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  • Will Market Doubt Unleash Apple's Cash Reserves? [View article]
    What has happened to my precious Apple co? Has someone bitten into it and found a worm, or worse yet half a worm? I hope that the iTV will bring new and innovative concepts to TV watching.

    What about the icar? I have seen reference to it in various venues but no follow up. Apple, alone or in conjunction with some company which may have already started on this journey, has a lot to offer: a fully computerized car, one which carefully monitors the car for maximum safety, detects when it is safe to change lanes, keeps cars a good distance from the car(s) ahead of it, monitor the dreaded "backing up" out of a parking spot, makes numerous calculations and adjustments to safely get from point A to point B.

    My dream is to have a car that can almost drive itself. This is especially important to me as I enter my twilight years. I hope that I can drive confidently and avoid the silly "mistakes" I make from time to time which I know have to do with my age but which are very costly. Independence is vitally important to the senior population. Having a a car that will think for me and with me can extend the years I can be independently driving a vehicle to my independent and social life (pun intended). We will all get to this point in our lives, although the icar can be of immense help to all folks of any age. Things like controlling speeding, avoiding falling asleep at the wheel during long trips, detecting road conditions, changing lanes for us,(one of my pet phobias) and ultimately controlling traffic jams, are things that the icar can potentially do. Coordinating with public transportation might be workable since there are far too many cars on the road.

    Please excuse my ignorance of engineering and technical "stuff" I still have the concepts and ideas which are more than half the battle.
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  • Is Apple Still A Buy? [View article]
    I have never been schooled in the intricacies of Wall Street. Being a creative person, I find the tech part of the computer world boring and confusing. My strengths lie in singing, art, photography and writing. I rely on others to tell me what is a "good investment" and what is not. When my son told me several years ago that Steve Jobs was going to present a new product, I think it was an earlier version of the iphone, I went with it. I bought $4,000 worth of shares at $77 a share. I loved seeing the share numbers go higher and higher until it reached $700. When things started going south with APPL I held onto it anyway, hoping that the ingenuity that is APPL with bring it back up on its feet.

    I am a retired psychologist who speaks a different language than my son. I speak English while he talks in techno speak, I call it. He always comes to me with a new discovery or piece of information and I react with my glazed over stare. I am good at the application of computer language to the arts: card making, writing, manipulating photos and such while he is well versed in techo speak., the "how" computers work. I actually thought Paul was making up words out of the blue, until he talked to the Apple store people and there was actual communication. I am starting to listen to him more carefully now. The whole family has Apple products, I am writing from an "old" iMac.

    I cannot comment on what is happening to the company I love so. Apple has many things going for it: the promise of new or improved product ideas such as iTV and the recognition that this is an important company which has its roots in the USA. I feel very strongly that Apple will prevail. I have a lot of respect for Apple because of its pioneering attitude and unbelievably inventive products. Can an iCar be far behind?

    Rona Riley
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