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  • dgulick
    MKM Presents The Bull Case For $P "investors too focused on users ... should be looking at revenue growth"
    Aug 27, 3:15 PM
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    • dgulick: "hyper-local ads: targeted down to within a few miles of the store-- for small business owners, paying even double is more effective "
      Aug 27, 3:16 PM
      • dgulick
        Barrington Sees Mobile Revenue Category Surging For $P
        Jul 29, 12:45 PM
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        • dgulick: "mobile advertising is emerging in earnest in excess of newspapers, radio and magazine...$P positioned to take advantage"
          Jul 29, 12:46 PM
          • dgulick
            $NUAN: Plenty of Reasons for Samsung to Buy them "we can't rule out PE firms or MSFT, GOOG, IBM"
            Jul 3, 2:42 PM
              • dgulick
                $P $115/Share In 5 Years (4x today's price, +32% CAGR) "competitor is FM-radio, not Apple, Spotify, Google"
                Jun 25, 12:02 PM
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                • Investor RockieK: Cause Chan short at a billion trillion quintillion. And duckli man not like P shorts...
                  Jun 25, 12:30 PM
                • dgulick: $115 may seem lofty, but really is inline Mkt Cap-wise with $TWTR, $SIRI, $NFLX
                  Jun 25, 1:53 PM
                  • dgulick
                    Why Can't Apple, Google or Microsoft Beat Spotify or $P ?
                    Jun 5, 1:36 PM
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                    • dgulick: Ha! She is pretty hot, but I think GOOG is going to put a ring on it!
                      Jun 5, 2:56 PM
                    • MEKhoury:
                      Jun 6, 1:57 PM
                      • dgulick
                        When Will $MSFT or $GOOGL Buy $P or Spotify? "An acquisition is the only way to beat Apple at its own game."
                        Jun 2, 2:57 PM
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                        • dgulick: Pandora, on the other hand, dovetails nicely, in particular Google as P has offices in 37 local ad markets (could support Google maps etc)
                          Jun 4, 5:14 PM
                        • dgulick: Local radio ad market is 10B/yr
                          Jun 4, 5:15 PM
                          • dgulick
                            Raymond James upgrades $P with $31 PT, +29% potential upside "operating margin 30 percent long-term"
                            May 14, 11:54 AM
                              • dgulick
                                SunTrust initiates coverage of $P at $34 (+34% upside from current share price)
                                Apr 14, 12:06 PM
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                                • dgulick: -- good EPS even from unrelated sectors could result in a relief rally in small cap/nasdaq/tech)
                                  Apr 14, 3:41 PM
                                • J. Woods: Agree, it's pretty volatile right now, and I don't know which way it will go near-term. I'm holding for ~$20 to unload though.
                                  Apr 14, 4:18 PM
                                  • dgulick
                                    Why $P Is Poised to Bounce Back "short-term risk/reward trade-off is pretty attractive"
                                    Apr 7, 11:37 AM
                                      • dgulick
                                        Here's Fire TV's Real Winner "could be the application $NUAN needs to hit an inflection point in adoption."
                                        Apr 3, 6:17 PM
                                          • dgulick
                                            Let The Music Play $P $AAPL "evidence revealed Sony, UMPG, and ASCAP coordination--a core antitrust concern"
                                            Apr 2, 10:09 PM
                                              • dgulick
                                                Pandora's Improved Algorithms Yield More Listening Hours $P
                                                Apr 2, 9:36 PM
                                                  • dgulick
                                                    Samsung Spills The Milk With Its New Streaming Service "you have to wonder - why?" $P $AAPL $SSNLF
                                                    Apr 2, 12:32 PM
                                                      • dgulick
                                                        iTunes Radio: Poor reception $P, $AAPL (the fact that this is in MacWorld is very telling)
                                                        Apr 1, 2:44 PM
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                                                        • Pimust: Try Nokia MixRadio. I don't mind if there's an out-of-style song once in a while as I can easily skip it.
                                                          Apr 2, 6:28 AM
                                                        • Pimust: On the positive side you can find some totally new favorites that way.
                                                          Apr 2, 6:28 AM
                                                          • dgulick
                                                            RBC maintains "outperform" on $P "$P has...pricing power...churn will be modest"
                                                            Mar 29, 4:44 PM
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                                                            • Andrei Volgin: They will cut it to "sell" after the stock drops below $20. They are always too late.
                                                              Mar 29, 9:12 PM
                                                              • dgulick
                                                                Look for $P to continue to OUTPERFORM.
                                                                Mar 22, 8:31 PM
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                                                                • Pimust: Oh is it, really? Breaking the $30 soon on it's way down could have fooled me.
                                                                  Mar 25, 11:48 AM
                                                                  • dgulick
                                                                    It Looks Like $P Has Actually Stolen Business From iTunes
                                                                    Mar 20, 11:54 AM
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                                                                    • Pimust: I'm talking about the big picture. Buying songs or other media files is giving way to the streaming services
                                                                      Mar 22, 1:01 PM
                                                                    • dgulick: Agreed. But it's interesting that the total industry seems to have found a floor at $7B and streaming is taking up the slack.
                                                                      Mar 22, 6:38 PM
                                                                      • dgulick
                                                                        Music Sales Fell in 2013, Even as Streaming Revenue Increased "[streamer] sales +51% exceeds $1B" $P
                                                                        Mar 18, 4:39 PM
                                                                          • dgulick
                                                                            Susquehanna: $P favorable court ruling over royalty costs could be a positive catalyst for the stock:
                                                                            Mar 17, 2:30 PM
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                                                                            • Andrei Volgin: $P sued and was denied. Where is the positive part? That they did not lose even more? It's never good when a company sues its only suppliers
                                                                              Mar 17, 2:54 PM
                                                                            • Andrei Volgin: Publishers and labels will find a way to take their revenge.
                                                                              Mar 17, 2:55 PM
                                                                              • dgulick
                                                                                Thumbs Up for $P on CBS This Morning
                                                                                Mar 13, 12:26 PM