and is not recurring revs. So time will tell but it isn't likely to be significant in the next 12 months.
    Lastly, bet your glad for that, the company is going to up list which is positive but the negative to that is they are planning a reverse split to make the share minimum requirement. The last thing the company needs is less liquidity but even tho Ill vote against that proposal it will no doubt happen! . Stay bullish its an easy winner as a company and a reasonably priced growth stock with room to run for years!
    Apr 10 06:32 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Auxilio's CEO Hosts Investor Webcast Conference Call (Transcript) [View article]
    This company's stock is destined to much higher numbers. Imagine if they stopped bringing in new growth then the earnings would immediately pop higher but they are growing new clients which handicaps the immediate earnings but enhances them 9-12 months later. Add to that scenario that the base of clients gets more profitable every quarter thru higher margins as the situations already on the books gets more mature. And their client base is already large enough to stay profitable as they add new hospitals. If you are a semi patient investor than this will play out for you. They have a unique niche in a stable growing industry and really have a monopoly that once entrenched cannot be pushed out without extreme pain to their clients. If the company holds true to the idea of serving the client I don't see how the company sells at a low multiple of ever increasing profits per share. It's a 30x stock with low risk!
    This is a winner, double your money in 12 to 18 months and then again in the next 24. Sit back and enjoy the up lift and DO buy the occasional dips due to someone trying to get out of a not very liquid stock. It's a buy and hold stock not for traders.
    The management has done the hard part this is now a rollout situation. The clients they have speak well to the opportunities of signing up the rest of he hospital industry! Management has proven itself to the hospitals and to the few investors who have "discovered" this gem.
    As the stock price advances it will eventually bring in some small institutions that will drive the price and keep it high.
    If you read this please please post something as I think its a very undiscovered stock and I'm curious to see when the next reader shows up. Good luck
    Apr 2 11:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reed's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    You said it this was to appease folks reality. Should PLEASE. Folks. Did you like the quarters results? You guys talk of marketing well look the sales do continue to climb and quite nicely so how is that the problem. Marketing delivers in my opinion and has for years, they do great. It's the top management that can't handle the complexity of the planning and production.
    It's a shame that a great opportunity is being squandered this company and its stock could be very profitable NOW but as you will no doubt notice it AIN'T. Is it because no slick guy talks once a quarter, I don't think so.
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  • GTT Communications' CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Another great quarter -mystifying sell off but that seems past now ( stock hit $9 now at $10 ) on to the next acquisition and better days! This company has truly great focused management with huge stock positions. It will make its goals in 24 to 30 months. The math is easy if they do organic at 10% per annul and 2 --$75 million buys poof that adds $200 top line and these folks watch and focus on the bottom line also..
    Once the warrants are gone its big growing profits per share. Get long, stay long! Enjoy the ride don't get shaken out by market flux!
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  • IsoRay closes financing [View news story]
    How old are you cactus Jack hopefully not 65 or you maybe timed out before $7 arrives
    Mar 27 11:45 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reed's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    What do you think Virgil's is? It is ripe for a PG type to drive to victory not gee whiz this is complicated. His time has passed, thank you, you did great( more or less) get out of the way so pros can grow it and TURN A PROFIT. Next Q it will be the same and you guys posting will watch another bizarre conference call. Are you related to this guy how can you accept a loss like this and think everything is fine. Deeds are what count not past history!
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  • Reed's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    It's the message not the messenger! Bad Q
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  • Reed's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    You forgot to mention poor management! Quarter after quarter it's one thing or another as a reason not to have success. I owned this stock long ago and have watched every quarterly conference call and its ALWAYS. The same. Always something negative and surprising any of you here for a year or longer? Remember how the launch of Kambucha was going to put jets to the growth and profit. I do stop accepting excuses and join the sell side and NO. I am NOT. A buyer until Chris is gone from operational control. This will be a great takeover at $2 when the growth slows this stock will collapse to its intrinsic value of brand value and distribution. It's a sad story and you guys get to pay the price while he gets the salary.
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  • Reed's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    How about dropping the straw man of empty suit and compare CR to a successful competent executive that can manage a consumer product. ANYONE who is managing a brand at Proctor Gamble could run this company MUCH better than Chris. Chris would a) never get the PG opportunity and b) would last exactly ONE QUARTER, he'd miss his numbers! They manage by numbers and don't pride themselves as being engineers, which Chris does. Slick presentation ? How about a pig quarter with lip stick! Wake up losers he's incompetent to manage this company. Gee what a great buying opportunity duh I just lost a third of my money time to lose more! buying opportunity duh the price reflects the failure this guy doesn't know how to spell profit. It's a great opportunity but as Buffet said when a great product meets a bad management the management wins!
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